February 08, 2016

EXCLUSIVE: Liberals plan to build refugee camps on seven Canadian military bases -- Taxpayers will fund mosques, Korans

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

The Canadian military has been ordered by Justin Trudeau’s Liberals to draft plans to house more than 6,000 Muslim migrants on a long-term basis at military bases, according to documents obtained exclusively by The Rebel (see below.)

Included in the Department of National Defence budgets are hundreds of thousands of dollars set aside for “religious support," including the purchase of Muslim Korans, prayer mats and foot-washing towels.

The plans also call for the construction of mosques or “worship centres," using taxpayers dollars.

The planning documents, in English and French, were released in response to a Rebel "Access to Information" request about religious expenditures by the Department of National Defence.

But the detailed Quebec budget plans also shed light on the sheer scale of the Trudeau government’s plans to set up refugee camp-style accommodations on seven Canadian Forces Bases across Quebec and Ontario.

The budget for Quebec alone totals more than $46 million for the first six months.

For a typical migrant family, that’s a $200,000/year subsidy — not including medicare or welfare.

It’s shocking that Canadian Armed Forces personnel will be ordered to abandon the coalition battle against ISIS and return to Canada to become waiters, chauffeurs and social workers for Muslim migrants, and that Canadian Forces Bases will be turned into squalid refugee camps.

It’s a disgrace that Canadian military personnel have been sent eviction notices to make way for foreign migrants.

But for the DND's budget to be diverted away from military purposes and towards buying Korans and building mosques for foreign migrants, is especially outrageous.


To fight back against Justin Trudeau’s dangerous plan to rush tens of thousands of unvetted Muslim migrants to Canada, visit RefugeePause.ca and sign the petition!
PS: The Rebel is ONLY media company in Canada that would even ask about government-funded mosques for refugees on military bases.

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: "A national embarrassment: U.S. Senate demands answers about Trudeau's reckless refugee plan"


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commented 2016-02-09 13:40:45 -0500
I dont want to push pause on all this Muslim immigration craziness, I want to push STOP! Then REWIND!!
commented 2016-02-09 13:38:44 -0500
He should move them all into Ottawa, or better yet, Sussex Drive since he’s such a Muslim lover.
commented 2016-02-09 13:29:03 -0500
Hyacinth – let me clarify my comment. PET would’ve be embarrassed that his son can’t even complete a sentence without pausing every couple of seconds. As far politics goes, his other living son is a propagandist for Iran. PET ensured that his Marxist legacy would continue by the policies that he implemented. But PET prided himself on being intelligent. And I don’t see any signs of intelligence in his sons. I’m not sure about the son whose body has never been recovered though.
commented 2016-02-09 13:14:08 -0500
so now our defence money is being spent on foreigners.. i found the cbc joke piece about the purchase of the warships had one key phrase.. “no identifiable source of funds”….this will never mean a thing to the liberals who now will just work the mint overtime
commented 2016-02-09 13:06:34 -0500
Deborah Graupner commented
“It’s too bad that the MSM has sold their souls to the devil. This is why Junior is getting away with making changes that run contrary to what Canadians want. He is stirring a very dangerous brew, and he’s too stupid to even know it. PET would be ashamed that his sperm is responsible for this dimwit.”

Sorry Deborah but I must once again disagree. Pierre would be proud of his boy. Pierre was intent on destroying English Canada, Junior in all actuality is taking that further than even his father ever could have conceived. Yes, he definitely would have been proud of his boy’s political meddling. I doubt he’d be ashamed of Junior’s publicity antics either, he himself was a camera hog, loved the limelight. I do however agree with your comment regarding MSM. CBC invented "Trudeaumania " back in the 60s, since then they’ve held the torch high for all Liberal politicians since PET and lambasted whenever possible all other political parties and persons. As the old saying goes, “move along nothing to see here”. Can it ever be changed? Only if funding were to be completely pulled and CBC would have to sink or swim on their own with zero tax dollar infusions.
commented 2016-02-09 12:38:16 -0500
Both the Trudeau boys (Justin & his bother Sasha) are such mis-guided boys! Not only are they both Muslims but they are both Muslim supporters on ISIS and that is also why Canada has re-opened trade with Iran. His brother, SASHA, lived in Iran and of course took up the Islam cause. I believe Canada’s security is at stake! HOW can this be down to put money (tax payers ) to promote a religion as violent as ISLAM and to build mosques in Canada. I HAVE NEVER HEARD OF SUCH A GOVERNMENT PROGRAMEVER”. Surely this can be stopped if the CONSERVATIVES HAVE THE AUTHORITY TO PERSUE IT!!
commented 2016-02-09 12:15:01 -0500
It’s too bad that the MSM has sold their souls to the devil. This is why Junior is getting away with making changes that run contrary to what Canadians want. He is stirring a very dangerous brew, and he’s too stupid to even know it. PET would be ashamed that his sperm is responsible for this dimwit.
commented 2016-02-09 11:54:40 -0500
The more he pushes this the more he will find less and less support, Just what he is trying to prove is beyond me. Bad things will come of this. And the liberals will have blood on there hands. CANADIAN BLOOD
commented 2016-02-09 11:22:39 -0500
The gay boy seems to like taking it up the butt. Well bend over you traitor, I’m sure all the animals that you are allowing to live for free in our country, wouldn’t mind a piece of you!
commented 2016-02-09 11:05:24 -0500
the gay -man-child is a traitor to Canada.
when the time comes…don’t forget who had that red sign on their lawn too.
commented 2016-02-09 11:04:23 -0500
On the road to perfidy: the Liberal Caucus should soon throw a net over the boy-wonder before he leads them to extinction. I’m totally disgusted. I hate my eyes and my ears for looking at and hearing this man and all who are associated with him.
commented 2016-02-09 10:25:54 -0500
I believe he intends to change Canada to a moslem country under sharia law. He converted this summer when praying in those jihadists mosques. He’s a |wolf in sheep clothing| so everything he’s doing is on the order of ISIS. Putting the jihadists on the military bases where they have access to all the military weapons are located is a smart move. No wonder the U.S, is watching him like a hawk. I don’t believe they want a moslem country on their doorstep. Canada is headed for a civil war and I hope it’s in Eastern Canada where he was elected so all you cowardly nincompoops can take up arms with Trudeau. Another reason Alberta should separate.
commented 2016-02-09 10:02:06 -0500
Many reasonable and logical points.
The thing is that logic is not going to work when we ignore the immorality of Islam and Sharia.
Ridicule is the only weapon which can be used against unintelligible propositions. — Thomas Jefferson

Logic is absent within our government at present so I would suggest we get the arts involved.

Please send these around as examples of the only thing that might work.



At the very least, people who hear these two songs might wonder why they were written.

commented 2016-02-09 09:54:15 -0500

We had a leader with common sense. He’s back in Calgary
commented 2016-02-09 09:54:15 -0500
James Spalding – are you referring to PM Harper, who was the best damn PM that this country has ever seen?. Well what happened is that the UN funded an assault attack on our PM because they want to control the world. They used our leftist infested government agencies, like Elections Canada, and the criminal unions, to funnel money in, in order to unseat PM Harper. Canada will pay heavily for the deceit of the MSM, the unions, and the terrorist cesspool of moronic idiots, the UN. I look forward to the God of Israel wiping them off the face of the earth!
commented 2016-02-09 09:34:05 -0500
After George Bush Jr., I never thought I would see a more ridiculous world leader. Justin Trudeau has just proved me wrong. Where are the leaders with common sense hiding?
commented 2016-02-09 09:26:04 -0500
How much more? What will it take before Canadians (I mean real Canadians) take a stand? Where do we think this will stop? Can you imagine “Skippie” Trudeau announcing that YOUR neighbourhood to be turn to a refugee camp? Not much of a reach considering that he’s just done that to our military personnel. A mindset that thinks bringing more needy people to our country when we have failed to look after our own is a violation of any mathematical concept. Think about it this way; let’s say you have 2 children and you’re maybe just getting by. Now let’s put another 5 or 10 kids into your home. Does this sound reasonable to anyone? Take this to a national level, you ignore and offer no real help to your children, in this case representing our homeless, to provide a platinum lifestyle to people who have clearly failed to maintain their own country and may or may not want to kill us, the unscreened refugees. I hope the silent majority will awaken and stop being silent before it’s past the point of no return.
commented 2016-02-09 08:47:22 -0500
Hmm… Military bases, fenced with barb wire, security with full auto firearms, all the inconvenient people in one spot, what is it about socialist/lefties that they always end up building and using concentration camps.
commented 2016-02-09 08:02:23 -0500
I watched the lithping tit on TV last night and couldn’t stop laughing. My wife turned it off. I just can’t help myself; he’s the most ridiculous ******g thing to come along since my Granny had her chia pets.
commented 2016-02-09 07:48:47 -0500
Ezra do your homework! This is old news and was considered a non-viable solution.
commented 2016-02-09 07:28:32 -0500
18 months ago, Trudeau advocated for increased aid to refugees WHERE THEY WERE, that conditions were not tenable. Nobody in NATO listened and now Europe is overrun.
commented 2016-02-09 06:27:04 -0500
Interesting that all the government correspondence is in French. Even the English translators have a strong French accent that makes it hard to understand what they are saying. Besides that we are screwed.
commented 2016-02-09 05:39:32 -0500
If you don’t agree with this plan, and don’t agree with spending money on foreigners bearing a supremacist manifesto, if you don’t agree with Canadians running from a fight, TURN YOUR BACK ON TRUDEAU. Whenever you see him, give him the NYPD style universal sign of disrespect, turn your back on him. This Narcissist in Chief is a disgrace, and if he is not stopped Canadian women will be suffering the same fate as women in Europe. He must have got his orders from George Soros in Davos. Show your disrespect for this globalist everywhere he goes.
commented 2016-02-09 02:14:41 -0500
Does anyone know what the actual opinion on this guy is across Canada?? I mean honestly !! Who in their right mind would or could get behind a person like this?? How is his own party standing by him ?? They will end up just as hated by the canadian public as Justin is ! The CBC continues with its bias propaganda while complete outrage is turning this country inside out ! Has the governor general any say at all?? Honestly…where do we go from here? We need some answers. We need some help!
commented 2016-02-09 02:02:08 -0500
Removed for violating rule:Be civil. No personal attacks.
commented 2016-02-09 01:05:00 -0500
no time for complaining people, we all who have too start phoning and emailing mp`s,ministers and who ever else so this traitor can be stopped. That visit with that soros is what really hammered it home for me. He doesn’t talk any domestic issues like ageing infrastructure health care, education, if he cared about Canada he’d talk about Canada and its own peoples issues,…..not happening ya see. That cow in Germany and the dunce down south are do`n the same thing. These people are the real definition of treason and should be dragged in before the people and dealt with. This is the first time I posted a view on this or any site and I feel its something we all should do, go tell a friend to read and spread the word. Iam going to end this by saying publicly that I will hold Justin trudeau personally accountable for the first rape and or murder that WILL happen when one or some his subjects from his “organized invasion” decide to let let loose.,,,
commented 2016-02-09 00:59:42 -0500
What Canadians (not me… I would never vote for the twitter… specially not now) voted in was not the Canadian Prime Minister, that was Iran’s Prime Minister, because he couldn’t care less about Canadians. His father was probably the most hated prime minister… well this jerk has already topped his father in those few months. And when Canadians voted for change, they had no ideas that Canada would be traded for Syria, did they?
commented 2016-02-09 00:42:27 -0500
Chris Kealey that is how the left treats our military all the time, funny how they claimed Harper abused vets, but somehow this is respectful in the eyes of a liberal.
commented 2016-02-09 00:28:30 -0500
The RCMP reported finding a man’s body in Steveston, near the mouth of the Fraser River.

The dead man’s name will not be released until his family has been notified.

The victim apparently drowned due to excessive beer consumption.

He was wearing black fishnet stockings, a red garter belt, a pink G-string, a strap-on dildo, purple lipstick, a ‘Trudeau for PM’ T-shirt, and ……. a cucumber stuck in his rectum.

The police removed the Trudeau T-shirt to spare his family any unnecessary embarrassment.
commented 2016-02-09 00:28:12 -0500
@ Chris – where will they live?

On the streets with the other homeless veterans