September 18, 2016

BREAKING: Mass stabbing attack at Minneapolis mall; 29 injured in bombing in New York

Victor LaszloRebel Commentator

In two separate attacks Saturday night in the US, there were multiple stab victims in Minneapolis, and 29 injured in multiple bombings in New York.

UPDATE: Attacker in Minneapolis mall asked at least one person if they were Muslim or not before stabbing them.

UPDATE: The attacker referred to Allah during the attacks, the police chief said

Video of New York attack:

On Minneapolis jihad stab attack: According to Minneapolis local CBS:

Officers were sent to Crossroads Mall in St. Cloud, Minnesota, on a report of a stabbing Saturday night, according to St. Cloud police.

It happened just after 8 p.m. There are multiple victims with stab wounds, police said. All victims were transported to the St. Cloud Hospital to be treated.

The suspect is dead at the scene and the mall is still in lockdown, according to St. Cloud police. Officers are conducting a security sweep and speaking to witnesses.

The article goes on for six more paragraphs but contains no description of the attacker, no eye or ear witness accounts, or anything that might speak to motive for, or identity of, the attacker in any way. 

FOX NEWS on the New York bombing:

DEVELOPING: An explosion that injured at least 29 people in New York City late Saturday appeared to be "intentional," Mayor Bill de Blasio announced, as sources told Fox News an apparent explosive device -- a pressure cooker -- was found four blocks away.

 The blast, on West 23rd Street in the city's Chelsea neighborhood, appeared to originate from a construction toolbox in front of a building, a law enforcement official told The Associated Press. A garbage can was found mangled nearby.

 Tweet from NYPD Spec ops:


The second device is being described as a "pressure cooker", reminiscent of the devices used to kill and maim so many at the Boston Marathon on April 15 2013

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commented 2016-09-19 01:14:54 -0400
Al Peterson the more they are wrong the more they attack the messenger and name call, you know like people in kindergarten.
commented 2016-09-19 01:12:31 -0400
Jay you hate Jews and Danish, i stand with Israel and i am 1/4 Danish so let me know anytime you want to deal with me loser.
commented 2016-09-19 01:11:14 -0400
Jay the attack in Minnesota was a Muslim , suddenly you do not comment. LMAO! Scared little twerp.
commented 2016-09-19 00:54:12 -0400
Jay and Sean, et al. Don’t you ever get tired of being wrong?
commented 2016-09-19 00:25:55 -0400
Jay, WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT!!!!!! Who the Hell said ANYTHING about Danish Culture? I can’t even remember the last time I ate a Danish pastry. If I were you, I would seek psychological help immediately. You obviously are delusional…. living in alternate Universe. Maybe, you dropped too much acid in your younger days. You’re obviously trippin’.
commented 2016-09-18 23:38:58 -0400
Maurice Potvin — You want to defend Danish cultural practices at all costs? Really?

This is Canada. The Danish could well have left their practices at home — this killing of cats and exchanging of socks.

Why are you so hell-bent on defending the Danish? Can’t they defend themselves?

You are obliged to give a reasonable answer, rather than just say “piss off”.
commented 2016-09-18 22:54:31 -0400
Piss off, Jay!
commented 2016-09-18 22:16:42 -0400
Victor Laszlo should not be the one reporting on these attacks. He has shown himself to be so bigoted against Muslims and non-believers that his accounts are not credible.

The Rebel should provide a report on these instances, however brief or incomplete.

The Rebel could provide valuable information about current events and threats. Instead it relies on a Jewish bigot with and axe to grind.
commented 2016-09-18 21:44:23 -0400
That is “loud and clear” not “load and clear”.
commented 2016-09-18 21:41:31 -0400
I understand the sentiment, Cathy, but there isn’t one single western democracy where that could ever fly. It wouldn’t just be political suicide, it would be a direct violation of the founding documents and the laws of the land, of every single western democracy; i.e. freedom of speech (with the obvious legal caveats), freedom of religion, etc. Limiting personal freedoms isn’t the answer, standing up for the truth and proclaiming it load and clear, and exposing the lie of MSM, our politicians and our legal system, with sound, logical, solid, irrefutable evidence, is the answer…. and fighting back…. don’t take anything lying down! Personal freedom also means freedom to be a jerk, as long as that jerk doesn’t advocate or council violence. I’d rather suffer a few idiots than have my rights and freedoms curtailed, because what’s good for the goose is good for the gander. And that is precisely what is happening in Canada right now under this Liberal government, and our courts. Truth is being criminalized. If we were to criminalize merely the believing in Islam, wouldn’t we be guilty of exactly the same thing?
commented 2016-09-18 21:37:36 -0400
Never sweat the really tiny things Karan.. It is my fondest wish and sincere hope that a leader rises with a with the military background of captain or major that that has military as well as political and combat experience. Who’s values and traditions are absolutely Canadian and not motivated by any self interest.

A charismatic intelligent person with with charm and a mind for public speaking and has insight and experience within the system.
One who above all would seek a a peaceful solution to Canada’s politicians along with their extremely poor policies and their political over reach.
A leader who could inspire the masses to coalesce and become a peaceful force of resistance to end this political self-serving environment that they have created for themselves.
A leader who people would lineup behind and support at any cost to win back our country from outside interests and to fully have freedom reign in Canada by the will of the people and to set an example internationally that it can be done.
A leader turned statesman is what this country has to have to become properly functional again.
commented 2016-09-18 19:16:23 -0400
For the sake of 100 or even a dozen innocent non muslims whose lives were brazenly and viciously terminated by Islamic muslims, it is time to criminalize islam in all western countries. It is starting to look like the middle east right here in our own cities. Name one good reason for Islam to have any freedom in our non Islamic countries? There isn’t any. Also, stop all trade with all Islamic countries, especially refuse to buy any more Arabic oil and stop allowing muslims to buy out our resources and industry. Muslim owned companies (Rogers, Bell, Banks, Wal mart, Dollarama’s, grocery store chains etc) here are pricing us out of affordable living to eventually turn our country into a third world shit hole state, like the middle east.
commented 2016-09-18 17:52:55 -0400
More info to come on the New York and New Jersey bombs,i would not be surprised to hear it is an Islamic but eventually it will be some local American or Canadian doing something like this for attention or some other misguided reason. Not defending terrorists in any way just think some clown will pull off something like this without being connected to ISIS.
commented 2016-09-18 17:48:24 -0400
Jim Clark the bible describes the earth as a sphere , the flat earth thing was not Christians , just people who did not know better before Christ was born.
commented 2016-09-18 16:38:31 -0400
LEVITICUS 2013 commented 2 hours ago: “You have my support Karen..!”

Leviticus, the name is KARAN.
I believe it’s your auto-spell check function working to spell my name correctly, anyways it’s a small matter the bigger issue at hand is how to defeat the enemy which is gaining ground by leaps & bound.
commented 2016-09-18 16:21:06 -0400
There’s an interesting video about the larger forces at work in the first world today: the welfare state creating its own downfall. It’s very long but quite rewarding:

The Truth About The Fall of Rome: Modern Parallels — by Stefan Molyneux
commented 2016-09-18 16:18:12 -0400
Sean Penson commented wrote «The Mayor of NYC says that there is no terrorism, so there is no terrorism. Only deplorables would ever accuse this of being terrorism.»

Okay, that’s a bridge too far. Clearly, Poe’s Law applies here.

While you’ve got the shrill tone and flat denial of reality of collectivists down, a real collectivist wouldn’t double down on sloppy mistake of a collectivist leader (calling ¼ of the electorate she hopes to represent a “basket of deplorables”) nor appeal to authority in such a naked way to an authority who is so obviously lying. Bill de Blasio doesn’t seem to realize that his stark denial of reality isn’t helping his comrade but is instead helping to fuel the backlash that will propel Donald Trump into power.
commented 2016-09-18 14:47:18 -0400
Another Christian terrorist attack!

One thing is for absolute sure … it could not be an Islamic terrorist because they are plumb full of love and peace from the religion of peace! … right Sean Penson? that must be it!

Those darn Christian terrorists!
commented 2016-09-18 14:37:30 -0400
You have my support Karen..!
commented 2016-09-18 13:26:35 -0400
Well said, Karan.
commented 2016-09-18 13:22:23 -0400
Since 9/11 there has been hundreds of attacks on western soil killing thousands of innocent citizens by mohammedan terrorists. However, NONE among those victims were left wing politicians, bureaucrats, mohammedan leaders or from the mainstream media. Does it tells anything to us??
These politicians, bureaucrats & media stars are in cohorts with these mohammedan terrorists, we the ordinary citizens are being killed, maimed & raped while they and their families live in safety (paid & provided by us). That’s the reason these traitors took away our guns and god given right to self-preservation. They’ll be safe while we will suffer till we have thoroughly submitted. mohammedans are just a tool they are using to make us submissive. That’s how India lost its sovereignty to mohammedans for almost 800 years, not because indians were cowards or inferior but they decided to surrender, their rulers were gullible to believe that islam ‘is a religion of peace’ and they had traitors among them.
It’s not that mohammedans are intelligent or strong & superior, on the contrary they are barbarians & the most coward people on this earth, we are losing because of our treacherous politicians, greedy bureaucrats, corrupt media and above all our own apathy & willingness to surrender.
commented 2016-09-18 13:11:44 -0400
Yup, Sean. My money is on those pesky Amish again.
commented 2016-09-18 12:53:47 -0400
If I am wrong I don’t mind being corrected but when the police know the identity of the perpetrator and don’t release it I cannot help but think it goes to pattern.
commented 2016-09-18 12:46:27 -0400
Phillip Tessier: Yeah first it was mentioned he was attacking people. Then the tell tale sign was he produced a large bladed weapon. Who carries around a large bladed weapon? I doubt he was on his way home from a butcher’s convention and seeing all these attacks happened on the same day suggests there was some sort of organized plan.
commented 2016-09-18 12:38:23 -0400
Edward Jobin:
Phillip I heard the assailant was attacking people in the parking lot then eventually pulled out a large blade on the cop.

No wonder we have seen no names and crickets about this from the media. Why do we even think we have news in Canada any more?
commented 2016-09-18 12:28:30 -0400
Phillip I heard the assailant was attacking people in the parking lot then eventually pulled out a large blade on the cop.
commented 2016-09-18 12:23:07 -0400
I posted this earlier on another thread but the comment applies here as well..

“Time to fight back..
And with lethal force every time a heinous act like this is committed… The reason why these people only respond to dictatorships in the countries that they come from is because the only thing they respect and understand is power and violence. That is the only thing that keeps them in check, they see us as “weak”
To quote somebody from a long earlier posting and I can’t remember who said it but I will try to get it right…
“generally people of western countries are peace loving and very tolerant but when provoked to the point of reaction they become a very efficient and industrial style killing machine”
commented 2016-09-18 12:22:47 -0400
Edward Jobin:
Victor any more details on the stabbing at the mall in Calgary?

Info on the Grand Prairie mall shooting?
commented 2016-09-18 12:18:57 -0400
Victor any more details on the stabbing at the mall in Calgary?