December 19, 2016

BREAKING: Russian Ambassador to TURKEY SHOT at Art show in Ankara

Victor LaszloRebel Commentator

BBC Video and Turkish news explain what is known about this breaking story. GRAPHIC videos below.

UPDATE: Daily Mail reveals that the killer was Mert Altintas, 22, a member of Ankara's police riot squad, who put NINE bullets into the Russian diplomat while yelling, "'Allahu Akbar (Allah is Great). We die in Aleppo, you die here!" as well as: "Only death will take me out of here."

UPDATE: Sister and mother of Russian diplomat killer detained by police.

UPDATE: Killer of Russian Ambassador identified as Turkish policeman.

 More videos and pics of those involved on this twitter feed as well.




From hurriyetdailynews Turkish news:

Russia’s ambassador to Turkey, Andrey Karlov, has been shot at an art exhibition in the Turkish capital of Ankara, Russian embassy sources have confirmed to the Daily News. Karlov was shot by a gun while making a speech at a painting exhibition in the Turkish capital, the embassy said, adding that it believed that it was a radical Islamist attack.Private broadcaster CNN Türk said Karlov was in a critical state.The three wounded people were taken to Güven Hospital in central Ankara, reporters said but did not confirm whether the envoy was among them. 


Kılıç also added that the attacker chanted Islamist slogans, but he did not remember the exact words. 

This video claims to show the attacker.

Sadly it does not play the audio of what he was saying.

The photo below from BILD, appears to show the killer doing the Islamic State salute.

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commented 2016-12-20 17:41:17 -0500
ISIS or the Syrian Rebels, I’m thinking they are one and the same these days are getting what THEY deserve. I think we have been on the wrong side of things for awhile now. We better get on the right side quick. Yes there are a lot of civilians caught in the crossfire, this is war what do you expect. Thank god Hillary didn’t get in or she would eventually have taken out Assad, and then the shit would have hit the fan. Trump knows better.
commented 2016-12-20 17:36:35 -0500
Jim Norwood, and Justin Squire, I must admit the first thing I thought was where is the blood? He was shot several times and lay on the floor long enough to be bleeding out. There was no blood on his clothes or pooling on the floor.
commented 2016-12-20 17:03:45 -0500
Maybe splitting straws here, but the US has not been doing drone strikes within Iran, or am I wrong?
commented 2016-12-20 14:03:57 -0500
Jack. “I would bomb the SHIT out of ’em!” -Donald Trump
That’s what going to happen.
commented 2016-12-20 13:34:56 -0500
With all due respect Jack. That is exactly what Obama did for 8 years… It does NOT work.

The US. already cooperates with Israeli intelligence and bombs camps with drone strikes around the world. Does NOT work.

The US. already supports Ukraine, Poland and the Baltic States through NATO, Which is basically the US. military because nobody, especially Canada, is paying their fair share for. Still, Russia invaded Crimea and eastern Ukraine and laughed at America. Does NOT work.

The US. already does plenty of business with Taiwan. $86.9 billion in 2015. That does not stop China from building and arming illegal islands in the South China Sea. Diplomacy with China does NOT work.

That is exactly why TRUMP has picked a cabinet full of ex US. Generals. He knows that military strength and ACTION, not Obama empty talk, is the only thing those countries understand.
commented 2016-12-20 13:02:13 -0500
I’m not convinced either way on Iran. As far as nuclear threat, the immediate threat is to Europe, not us, so if they can’t get their act together, not sure why it is our problem. But we should be leveling every last one of their Hezbollah training bases. If Israel has better intelligence as to where they are, get that intelligence and act on it.

As for Russia, its threat is to the Ukraine and the Baltic States, as well as Poland. So provide those states with the tools they need and our moral support against the KGB aggressor, Putin.

Build better ties with Taiwan, and make it clear we will not sell our soul to China while ignoring their human rights abuses. Being able to buy $1.00 crappy plastic toys should not make us turn a blind eye to their organ harvesting of convicts, prison labor, ect….
commented 2016-12-20 12:51:03 -0500
Exactly Jack. Take the fight to IRAN.
TRUMP has promised to super charge the US. military and cut all funding to the phony ‘global warming’ conspiracy. That’s why he picked Marine Gen. James Mattis as the Secretary of Defense. About time…
TRUMP is not perfect but with him in power the US. military can start kicking ass again. Russia, China, Iran and whoever will be running for cover.
commented 2016-12-20 12:30:35 -0500
I hope so Michael. I hope we see economic war with China to level the playing field. With Iran, just give Israel our blessing, and whatever tools they need, to defeat Iran’s ambitions.
commented 2016-12-20 12:25:30 -0500
PS. Don’t forget China. Trump is already taking the fight to them even before he is in office!

Russia, China, Iran all need to know that there is new sheriff in town. TRUMP!

They will all learn to fear the US. again.
commented 2016-12-20 12:22:29 -0500
I am not a fan of Syrian’s Assad, but I will take him over the fake “free Syrian Army”. I don’t want Trump to play nice with Russia either, but I also don’t want us mixed up in the Syrian civil war.

There is a lot of propaganda coming out of Aleppo, for the benefit of chicken hawks like McCain and Graham who want us to topple Assad.
commented 2016-12-20 12:16:27 -0500
Jack. Nope. I’m talking about the millions of civilians living in Aleppo. Especially women and children.
The more dead Syrian soldiers and Russians that pile up the better. Don’t forget IRAN. They are helping Syria too. Pile them HIGH!

Payback is a bitch.

When Trump takes office in January the first thing he’s going to do is tear up the contract with Iran, Russia’s good buddy. And he’s NOT going to ask Putin for permission.
commented 2016-12-20 12:08:31 -0500
Michael you never gave a shit I bet about the Russian invasion of the Ukraine and Crimea. You only care now because of some bullshit fake news talking point from the Democrats about hacking the election. Get off the kool-aid.
commented 2016-12-20 12:07:38 -0500
Assad is the only one protecting Christians. I am more than happy that Russia is in there doing what we will not do.
commented 2016-12-20 12:06:24 -0500
Innocent people Michael? You mean those providing aid and comfort for ISIS and Al Queda. Screw them. Send all the phony warmongers like McCain and the Democrat Party over there too.
commented 2016-12-20 10:32:49 -0500
Drew. I’m not talking about the entire 5 year civil war. I said Aleppo. Which is exactly what the shooter said.

Russia has been assisting Syria in murdering thousands of innocent people there. Russia bombs the city with airstrikes while Syria shoots civilians by the hundreds in their homes.

For that, and many other things including: hacking data to influence the US election, the invasion of Crimea and eastern Ukraine. Russia thinks it can do all this with impunity.

commented 2016-12-19 22:59:36 -0500
Michael Greathouse i will give you the plane , but the civil war is hardly one sided. And it got way worse once ISIS and other Islamists got into it , and they murder the people like flies/
commented 2016-12-19 22:24:39 -0500
Some interesting developments in the Near and Middle East lately (for anyone who might be interested). Fortunately for Israel Sunnis and Shias hate each other. While Obama has backed off to allow Iran (Shia) to continue building a nuclear bomb Sunni countries (Saudi Arabia and Egypt) have become increasingly concerned and are now openly becoming friendlier with Israel hoping for protection. While everyone was expecting Hillary to win with not much change in America’s lack of support for Israel, the election of Trump has speeded things up. Also while the focus has been on Syria and Isis, Iran continues to try smuggling high tech weapons through Syria to Hezbollah. The other day Israel (who never sleeps) pulled off another air strike on just such a shipment just outside Damascus. Many now believe Saddam Hussein stashed his WMD under mosques, schools and hospitals throughout Damascus. Also interesting is that an as yet unfulfilled biblical prophesy predicts the complete annihilation of Damascus. Anyway, how does Israel manage to pull off air strikes in Syria when Russia completely dominates the air space? Israel has high tech surveillance capabilities the US and Russia can’t even figure out. It’s been said they can read the same newspaper Assad reads every morning. Also they have 5 planes that are capable of basically hovering around at 55-60 thousand feet and what they can do is make their fighter planes completely invisible to radar. So anyway keep an eye on the ME because some people are expecting a real escalation of events coming up to Trumps’ inauguration.
commented 2016-12-19 21:27:06 -0500
JUSTIN SQUIRE commented 26 mins ago
This footage is fake..
So is your name.
commented 2016-12-19 21:12:17 -0500
This ‘killer policeman’ was probably assigned to provide security to Russian Ambassador.
With the current world situation we can squarely assume; you can never trust a mohammedan, no matter what garb he appears in.
commented 2016-12-19 20:59:30 -0500
This footage is fake..
commented 2016-12-19 20:25:11 -0500
Let’s hope this doesn’t become the 2016 equivalent of the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria.
commented 2016-12-19 19:11:53 -0500
We have to do something about our relationship with Turkey. They are going to drag us into something nasty.
commented 2016-12-19 19:09:10 -0500
That’s what you get?
commented 2016-12-19 18:40:38 -0500
Imagine what Putin is thinking right now. Go get ‘em. Don’t hold back!
commented 2016-12-19 18:03:44 -0500
That’s what you get!!
Dead. Just like the thousands of innocent people in Aleppo.
Dead. Just like the 295 passengers of flight MH17 that Russia shot down.
That’s What You GET!
commented 2016-12-19 17:30:32 -0500
Busy few days for the religion of peace.
commented 2016-12-19 16:30:41 -0500
So I take it this was Barack’s “time and place of our choosing”. Subtle. Hope we can all survive 6 more weeks of him leaving his “legacy”.
commented 2016-12-19 15:15:22 -0500
YESSSS!!!! That’s what I’m talking about!
commented 2016-12-19 14:44:26 -0500
Religion of peace of shit