July 30, 2016

(UPDATE) Breaking: US base SHUT DOWN by Turkish police, rumours of SECOND coup

Victor LaszloRebel Commentator

This is breaking news. It will be updated as more comes in. 

UPDATE 9:49 PM: Australian news reports all entrances and exits to the base sealed by Turkish forces.

TURKEY has sent police to surround the Incirlik air base it operates with the United States — and where a large stockpile of NATO nuclear weapons is held — ahead of a visit by a senior US official tomorrow.

Unconfirmed reports out of Turkey suggest all entrances to the air base have been blocked by heavy vehicles and police sent to secure its peremiter.

UPDATE: RT Says THOUSANDS of Turkish troops have closed down the airbase for "inspections" amid rumours of second coup attempt. 

Some 7,000 armed police with heavy vehicles have surrounded and blocked the Incirlik air base in Adana used by NATO forces, already restricted in the aftermath of a failed coup. Unconfirmed reports say troops were sent to deal with a new coup attempt.      

UPDATE: A crowd chanting "Biz Milla", If Allah wills it, and Allah hu Ackbar at gates of US/NATO airbase

Turkish Police Block Access to NATO's Incirlik Air Base - Home of US Nukes

All inputs and outputs to the Incirlik Air Base located in Adana have been closed as Turkish Minister of European Affairs cautions that it is just a "safety inspection" while local newspapers speculate that a second coup attempt may be underway.

Some 7,000 armed police with heavy vehicles have surrounded and blocked the Incirlik air base in Adana used by NATO forces, already restricted in the aftermath of a failed coup. Unconfirmed reports say troops were sent to deal with a new coup attempt.

According to the Turkish Minister for European Affairs, Omer Celik, this is just a routine "safety inspection." Hurriyet, by contrast, reports that anti-terror police received reports of a second attempt by Gulenists to overthrow the Erdogan regime.

Incirlik Air Base, located in the province of Adana, is a critical NATO base in Turkey. The US maintains 50 to 90 tactical nuclear weapons at the base.

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commented 2016-08-01 16:51:20 -0400
Obama worships Erdogan! He is a traitor to the USA and democracy. He’s likely on his mat worshipping Erdogan right now.
commented 2016-07-31 18:31:24 -0400
The Turkish Air force operates out of this base and the nuclear arms are under ground in a bomb proof shelter behind steel doors. There is little chance of Erdogan getting his hands on them. If he tries to get them broken arrow takes effect. UNFORTUNATELY the U.S. has a Muslim brotherhood as President.
This is a good play to get nuclear weapons into the hands of ISSI
commented 2016-07-31 13:36:36 -0400
Coincidence? The whole British Royal Navy has just returned to the UK and is docked in Portsmouth and other south coast ports. This is very unusual, they cannot all need maintenance.

Missiles carried on these ships are all within range of Turkey.

Nuclear Sub Fleet, location unknown.

Be prepared for a big bang.
commented 2016-07-31 12:00:21 -0400
Turkey has never rejected radical Islamist control in its governing structure, and Erdogan has revived Sharia styled law reforms and cozied up to the Loons in Iran and Syria. Erdogan should be turfed from the EU and NATO. And if the US don’t get their head out of their collective butts shortly, the ordnance on that US air base will be in ISIS hands. Erdogan is an Islamist viper – hope Putin throws a daisy cutter right into his caliphate palace.
commented 2016-07-31 07:40:22 -0400
someone needs to intervene and stop tgat lunatic Erdogan. either the USA, or Russia (better than no one). i cannot even imagine what would happen if Erdogan got his hands on those nukes. Turkey needs to be booted from NATO.
commented 2016-07-31 01:53:42 -0400
Perhaps they could get it right this time. First step of a coup: put a bullet in the dictator’s head.
commented 2016-07-30 23:33:18 -0400
@ Mike Bell commented 2 mins ago
BRAVO ZULU: They’re obviously well-armed… they have the nukes.

Agreed Mike – but they might have to hold off the Turk army.

Sure hope not.

Been attempting to get hold of a couple folks I know over there for an unsecured chat – no joy so far.
commented 2016-07-30 23:29:08 -0400
BRAVO ZULU: They’re obviously well-armed… they have the nukes.

I wonder if this isn’t Erdogan trying to get his hands on the nukes for his own purposes.
Obviously, in a pinch, blowing them up is the way to go, but he may count on the troops’ fear of doing so (i.e., that they would “go nuclear” on them).

There’s obviously something going on.
commented 2016-07-30 22:36:36 -0400
What do dump trucks have to do with a safety inspection? Do these dump trucks have anything to do with the nuclear weapons? This is all very suspicious sounding.
commented 2016-07-30 22:06:18 -0400
Bravo Zulu i would feel better if Trump were president right now, Obama will not send them any help as it may offend someone. I would hope they have some damn top level people guarding that stuff.
commented 2016-07-30 21:55:13 -0400
As of today (30/07/2016) since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM: 31,423 Attacks, 199,628 Killed, 280,386 Injured that we know of. “The Religion of Peace”, just ask Pope Francis
commented 2016-07-30 21:29:56 -0400
If this is true the fit is about to hit the shan.

Will be watching with interest.

And some trepidation.

That is what happens when you deal with islamic nations.

Those nukes are a serious concern.

Hope the Americans are well armed.

Best thoughts to them.