August 28, 2019

(WATCH) Rabbi: Calling detention centers 'concentration camps' is bigotry against the American people

Rebel Staff

From Breitbart: Rabbi Aryeh Spero joined counter-protesters outside of the Holocaust Memorial Center in Michigan where left-leaning groups affiliated with were holding a “Close the Camps” rally to protest detention centers on the southern American border.

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commented 2019-08-28 21:42:01 -0400
Remember the disgusting horrible leftards and Demoncrats are the ones who continually demean and insult the memory of the true victims of the Holocaust by calling anyone they disagree with “Nazis” ………what cowardly, vile and dispicable behaviour.
They are monstrously ignorant of any kind of historical perspective but I guess that’s what you get when you spend 7 years and $50,000 of debt to further your “education” in “gender studies”
commented 2019-08-28 12:34:31 -0400
The Detention Centers were built by the Obamam Administration, most photos you see in the FakeStream Media today date from 2014! These are temporary facilities and the FakeSteam Media know that, but continue the ruse . . . in support of the “Squad” of 4 anti-Israel anti-American Congress critters. Two muzzzlimas, a BLM racist & the idiot O’krazio-Cortez.
The actual Detention Centers are run by ICE and are much better accommodations than any of these Illegal Border Jumpers have ever seen in their lifetimes.
Build the friggin Wall and send ALL Illegal Aliens back . . . all 30 odd million of them.