February 27, 2019

Pro-Brexit activist: Leave first, negotiate later

Rebel Staff

Westminster is a gathering place for anti-Brexit protests, but only on the days when Parliament is in session and media is there to film it all.

This past Friday, with no MPs or other media around to encourage a circus, a pro-Brexit demonstrator named Stuart stood outside to explain his own position:

Leave then negotiate.”

WATCH to hear the unique reason he wants Britain to be freed from the jurisdiction of the European Parliament.

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commented 2019-02-28 05:50:25 -0500
The EU is trying to squeeze the UK as much as it can, pretending that it is holding all the cards and expects the UK to cough up cash and rights in order to trade with the EU. The UK actually holds the upper hand; better business, better industry, better fishing, and better economy.

I’ve always said, leave then negotiate. No financial compensation to the EU before leaving. If the EU wants to take its ball and run home to cry, well, the rest of the world is open to trading with the UK. Trump even said that he would love to make a deal with the UK. As for foreign workers, let them apply for a work visa. If they are taking away a job from a qualified Brit, well, bye bye.

Maybe if the UK became sovereign again, it would fix its immigration problems (whether the government realises them or not) and take back its various industries that have been under the thumb of the EU.

An example of what is wrong, British fishing is limited so that other EU countries can plunder its fish banks. UK fishermen are restricted from fishing their own waters. Thousands of families that had traditionally been involved in fishing are unemployed or now in other industries. A good part of the fishing fleet is now gone because of the EU’s restrictions on the Brits.

Just leave. A no deal Brexit is better than an on your knees and bow Brexit.
commented 2019-02-28 03:14:02 -0500
Nafta. All the car companies are moving to Mexico.
commented 2019-02-27 15:26:16 -0500
Exactly ! I’ve been saying the same thing myself.

Simply declare, were (Britain) going back to the way things were , before getting entangled in the EU. Britain is sovereign !

Then do it !
Mop up the details later.