March 24, 2015

Brian Lilley: How the Media Party bends the rules to protect Justin Trudeau

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Documents acquired through our Access To Information request show the Canadian media is still trying to block the Conservatives from using their news footage for campaign ads -- even if that means ignoring the law.

Broadcasters are especially eager to prevent the Conservative Party from mocking their favourite candidate:

Justin Trudeau.


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commented 2015-03-26 08:24:20 -0400
I haven’t watched or listened to CBC for more than 4 years now (except occasional red-splashing ads appearing on other channels for them). But I also have to admin that I am a bit ignorant of the Canadian liberal agenda but my belief in commonsense among common people has strengthened in spite of media’s (especially CBC’s) blatent self-preservation agenda. It is good to see that a conservative government did win in the last election and hopefully commonsense will rule the day in the coming election. Tip to conservatives: Dismantle the CBC early in your term and let Canadians know how much each person will receive in a special rebate cheque as a result!
commented 2015-03-26 00:38:19 -0400
It’s about high time cbc was cut from the public trough and made to go it on their own….
commented 2015-03-25 16:42:44 -0400
I am a woman who is not besotted by the “pretty boy” looks of Prince Charming! I do not swoon when I see his image on television or in news stories. What I do is turn off the TV to give him time to fade out of view. I turn the page of my newspaper, or I skip to another article on-line. He does NOT have my vote. I think with my brain and NOT with my libido.
commented 2015-03-25 15:25:09 -0400
Warren, I wouldn’t be too sure about our university educated right now, that little twit Brigette Depape was on CTV ‘s Canada A.M. yesterday morning trying to inform the ’young voters’ that The Council of Canadians is going across the country to get the younger voters out to vote against Harper, however I agree the CBC is long past it’s due date and as a Crown Corporation there is no reason why it cannot be sold, they got rid of Elderado Nuclear (now called Cameco) in Port Hope years ago.
Referendum anyone?
commented 2015-03-24 23:07:49 -0400
Oh and Glenn Craig, you may want to check the stats on women voting and the correlation between education and age on the percentage voting one way or the other. Education is a wonderful thing. As is maturity. Reflected at the polls.
commented 2015-03-24 23:05:20 -0400
Ah, My sincere apology to the conservative ladies. My post should have read Liberal immigrants and Liberal women…
No dis-respect intended.
commented 2015-03-24 20:58:47 -0400
From a previous post: The only legitimate reason for any kind of tax payer funded television is to pick up the cost of local news coverage in smaller remote communities, particularly in the north. That could easily be accomplished by negotiating contractual arrangements with the major TV networks that already cover those areas. CBC is moribund, way past it’s “best before” date. There might of been some legitimacy for it back in the 1950s when it was the only Canadian TV out there, but those days are long gone. Those who want to see the CBC continue as “Public Broadcaster” (hardly!) should be the ones funding it through private donations, like PBS dose in the US. Those who want it should be the ones paying for it. That’s what we had to do with THEREBEL.MEDIA, and that’s what should be done with CBC, if anyone still wants it.
commented 2015-03-24 18:11:04 -0400
I have written to my Conservative MP countless times about this asking for the CBC to be removed from the public trough! Here are examples of the types of pathetic responses that I received in return:
- The CBC is an independent crown corporation; the government has no role in directing the CBC’s programming or content (As if I didn’t know that; as well that should be quite evident given the CBC’s anti-Harper bias!)
- Submit your complaints of bias to the CBC’s ombudsman (I have gone that route on several occasions with no satisfaction. The CBC’s Ombudsman is a farce. Just like the CBC has appointed its own investigator (someone with a long association with the CBC as a contributor and even guest host) to look into allegations of sexual harassment and misconduct within the CBC workplace. What a joke.)
- As part of budget cuts, the CBC took a $115 million cut in taxpayer subsidies (Whoopee, but I want it to be $0. All this does is make the CBC even more determined to unseat the Conservatives to bring in one of its friends (Liberal or NDP) who will restore their funding and then some.)
- Don’t watch the CBC. ( I have done that for some time, but I can’t believe it – they they are still being subsidized.)
- Share my views directly with Herbert Lacroix, President and CEO of the CBC! – Received from Shelly Glover, Minister of Canadian Heritage (Really! I am sure that if I suggested to Mr. Lacroix that he make a request to the government to be taken off the public purse that he would be most receptive to such a suggestion. :-) )

If anyone has received any better responses from their MP, I would live to hear it. I have requested information as to what % of the federal budget is allocated to the CBC so that I would consider reducing my taxes accordingly. No response to that request. No harm in writing your MPs, but from my experience an exasperating experience. Also, not worth writing now as very unlikely that the Conservatives would dare to make such a move on the eve of an election. Just consider how much flak they have taken with respect to the niqab.
commented 2015-03-24 17:00:32 -0400
I have written to my MP and the PMO about the un-democratic, anti-conservative lying that the CBC is engaging in. That it is my opinion that the attempt to skew the voter’s information base should be against the law, when we, the taxpayers are footing the bill.
commented 2015-03-24 16:49:38 -0400
I have notified the federal government of my thoughts towards the CBC. I suggest all here do likewise.
commented 2015-03-24 16:40:02 -0400
Joan is correct Warren, Michael Ignatiev’s big mistake was that he spent so much time on campus and took the Liberal Pink Book crowd so seriously that he actually thought that half the population were going to mark their ballot by holding the pencil with their vagina and making a circle with a cross coming out the bottom and saying “SO THERE THAT’S THE WOMYN’S VOTE”. Actually there is no such thing as the women’s vote other than in the wishful thinking of old Liberal hardliners.
commented 2015-03-24 16:02:23 -0400
Yeah, Warren, just because I will never, ever vote left doesn’t mean I’m not a woman!

I’m sure there are more at the CBC planning to vote Conservative than they’d ever admit because they are … women who don’t ever want to be valued half a man because Trudeau favours shariah and dictatorships.
commented 2015-03-24 15:46:47 -0400
Will you be posting the documents for us to read? I’d be curious to go through them.
commented 2015-03-24 15:24:42 -0400
I think the majority of Canadians would have supported a major reduction or elimination of the massive gift of their money to these CBC socialists. And they would have supported a major change in the makeup of the anti -free speech CRTC , if not its elimination. In the days of political correctness and the protection of all minorities , there appears to be one group of Canadians that is not deserving of the “protection” of the media, and that is US. Small “c” conservatives.
commented 2015-03-24 14:55:43 -0400
Brian, please try to minimize the number of stories about the CBC. It is affecting my blood pressure.
commented 2015-03-24 14:47:02 -0400
cbc makes me sick. I hate that they get my tax dollars. Why should they? They don’t speak for me. They don’t speak for many Canadians; anyone who supports our PM. They only speak for their own views. These documents prove it. More and more people need to write their mp’s. Let cbc do it on their own. I’d like to see that.
commented 2015-03-24 14:40:40 -0400
Thanks for not slipping out of the news game. I became a Sun fan as soon as I confirmed you were not left bent like all the others. While I still use Google News to find the issues I want to read about and their views and then I go to Sun News “now renamed The Rebel” for the other side of the coin.
Keep up the fight for your place in the news jungle.As long as you are here I have somewhere to go to find the truth.
commented 2015-03-24 14:05:15 -0400
Hey Warren…please don’t include women in your comments…I wouldn’t vote for Trudeau if he signed his inheritance over to me… you are right that there are some who would vote Liberal even if Trudeau was signing Canada over to ISIS, but don’t paint immigrants and women with the Liberal brand when there are many wonderful immigrants and women who will never vote Liberal and too many Canadian-born who will…Let’s not inflame good Canadians and immigrants for no reason.

Now to the CBC…those parasites…they want to be free from government interference…RIGHT ON—-set them free…from now on I ask the government to stop interfering with their pay cheques and let them earn their living in the private sector like the rest of us poor sods…they are out of touch with reality, like opera and other societal ills…don’t you just hate their silly ads pretending they are actually under duress from the government…please, Oh please, untie them from their self-inflicted chairs and let them float to the surface of the sea of free enterprise…their left wing monopoly over taxpayers’ hard earned cash needs to end. I want my portion to go to
commented 2015-03-24 13:46:38 -0400
The Communist Broadcast Company should adhere to its original mandate and nothing more. Since it will not, it should not be funded by taxpayers.
commented 2015-03-24 13:33:09 -0400
Liberal immigrants and women will continue to vote Liberal even if Trudeau said he was signing Canada over to ISIS…because they’re thoughtful people :)
commented 2015-03-24 13:30:05 -0400
Once again I say – do away with the CBC. I will continue to write to my MP and anyone else about how tired I am of funding a biased bunch of Liberal bent news casters whose only goal is to make itself look good in the face of controversy and ignore the laws of Canada. It makes me sick every time I hear ‘Canada lives here’. Canada does NOT live at or in the CBC. If it did at one time, it definitely does NOT do so now!
Fire All the CBC managers from the very top lying ,arrogant CEO down to the lowest manager and either start new or make them go private.
Tired of this organisation.
commented 2015-03-24 13:21:47 -0400
It bugs me my money is used to prop up this CBC waste of space. SUN should have got a piece of the pie.
commented 2015-03-24 13:19:16 -0400
CBC needs more money, they need the conservatives out, hail mary’s are being thrown and some of them are going to hit the mark! Whether they win the game will depend on the results of the election. I truly hopes its their quarterbacks last year.