Brian Lilley


I’m from Hamilton.

If you aren’t from Canada you can just think of it as the Pittsburgh of Canada. A steel town that in many ways has seen better fortunes. I grew up there when the factories were at full steam, I left as they started to fade.

Before getting into media I worked all kinds of jobs. A profile on me in Sun Media newspapers a few years ago put it this way, “…Lilley is actually a jack of all trades — from bricklayer, painter, cook and waiter at a 24-hour diner, to actor, factory worker, Second Cup manager, gas station manager, and Greenpeace canvasser.”

All of that is true. Plus more.

A former broadcast teacher of mine told me that to be good in this trade you need to have failed at 10 other jobs. I don’t think I’ve done that but I did fail as a Greenpeace canvasser. It was essentially door-to-door sales. I am not good at sales. Ask the guy that hired me to sell software as the Internet was beginning to become a household staple.

Kathy Shaidle has described me as being one of the guys in the media who isn’t a jerk. Of course you may disagree with her. She does admit a bias being from the same hometown and working class Catholic background as me.

I used to be on the left and then I started to pay taxes, raise a family and spent time living in the socialist workers paradise of Quebec. If you want to be turned off the lure of big government, go live in Quebec.

I lean to the right but that doesn’t mean I always support the Conservative or Republican parties. In fact I will normally be found arguing against what the leadership is doing – too often selling out or taking incrementalism to the extreme.

I’ve been a host on Sun News Network for the last four years, hosting Byline with Brian Lilley. I write a weekly column for Sun Media newspapers that normally appears Friday. You may have also seen me sit in for Glenn Beck, on Fox News, on CNN radio and television, CBS radio. Over the years I’ve also been published on The Blaze, Breitbart, The Hamilton Spectator, National Post, Mercatornet and lots of other places I can’t remember.