April 27, 2017

British Columbia election: “Spoil your ballot, vote Green — just don’t vote NDP”

Christopher WilsonRebel Commentator

One of the most underreported stories of the 2015 federal election were the registered third party groups with Elections Canada that campaigned on behalf of Justin Trudeau.

With an election in British Columbia in under two weeks, the same familiar forces are at it again, registering in big numbers with Elections BC to actively try to elect the BC NDP.

I’ll show you the list: dozens of teachers associations, union groups, and environmental groups. The pro-business groups seem to be outnumbered 10-1.

It’s bad enough the NDP have the United Steelworkers based out of Pittsburgh donating hundreds of thousands to the party, providing fully paid campaign staff, but now the NDP are getting what is essentially free campaigning from these various left wing groups.

I want to make a direct appeal to any conservatives in the province who are not yet willing to support the BC Liberals and Christy Clark:

I know she’s not perfect. I know the BC Liberals have pushed the envelope of what is ethical as far as campaign fundraising. I know they seemed slow to act on the housing crisis, and I know they aren’t a truly conservative party

But let’s learn some lessons from Alberta, our last federal election, and even the election of Barack Obama:

Change for the sake of change can have far reaching consequences.

If you can’t bring yourself to vote for the BC liberals then fine, but don’t cut off your nose to spite your face and vote NDP. Spoil your ballot, vote green, just don’t vote NDP. Our province cannot take that risk.

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commented 2017-04-29 12:00:46 -0400
Greens are even worse than the NDP. Will hold my nose and vote Liberals. The question is
‘how do we get constituent-focused, (at least more constituent-focused), gov’t back into Victoria without going the route AB took?" Clark better realize if there is a split between Green and NDP and she’s gets a large majority it isn’t representative of her brand. It will be a function of the left split. She has to be told she is at the end of her shelf life. Weaver has announced if he doesn’t increase the Green Seat count he will retire leaving a hole on the left. That would create quite a gap on the left which would be sucked up by the NDP. Crusty won’t get away with it next time. She needs to move out and the party needs to move to the fiscal right (get rid of the carbon tax). How do we make that happen? I do not have an answer.
commented 2017-04-28 16:19:42 -0400
You’ve only done part of your job. You need to expose the Greens as well as the NDP. Foreign funding, cease all progress, mostly funded by disruptive leftist interests. They are equally, if not more unqualified to govern a province, a city, or any other public interest. A dipper – green coalition would be the worst of all options to inflict on us. Please do not promote them, even in jest, and please do your best to expose them.
commented 2017-04-28 14:11:01 -0400
I don’t like the BC Liberals and wasn’t sure what I would do. But after hearing Horgan at the debate planning to pay $400 to renters and all the schemes of the NDP in their platform, I have been scared shitless into action. I will hold my nose. Not a very honorable way to proceed, but I do not want NDP on the reigns. I pray to God the Greens split up the NDP vote. The usual leftists claim that Notley is great for Alberta and that Alberta is creating lots of jobs. The final nail for me was the threat to cut off private school funding. The NDP are just dangerous. The BC Liberals are like drinking week old coke that has been sitting in the car. The NDP are like drinking motor oil.
commented 2017-04-28 09:39:59 -0400
Um, sorry Christopher Wilson, but the Greens are Leftist and they’re still trying to pull the wool over people’s eyes…….
commented 2017-04-28 03:40:37 -0400
“Intelligent people learn from their mistakes” as my late father used to intone… Nova Scotians, Ontarians, Manitobans, Saskies, and now rueful Albertans have learned that lesson the hard way… British Columbia has had its nose bloodied by the NDP two times!… Even contemplating another NDP government means one is either stupid, ignorant of recent* history, or deliberately self destructive… But then there are always the government employees, academics, and unionists who don’t really give a big rat’s ass as to what debt legacy they leave for their children…
commented 2017-04-28 01:55:05 -0400
As bad as Christie Clark and the BC Liberals are, the NDP is 100 times worse and the Greens are just plain clueless, and of course there is no conservative party in BC.
So, as I have said before, I will hold my nose as I do it and end up voting for the BC Liberals. But the alternative just scares the hell out of me as it should any sane voter in BC.
For now it is all we have and like I also said before, it is like picking your cleanest dirty underwear which would be the Liberals. The extremely soiled and brown stained underwear represents the NDP, so avoid them at all costs, and the torn and ragged ones are the Greens.
commented 2017-04-27 22:34:07 -0400
A spoiled ballet is a vote for the DEMONS
commented 2017-04-27 22:32:21 -0400
For you ( never Clarkers ) out there , I offer a ray of hope , after Christy gets reelected, this will be her last term , there will be a leadership race probably starting at the end of second year , this speculation that I’ve heard
Maybe WILSON can do some sleuthing on this
commented 2017-04-27 22:27:46 -0400
Regardless of who wins, there has to be an alternative party on the right. Clark is centre-left at best. The BC Cons executive must be purged. They’re dead in the water. Self-inflicted. Time to start over.
Next election the BCCons need to restrict candidates to strategic ridings (where the NDP is unlikely to come up the middle in a split vote on the right) to try and get a foothold and ideally hold the balance of power in a minority government.
commented 2017-04-27 22:14:41 -0400
If you want to destroy your province, vote NDP, it’s as simple as that. We had them for 16 long years & now our Conservative leader is trying to undo the damage they left him with. No good has ever come out for a province who elected the NDP. Their only goal is to spend, spend, spend & bleed the economy dry, all you have to do if you’re not sure, is check out your neighbour to the east of you, that should be a wake up call for anyone still pondering.
commented 2017-04-27 19:58:18 -0400
Or just don’t vote. I mean what the hell, the Conservative party couldn’t even be bothered to get a leader, so why should we bother?
commented 2017-04-27 19:49:01 -0400
The commies want to shut down our sea ports and rail terminals
commented 2017-04-27 19:41:31 -0400
Alberta got into its mess because people voted against something and not for something, or 22% did. If one is voting, one should be voting for something, that is positive voting. Alberta exemplifies negative voting with that 22%.

I do not blame the true NDP believers, but boy, I sure dislike that 22% and sincerely hope they made up the bulk of 250 000 job losses.

BC, look at your options carefully and make a positive vote for what is closest to your values.
commented 2017-04-27 19:20:20 -0400
The NDPs wherever they are, they are not a risk, they are a certainty of socialist poverty and slavery. Wake up Canadians!!!!!!!
commented 2017-04-27 18:56:28 -0400
Yes, if the NDP gain power in BC, then it will go the route of Alberta.

I am sure that elates many on the far left, to economically devastate a province.
commented 2017-04-27 18:51:14 -0400
If the Soros/Trudeau cabal pulls off an NDP victory in BC, God help us.