November 16, 2015

British salon owner ARRESTED after post-Paris Facebook post deemed offensive to Muslims

StaffRebel Columnist

A British beauty salon owner was arrested for allegedly making Facebook posts in which she claimed Muslims were no longer welcome in her salon after the Paris terrorist attacks.

The Mirror says that according to Thames Valley Police, a 43-year-old woman was arrested under section 19 of the Public Order Act.

Section 19 is described as “the display of written material which is threatening, abusive or insulting with the intention of stirring up racial hatred, and for producing malicious communications.”

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The woman posted on her salon's (Blinks of Bicester) Facebook page saying “sorry, but time to put my country first.”

In another she said, “Blinks of Bicester are no longer taking bookings from anyone from the Islamic faith whether you are UK granted with passport or not.”

Later on she added, “I have been inundated with messages tonight as I said I would not book any muslin or Islamic client. I stand by that completely as a UK citizen” and “I hope your families get blown up by ISIS.”

The 43-year-old has yet to be charged, but the fact she was arrested should scare folks in Canada.

Quebec's Bill 59 would curtail free speech and pander to Muslims. Could Prime Minister Justin Trudeau take this radically extreme pro-censorship bill from the Quebec Liberals and apply it to the country?

You've been warned.

The media won’t tell you all the facts about the migrant crisis.



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commented 2016-01-23 11:30:50 -0500
Taking liberties away can only be done if the people let them. Only two choices here. Civil war or bow down to dictatorship.
commented 2015-11-19 09:56:27 -0500
This is exactly what Hitler did. History is repeating itself, and it will be a blood bath, once most realize that they have been played for fools, by those they elected.
commented 2015-11-17 13:55:10 -0500
LLRFU; my view on that website is it’s run by a bunch of frothy mouthed racists and isn’t worth commenting on. Clear enough?
commented 2015-11-17 13:52:58 -0500
JACK PALLANCE; No, we hate racist speech. Learn the difference….
PETER NETTERVILLE; The fact that you can’t tell the difference between what I said and hate speech tells me all I need to know about you too.
DREW WAKARIUK; Is that individual a business owner who is turning away customers based solely on religion? If not, apples and oranges.
commented 2015-11-17 08:03:01 -0500
I think its funny how people constantly put religion and faith in the same sentence as race. Technically she said she did not want muslims. Muslims can be white to. Just something to think about.
commented 2015-11-17 06:47:10 -0500
If you think the restriction on free speech isn’t coming to Canada you are living in a dream world.
commented 2015-11-16 21:41:46 -0500
Our newly elected Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had better reverse his decision to admit 25000 “Syrians” into the country if we want to avoid terrorist attacks in Canada like the one in Paris, France.
commented 2015-11-16 19:25:40 -0500
Drew I think voters to put it crudely just want to frack justin brains out. They loved those bare chest shots and voted for him.
commented 2015-11-16 18:46:40 -0500
So… To prevent her from refusing to book muslim clients, they arrest her so she cannot book any customers? LOL
commented 2015-11-16 17:27:01 -0500
I wish she was our PM. She is more of a man than he is. I wonder why no Muslims who refuse to serve gays are under arrest?
commented 2015-11-16 17:25:00 -0500
WOW, the UK might as well just hand themselves over right now.
commented 2015-11-16 17:23:55 -0500
Special K does that go for the Muslim who said all Jews over 18 are targets for death as well? And if not , explain why please.
commented 2015-11-16 17:23:08 -0500
Jack Pallance got that right, they hate free speech. They hate people who are not cowards and speak the truth.
commented 2015-11-16 17:00:15 -0500
Special K is lucky that Canada does not have one of those laws here yet because his comment could qualify him for arrest, but I doubt he is able to grasp the irony of his comment.
commented 2015-11-16 16:43:17 -0500
At least Special K admits what we all know – liberals HATE free speech.
commented 2015-11-16 16:22:10 -0500
As a point of interest. 97% of the laws in the UK were made by the EU Parliament.
commented 2015-11-16 16:17:36 -0500
Racial laws in the UK have always been strong. I can remember back in the 1950s, Teenage gangs, for an evenings entertainment, would go out on what was called Paki Bashing. this was the beating up of Pakistanis where ever they could be found. Some of it was pretty bad, with the use of Flick Knifes and Bicycle Chains. ‘The Smoke’ (London) always was a rough place. This was carried out, mostly by Kids, like me, who were born in to a War Zone and only new violence. Though I know it is wrong, I often think that it is a pity that this kind of attitude dose not exist now.
commented 2015-11-16 15:42:43 -0500
Language police. Socialism circa 1970 behind the iron curtain.

Where’s Reagan???? Wake him up!!! We need him now!!!
commented 2015-11-16 15:39:54 -0500
When your own Gov sides with the terrorists, it’s time to declare Civil War. In fact, one could argue that the GOVERNMENT has enacted civil war on it’s own ppl!!
commented 2015-11-16 15:29:02 -0500
Good; racist bigot is getting what she deserves. Hope they throw the book at her.
commented 2015-11-16 15:24:53 -0500
When it comes to speaking out against Daesh, i would rather die on my feet than live on my knees!
commented 2015-11-16 15:13:09 -0500
I hope that we can survive a radical leftist regime for the next 1,434 days, but I kinda doubt it.