September 09, 2017

Broken promises and conservative uprising among youth could spell trouble for Liberals

Holly NicholasRebel Commentator

Justin Trudeau and the Liberals pay lip service to young people, but those same young people aren’t impressed with the Trudeau government on issues that affect them. 

In fact, the PM was heckled at the youth labour forum where attendees turned their backs on him and called him a hypocrite.

Among other issues, they’re angry because the Liberals aren’t addressing Canada’s youth unemployment rate. For Canadians aged 15 to 24, the employment rate stood at 55.2 per cent as of last June.

Trudeau scolded kids at the forum for protesting, but the fact is, the Liberals had to review their failing youth employment strategy.

And the PM should worry about his broken promises.

According to a psychology professor at the University of San Diego, there’s an uprising among youth:

Jean Twenge’s research on Millennials shows youth today are more politically polarized and more conservative than their parents and grandparents.

Youth are starting to value hard work and tradition, and are becoming more devoted to God.

As the party of jobs, fiscal prudence and family values, the Conservative Party of Canada could become the home for Canada’s youth but they just can’t seem to get it together with young Canadians at election time.

What’s the problem? Could it be that right wing political parties have also shifted left?

Instead of highlighting attractive conservative principles like liberty and freedom, politicians on the right are apologetic about their ideals. Instead, they should promote the idea that people can make choices for themselves.

Conservative principles sell themselves.

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commented 2017-09-09 19:18:14 -0400
I completely agree, Holly. Next to Justine Trudeau, Andrew Scheer is the worst thing that has happened to Canada in the past decade. His election as leader of the Conservative Party guarantees that we can’t possibly elect a genuinely conservative government. That being the case, we can never undo the damage done by that head steaming pile of feces, Justin Trudeau, and his feces party. I turn 70 in 8 days… I hope I don’t have to be around much longer to watch whats coming down the road… and it’s coming a lot quicker than most people think.
commented 2017-09-09 18:44:06 -0400
Did that sound cynical? I know a lot, and have frank conversations with Millennials.
I am not encouraged. Interesting that now I have retired, I am already getting offers of Part Time work, knowing that I would at least show up for work. These potential employers have already experienced the Millennial effect of entitlement, and lack of commitment to even show up to work! I don’t feel sorry for them at all. They got exactly what they voted for. Problem is, they inflicted this POS PM on the rest of us as well!
commented 2017-09-09 18:36:16 -0400
Another disaffected group lied to by the Crimeminister. What a surprise! NOT! No worries. Jobs? Nah! They’ll continue to live in Mommie’s basement, troll perceived Conservative blogs, and vote Lieberal again, assuming the rotten potato hasn’t seized power by way of an M 103 dictatorship before 2019!