March 08, 2019

Brooks, Alberta: Kenney’s “model” rural immigration community speaks out about crime, culture clash

Keean BexteRebel Contributor

Jason Kenney, once the federal Minister of Immigration, appears to want his old job back. Instead of running for Premier of Alberta on provincial issues, he is reliving his glory days as the Patron Saint of Migrants.

A week ago, Kenney announced his plan to inject immigrants into rural Alberta – a plan that most people who I talked to in Strathmore thought was an idea cooked up by the likes of Rachel Notley. 

Kenney, who was once the executive assistant to Liberal Ralph Goodale (Justin Trudeau’s Deputy Leader), said that this plan will help bring more immigrants to the province, and will help revitalize rural Alberta. Last time I checked, rural Alberta would prefer to be left alone, in fact – 94 percent of Canadians are not in favour of increasing immigration, with 49 percent preferring to downright lower that number.

Kenney heralded Brooks, Alberta, as a migrant success story. In reality, a massive influx of migrants to Brooks has caused the small town’s population to balloon by 45 percent since 1995. With that has come an increase in crime, some of it going unreported.

WATCH to see how folks from Brooks who have lived through this culture change have to say to the other small towns that Kenney is sizing up for a migrant influx.

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commented 2019-03-08 12:50:27 -0500
Not 30 years ago.
Jason Kenney held the post of Minister for Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism from October 30, 2008, to July 15, 2013, when he became Minister of Employment and Social Development and Minister for Multiculturalism.
commented 2019-03-08 12:49:02 -0500
Not to mention the 100,000 Albertans out of work. Years ago when I emailed Kenney as immigration minister, he told me that the ‘temps’ he was bringing in weren’t given precedent for cheap labour. I was assured that the jobs were available for Canadians first, and employers weren’t allowed to hire them at reduced wages, making them more desirable for employers over Canadians. It was questionable then. Now he isn’t even pretending.
commented 2019-03-08 12:48:48 -0500
ANAT who are you working for?
commented 2019-03-08 12:44:40 -0500
Immigration is controlled at the federal level, a fact that is omitted from this article. What is intimated is that Kenney is acting like he is in his previous role as federal immigration minister which is totally bogus. Kenney worked for Goodale over 30 years ago and that fact somehow has any bearing on the current issue? Is this fact intended to portray Kenney as a red tory who is a willing partner in the agenda of Trudeau? Kenney has been a conservative politician for 22 years so where were these accusations over that time period???

Keean goes to Brooks to ask deceptive questions intended to portray Kenney as undermining what Albertans want. Why Brooks of all places? Well it is the home riding of Ezra’s favourite Alberta politician Derek Fildebrandt. It is the riding with a lot of muslims. The statement that Kenney used Brooks as a model for immigration is false. It is Ezra who said that, NOT KENNEY.

Keean does not know what the immigration requirement is for rural Alberta. He is getting his information from an old survey which is lacking the required details. The fact is rural immigration has been ignored by Notley. The fact is rural entrepeneurs such as doctors and veternarians are either retiring or leaving and not being replaced. This in fact is the plan by Kenney, to bring in qualified immigrants who are professionals and match them to the locations that have a vacancy. The plan is to speed up this process by having these people accredited prior to arrival or as soon as possible. This information is omitted by Keean in the article and also when asking Brooks residents questions designed specifically to undermine Kenney and the UCP in favour of Fildebrandt.

You know damn well as I do Ezra likes to influence politics and he is playing this game simply because Kenney and Scheer will not talk to him. The reason for this is obvious. Trudeau has labelled the Rebel as islamophobic, xenophobic, anti semite, alt right white supremacist, etc etc. The media is always looking to attack conservative politicians. Why would Kenney or Scheer for that matter give the media what they need to attack? Ezra has obviously taken a different approach so has aligned with Bernier and Fildebrandt and as a result is making attempts to undermine Kenney and Scheer.

I could go on but I think I have given you enough info to establish this and other rebel articles are not designed to report the truth but are in fact national enquirer style reporting for political purposes only.

Watch the immigration speech by Kenney. You can find it on his facebook page. Then watch this rebel video and the one previous by Keean. Watch Ezra’s video comments on this subject. Things might be more clear then. If you simply believe everything that Ezra and Keean say as the gospel truth then that would be a little more than fool hearty on your part. I watched all of these videos. Ezra is saying that Kenney wants to bring low wage earning Somalians and settle them into rural communities. THIS IS FALSE. Kenney mentioned Brooks as a model of how he wants the immigration process to be conducted.

Don’t be fooled by Kenney’s intentions. He does not support islamization, jihadism or violence of any kind. He and the other conservative politicians support a broad tent party and that includes muzlims. That is a separate issue but is being injected into this article and that is another reason why Brooks is being used. It is misleading from the subject of the article which is immigration into rural Alberta.

Just so you know I do not support Kenney’s adamant refusal to recognize the inherent dangers of muzlim immigration. This is a very sensitive area for Kenney so if you want to take a poke at him this would be a good place to start. I will be doing exactly that AFTER he gets elected. It is the ideology of islam that needs to be criticized but Trudeau has taken steps to prevent that with motion M-103. The top priority right now is to get Notley and the communist MLA’s booted out and replaced. The UCP is the only viable option and they are favoured to win approximately 70 seats. The CPC is the only viable option to replace the Liberals. Bernier and Fildebrandt will win next to nothing and their major achievement will be a right wing vote split. That is why I am opposing these national enquirer style articles by the rebel.
commented 2019-03-08 12:36:38 -0500
If children get groped or groomed or raped, parents can’t even go to the police because if they do, the perps will threaten to kill the whole family? If people turn to the police will they do something about it? If the Mayor of what ever rural town, seeded with these incompatible, unassimilated people, won’t even admit to media that an assault happened, then who are people supposed to turn to for protection? How do we protect our women and children?

I read the other day, that a child had picked up a small pipe bomb, just under the rear of his mothers car in their family driveway in an Edmonton subdivision. It did not go off in the child’s hand, thank God. The bomb squad were called and took it out to the cul de sac and blew it up. There is something almost very day now.

Why do our politicians do this? Are they following UN directives already?
I feel bad that Kenney may be the only way to get Notley out. Who would be worse? I don’t know what is happening to my country anymore. I don’t want this to happen. Why can’t they see that this is too many, too fast, from the wrong places, for the wrong reasons? They had to know it was going to cause a sht show.
commented 2019-03-08 12:20:37 -0500
Once again does the troll trash that visits this site have any logical brain function,or is their main objective to distract from the topic at hand.I won’t support any politician that wants to spread their immigrant/globalist agenda,especially when it comes to the un-vetted garbage they want to bring in here!!
commented 2019-03-08 12:15:40 -0500
Good reporting the Facts! Albertans should be vey concerned with what Kenny has stated. Kenny has bought into the Liberal Pie of the Global Compact! As a Conservative he should be very ashamed! He has betrayed confidence of the people of Alberta!
commented 2019-03-08 12:09:28 -0500
ANAT…..I posted on the original article when Kenney made the claim, I said then that he has not talked to the good people of Brooks. These sudanese and somolians have had a profound impact on Brooks and not for the good. Some locals took some matters into their own hands that sent a strong message to these invaders but the numbers are still increasing and will only get worse.
I agree with Glenn, go there and prove this report wrong…….if you have the guts to do it.
commented 2019-03-08 12:00:23 -0500
ALBERTA NDP ARE TOAST commented 18 mins ago
Another twisted rebel article full of disinformation intended to incite people against Kenney. The real purpose of this article is to support Derek Fildebrandt but this information was omitted. I don’t know if Ezra planted the seed on this article but if he did Ezra should be ashamed of himself. If young Keean came up with this idea he should be fired. This is not even close to being a factual and truthful article. It is simply more national enquirer style entertainment concocted for political purposes.

Troll, tell you what….why don’t you take your cell phone , go to Brooks Alberta, and do a rebuttal report….you can blurr your face and voice too…..we will watch and see for ourselves.

But abandon all hope that we are going to be moved by your TROLLING….theREBEL is free to disparage ANY political figure they want…..just like any other media outlet.
commented 2019-03-08 11:52:51 -0500
ALBERTA NDP ARE TOAST commented: “Another twisted rebel article full of disinformation intended to incite people against Kenney……………..”

Slandering somebody for stating factual truth isn’t going to change the reality.
If you think what Keean Bexte is reporting is false then bring up something to counter it otherwise you are just making a fool of yourself because what Jason Kenny said is in record now and Keean is just exposing what maybe JK’s hidden agenda viz. unlimited & unrestricted immigration & flooding our once peaceful rural communities with new arrivals.
Actually JK is just repeating what liberal mohammedan somalian immigration minister Ahmed Hussen disclosed a few weeks ago; liberals have plans to settle a large chunk of new arrivals into rural communities.
commented 2019-03-08 11:50:07 -0500
97 days with no sign of a hammer falling.
commented 2019-03-08 11:49:40 -0500
Another drive-by berating by another troll. I hate to reply to a fishing expedition but here goes: What are the facts on this ANAT? Where did they lie about what they presented? Did they just hire actors to read lines for them? Please enlighten us O learned master.
commented 2019-03-08 11:36:10 -0500
Another twisted rebel article full of disinformation intended to incite people against Kenney. The real purpose of this article is to support Derek Fildebrandt but this information was omitted. I don’t know if Ezra planted the seed on this article but if he did Ezra should be ashamed of himself. If young Keean came up with this idea he should be fired. This is not even close to being a factual and truthful article. It is simply more national enquirer style entertainment concocted for political purposes.
commented 2019-03-08 11:31:24 -0500
We in Alberta need to more than ever stand up and take our province back!!! We need our resources and jobs to flourish and we sure as hell need to put an end to the garbage they are letting into this province. We need to stand together and beat down these Islamic rats and their filth and we need to do it sooner than later!!! I’m not willing to let this province turn into an Islamic shit hole-are you?
commented 2019-03-08 11:30:16 -0500
Actually it sounds like a plan cooked up by Angela Merkel. And. like Merkel, he jas no plans to live among “his people”.

And our federales want to disarm the populace at the same time they are bringing in the cream of the crop.
commented 2019-03-08 11:18:01 -0500
Kenney is leftist loon infiltrator. A CINO if there ever was one. DO NOT vote for this man.
commented 2019-03-08 11:04:47 -0500
Kenny is a loon who’s been in government far to long, and is out of touch with reality.