February 25, 2019

“Build The Wall” banner target for sticky fingered lefties on Florida campus

Rob ShimshockRebel Contributor

Conservative students at the University of Florida followed a thief who took off with her friend and a stolen Build The Wall banner.

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commented 2019-02-26 01:53:48 -0500
I guess I see it differently, that’s an embarrassment for Conservatives. Couldn’t you get a couple girls to start a fight and beat the hell out of them.
Rob, I certainly wouldn’t be proud of that video. Destroy it.
commented 2019-02-25 23:05:52 -0500
So theft is free speech, eh? I’m sure if I tore down a pro-choice or NDP banner, I’d be locked up. But these same leftist lunatics feel they can steal signs they don’t agree with and it’s free speech. Leftists only like free speech if it agrees with their notions. Discenting ideas, so they figure, must be silenced. This shows what hypocrites and pathetic losers they truly are.
commented 2019-02-25 16:31:18 -0500
You’re giving them credit by comparing them to 5 year olds.
These females (can’t quite call them women) are a disgrace to womankind; excuse me, personkind, peoplekind, somekind, whateverkind.
commented 2019-02-25 16:27:59 -0500
Do these brain washed butter cups have any thing to say about the Great Wall of China?