July 23, 2016

Buildings, cars SET ON FIRE in French RIOTS over death of black prisoner

Victor LaszloRebel Commentator

It appears that the Black Lives Matter vector of attack against Classical civilization has reached highly violent levels in France as well as the USA.

According to RT:

Buildings and vehicles were set ablaze in Val-d’Oise, Friday, as clashes continue following the death of Adama Traore, a young black man who died in police custody earlier this week. This is the third night in the row that the area has witnessed violence as anger grows over Traore’s death. 

Here is one with locals discussing the effects:

The rioters must have found the library to be a major contributor to the death of the prisoner in some way.

Below, a 15 minute video on this series of multi-day riots and arson in French.

This looks like a subtle variation on the attacks against police and other politically motivated violence in the US by Marxist and Islamic affiliated groups like Black Lives Matters.

France: Hundreds of police deployed as riots continue in Paris suburb:

The public and officials had better start looking deeper than the excuses given for these events if they want to ever get ahead of them.


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commented 2016-07-25 01:04:50 -0400
Political correctness is just cultural Marxist crap designed to make white people guilt-ridden cowards who won’t resist their own destruction. You can ask any white person what political correctness, diversity, etc. are and they can tell you, but none know where this twisted ideological garbage comes from or what its true purpose is (destruction of white societies). I keep waiting for white people to wake up and realize they have been scammed by traitors. White people and white Christians especially are the target. http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x3iki9m_the-real-truth-about-muslim-refugee-s-migrant-s-asylum-seeker-s_news <<< this is what happens when you let scum into your countrys
commented 2016-07-24 20:23:34 -0400


Why do “devout Muslims” want to have sex with dead wives?

The answer is simple. It is a Muslim’s duty to imitate the actions of their prophet Muhammad. Because Muhammad was a necrophilia freak and BANGED his dead aunt in her grave, the truly devout Muslims feel the need to also practice necrophilia. That is why devout Islamic hardliners want to legalize necrophilia in Egypt.

Apparently, Muhammad was discovered humping the dead corpse of his aunt in the grave when his “companions” started to fill in the grave. His companions were shocked! But Muhammad explained to his companions that he was merely anointing the corpse of his aunt with his “holy spunk” so as to guarantee her passage into paradise.

Here is a printable PDF that you can print out and share with ignorant “Liberals” so they will know what the leftist media doesn’t want you to know about evil Islam.


How on earth can a human get a boner for a dead body? What kind of human can keep an erection for a corpse? Muhammad, the MONSTER can.

Below are more articles on MONSTER MUHAMMAD and his necrophilia perversion.


Islam – The Crimes of Prophet Mohammed

Death-sex: The Legitimate Law of Necrophilia in Islam

Egypt’s women urge MPs not to pass early marriage, sex-after-death laws

Egypt’s Mursi slips on necrophilia


Islamic Teachings about Necrophilia (Sex with Dead Ones)

And here all this time you thought that the monster Muhammad only raped women and children and was a mass murderer of non-Muslims.

Folks, I tell you the truth…If the Koran said to eat pig shit and wash it down with a bowl of camel’s piss, there are Muslims who would actually eat pig shit and drink camel’s piss.


Muslim drinking camel urine as Mohamed said (VIDEO)

Can anybody think of a more satanic, murderous death cult than Islam? If you can, please share your findings with the rest of us.
commented 2016-07-24 19:51:58 -0400
So this is what Trudeau is looking forward to!
commented 2016-07-24 15:56:54 -0400
Marine Le Pen. Where are you now? France has need of you!
commented 2016-07-24 15:56:11 -0400
“Islamic affiliated” Black Lives Matter. SURPRISE! SURPRISE!
commented 2016-07-24 15:38:16 -0400
There is no force or society that makes lives worse and more difficult for black lives…..that threatens the well being of black lives……than the vicious terrorist movement Black Lives Matter. Pure evil.
commented 2016-07-24 15:36:21 -0400
Black Lives Matter is an INTERNATIONAL terrorist movement. It is evil, hateful, and ignorant. This violent social disease must be crushed. Arrest and incarcerate active BLM terrorists. Outlaw any BLM demonstrations. Declare BLM officially and legally an egregiously violent terrorist movement.
commented 2016-07-24 12:31:40 -0400
@ Brian Pinske commented 2 hours ago
All part of the plan… …………………………………………………………….

This IS COMING to N America as well, count on it. With Obama not planning on leaving office and our completely clueless socialist PM, Sept/Oct will be the months to watch.
Many of us have been predicting this for the past few years and been called names for doing so.

Yet at the same time we – the people who feared this action – all hoped we were wrong.

Brian – I still hope we are wrong – but I am thinking more and more that we are not wrong.

Time will tell.

My fear is Trump is assassinated – or an attempt is made upon him that injures him seriously and Obama declares state of emergency and cancels elections.

I hope Trump has excellent security because I will bet someone out there is planning it right now.

Call me a conspiracy theorist – but if this happens all hell will break loose – and there are many who would like this to happen.
commented 2016-07-24 10:20:10 -0400
All part of the plan… Out of chaos comes order… The globalists want chaos so that they can usher in the police state and suspend all ‘rights’ you currently enjoy. Politicals have no desire to stop this and are in fact helping it progress.

This IS COMING to N America as well, count on it. With Obama not planning on leaving office and our completely clueless socialist PM, Sept/Oct will be the months to watch.
commented 2016-07-24 09:35:11 -0400
Laszlo states, “…Islamic affiliated groups like Black Lives Matters.”

Finally, someone calling out the Bacon Lettuce Mayo movement for what it is…a cover for Islamist jihad.
commented 2016-07-24 07:33:52 -0400
France? Could not happen in a better place.

I wonder if they want to buy back some of their old military rifles – never been fired and only dropped once.

So much for multiculturalism – it is only a thin veneer – under neath it is ready to explode and destroy in a micro-second.

Which is why trudeau did it – he knew it will bring Canada down.

And Canadians are too stupid to see it.
commented 2016-07-24 04:24:19 -0400
Riots in France – awesome!!!
commented 2016-07-24 01:50:08 -0400
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM: 31,377 Attacks, 199,322 Killed, 279,956 Injured.
commented 2016-07-24 00:34:20 -0400
Oh victor, you’re just imagining all this – just ask Jay, he/it’ll tell ya so
commented 2016-07-24 00:27:27 -0400
Bugs Potter. Some of the commenters of the Clinton Cash video think that YouTube will try and get rid of the video. I gave it one effort to copy to my desktop but it didn’t work. The more savvy internet users will make sure this video is not scrubbed.

Bill and Hillary better pray that Trump doesn’t get elected as they both could easily land in jail. Chelsea Clinton also works for the Clinton Foundation so the entire family could be headed to the Big House. I would love to see that!
commented 2016-07-24 00:11:55 -0400
NDP SUCKS: I just finished watching this. Everyone needs to see it. Unbelievable, disgusting corruption. #CrookedHillary
commented 2016-07-23 23:46:57 -0400
Off Topic. Link below is a video called Clinton Cash which was published on the internet today by Breitbart. It details how Bill and Hillary are using the Clinton Foundation to receive ‘donated’ funds for political policies and agreements as arranged by Secretary of State Clinton. These involve lease contracts for mining, kickbacks, rogue foreign leader corruption, withholding donations to earthquake relief in Haiti, etc. Bill is heavily involved due to his connection to the UN, his former status as president, huge amounts of money received for speeches and of course his relationship with Hillary. Very interesting and informative.