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Our studio is built and you can now subscribe to premium content TV-style shows by clicking here

October 13 UPDATE - We did it -- but there's just one more thing... WATCH Ezra Levant's "thank you" VIDEO to see how our crowdfunding campaign turned out, and learn about an exciting NEW development in line up:

Here's a two word hint: "Talk show"...

 We're building a real TV studio, and we need your help!

Since we started in February we have produced more than 1,500 short video clips. They've been a huge hit, with millions of views.

But we need to take the next step: a real studio (indoors!) where we can do hour-long TV shows. Over time, we'll create a whole line-up of prime time TV shows. The studio is the key do it all.

We've found a way to build it very economically, using "green screen" technology to make a small room look like a million-dollar space. But we still need your help.

Will you help us build The Rebel? Here's our plan:

You can literally help us build the studio -- brick by brick!

For every donation of $42.50, we will put up one symbolic brick with your name on it throughout the studio.

UPDATE: The outside bricks are ALL GONE - but don't worry every donation of $42.50 to any other item will get your name on the studio as well.

UPDATE: Our exterior studio bricks are ALL GONE. Now you can purchase symbolic bricks on the interior of the studio as well. Those interior bricks are also $42.50 each or two for $85.

There are 14 cornerstones too, for $1,500 each. UPDATE: Our Cornerstones are completely gone -- thank you! We do have foundation stones available, for $1,250 each -- please see below. 

For every donation over $1000.00, you will get a personal phone call from either Ezra or Brian. 

We're so grateful for your support. The Rebel has only gotten this far because of your help, encouragement, and generosity. Thank you once again for helping us grow!

You can also donate by cheque to help build our dream.

Please make it payable to "TheRebel" and send it to:

The Rebel
PO Box 1082, 31 Adelaide St E
Toronto, ON M5C 2K4

And don't forget to put "studio" in the memo section! 

Thanks for your support!

Foundation Stone

Goal: $55,000.00

Like a brick but better. Not as large as a cornerstone, but these foundation stones will be placed along the base of the studio. There is only room for forty four of the foundation stones  - and one can be yours for $1,250. 

$29,500.00 raised
Help Fund A Foundation Stone


Goal: $28,248.86

The Tricaster is a one-man control room. At Sun News, there were up to six different people operating cameras, sound, graphics -- but the Tricaster lets us do it all with just one person at the controls!

$23,094.86 raised
Help Fund The Tricaster

Studio Sponsor

Goal: $30,000.00

If you or your company want to be the title sponsor for the entire studio itself and have Ezra introduce the show as coming from the studio bearing your name – you or your company can sponsor that for $30,000. It will be great advertising for you and your company for a full year. If you're interested, please email our Advertising Director at 

Intercom Headsets

Goal: $5,621.87

A well-run show depends on everyone being able to communicate with each other, even in the middle of an interview! The intercom headsets allow the producer and one-man control room to talk to Ezra throughout the show.

$2,310.00 raised
Help Fund Intercom Headsets

Reuters Photo Subscription

Goal: $5,870.45

Reuters is a company that provides journalists with photos from around the world within minutes of news events. A subscription for 100 images per month is $1000USD but a subscription for 600 images per month is $4500USD ($5870.45CAD). 

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commented 2016-05-17 09:04:03 -0400
Good luck! Sounds like it’s going to be great. Can’t wait to see the results.

I came to the site thinking you were hiring. I do motion graphics.