June 09, 2016

Businesses going bust: Effects of Calgary’s soaring property tax hikes begin to show

Holly NicholasRebel Commentator

Several businesses in Calgary are shutting their doors in the face of, in some cases, property tax hikes of over 50%.

Some City Council members point the finger at the provincial government for increasing the educational property tax by 10.2%, but it’s pretty clear that the city’s hands aren’t clean either when it comes to soaring rates.

City Council has increased property taxes three times faster than the inflation rate from 2005 to 2015 and taxes have gone up 181% within the same time frame according to the Canadian Taxpayers Federation. Stats Canada reports the Consumer Price Index at 1.6%, while under Mayor Nenshi, property taxes have increased an average of 7.6% per year.

And now, taxes are about to get worse for Albertans with the implementation of the carbon tax. This includes municipal fees that the city will have to offset by charging us more – for everything.

There are no good outcomes in government overtaxation and it’s counter intuitive. This scenario never works out well. Increasing taxes actually results in lower tax revenues because businesses go bankrupt, which also results in lost jobs. Add to this the problem of foreclosures that can result in evictions and homelessness which can then result in increases in poverty and crime. It’s a vicious cycle.

City spending is out of control and can be cut instead of taking more money out of the pockets of citizens, especially at a time when the province’s economy is suffering and people can afford hikes the least.

It’s clear that in Alberta, with so many unemployed and struggling to stay above water, the focus should be on reducing government spending and not passing the cost of careless decision making on to citizens.

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commented 2016-06-10 19:22:51 -0400
The muslim mayor of Calgary, like his counterparts in 1930’s Nazi Germany believes that businesses are owned by Jews and therefore must be punished into extinction. This could be part of what is at play here!
commented 2016-06-10 12:42:24 -0400
It has long been the mission of Progressivist-Sodomites in Canada to wreck Calgary and remove it from existence. For them, it is the most American of Canadian cities, so why not get rid of it?

Once the exodus from Calgary – indeed all of Alberta begins – you will realize that this is the end of the beginning to shutter Alberta.
commented 2016-06-10 11:32:39 -0400
It’s both Nenshi and the NDP, working together to destroy all business, with the exception of those they have deemed to be prosperous. I never voted for Nenshi, the destroyer and never would. The problem is that people don’t want to get off their butts and take a few minutes to go and vote. Not to mention the MSM is constantly fanning Nenshi’s ego, like he’s some type of god. He’s a socialist, born and bred!
commented 2016-06-10 11:11:04 -0400
Don’t point the finger at the commies in Redmonton, this is all the result of Calgarians electing a klepto-Marxist as mayor – chew hard on the result and learn from the lesson – or will you? Think hard, Calgary could become the first western peto center to see a head office migration to points east and west – think about it, but most of all think before you vote again.

Frik, I miss Ralph!
commented 2016-06-10 10:25:27 -0400
Why are people complaining about the destructive nature of the NDP? The NDP are doing exactly what they were elected to do. The Ontario Liberals are also doing a spectacular job of putting us into a giant debt sink hole. And with JT at the helm, we should blow through to China in no time.
commented 2016-06-10 09:00:58 -0400
Peter Netterville asks: “Will the socialists ever learn?”

No. Not ever. Leftism is a disease of the mind causing arrogance and self entitlement!
commented 2016-06-10 02:56:59 -0400
Come on everyone can’t you see what a great Utopia socialists create for us people, we get to be slaves with no hope and no choice in our lives, isn’t that what freedom is? LMAO!
commented 2016-06-10 00:02:03 -0400
Don’t you just love the economic practices of the entitled left? When are the citizens of Calgary going to march on City Hall with a rail, some feathers and a bucket of tar.?
commented 2016-06-09 23:45:13 -0400
The NDP hate small business, or any business for that matter, because those businesses provide jobs for people in the private sector. This attack is meant to kill off all business, to destroy wealth and prosperity, and throw us all into poverty. These are very sick people who can watch their fellow man starve to death, while they live high on the hog, and waste money on foolish things, that don’t help anyone, but them and their friends. They’re a bunch of psychopaths who get off on hurting and destroying those whom they envy! And this envy is now global, so the dominos are starting to fall. This isn’t just an attack on Calgary, and AB, this is a global attack. We can’t afford all the faux refugees, but they will never be without, because they are trying to destroy us from within, by collapsing our economy, and our way of life.
commented 2016-06-09 23:19:04 -0400
The ONLY possible bright spot….now that the bloom is off the rose (so to speak) and with money harder and harder to get to pay for designer bridges, giant blue cock rings, unnecessary bike lanes that have to be maintained for the use of a tiny minority, and art for sewage treatment plants…it may be the Purple Pudge will cynically decide it’s a “good” time to enter federal politics. Too hard to make the cuts necessary, so just move on to where there’s more money to spend.

If we could lose that 300 pound sack of potatoes it would be a victory, nevertheless.
commented 2016-06-09 22:55:26 -0400
That would make too much sense Holly.
commented 2016-06-09 21:55:14 -0400
Thanks for connecting all the relating consequences HOLLY
PETER asked how they could be so stupid ect , well each individual part is only in it for the short haul
commented 2016-06-09 21:54:22 -0400
Socialists can’t learn anything because they already know everything. And they ignore or discount all demonstrable failures. You see it was a people failure not a system failure. All we need is different people and socialism will work just fine.
But it never has and never will because it drives individualism , creativity and initiative out of society. The anecdotal by NDP Sucks is a case study in the futility of over taxation. When you confiscate all the resources of one to give it to another ,it leads to system failure.
So out west we have Calgary increasing taxes, We have the Province of Alberta raising taxes. The feds are going to raise taxes. That means severely reduced disposable income for most families. That means a reduction in standard of living and a collapsing economy.
And somebody elected all these tax hungry socialist/Marxists . Idiots all.
commented 2016-06-09 21:08:46 -0400
Of course the mayor and councillors and alderman all got nice increases I’m sure!
They want to ruin the country so they can turn it over to the MUSLIBS!

commented 2016-06-09 20:44:27 -0400
After sixteen years in business one particular restaurant is closing its doors at the end of this month. After fighting a tax increase of approximately 90% last year the owner fought and won but it still cost him $34,000. There is another tax increase this year and the owner couldn’t handle the cost and is packing it in. City of Calgary also hurt his customer base by turning the parking space along the street into a bicycle lane. Nenshi’s appetite for tax revenue is insatiable along with his expensive socialist ideas that nobody really wants.
commented 2016-06-09 20:31:28 -0400
Yes, Peter, they will learn. But the only way they learn is from prolonged personal pain. So the bozos who keep voting this left wing rabble in now have the opportunity to suffer. It will be likewise federally and in every province where people want to vote in Santa Claus who promises to give lots of free stuff. As Ernest Manning said so long ago, “If the people haven’t suffered enough it is there God given right to suffer some more”. Keep on voting for that left and enjoy the pain.
commented 2016-06-09 20:17:23 -0400
“…with so many unemployed and struggling to stay above water, the focus should be on reducing government spending and not passing the cost of careless decision making on to citizens.”

That’s not the socialist way, get with the program! The socialist mantra is – tax then spend, then tax some more then spend more. They do not care about ordinary citizens, the public sector gets their guaranteed increases, perks, and job security, that is all that matters to the them.
commented 2016-06-09 19:37:02 -0400
The aim of these Marxist Scum is to, not only ruin the Province but to ruin the whole Country. Once they have destroyed every thing, then they will call on the joys of Nationalization,
commented 2016-06-09 19:20:42 -0400
Socialists, especially the NDP socialists, are too stupid to grasp that raising taxes in every which way does not increase revenue for long but quickly destroys the base upon which they extract their taxes.

Will the socialists ever learn?
commented 2016-06-09 19:19:57 -0400
Too much credit is given to public officials. This is NOT a mistake! It is deliberate!