Tell Justin Trudeau to stop his sky-bender on the public dime!

Andrew LawtonRebel Commentator

POLL RESULTS: Most Canadians “disappointed,” “angry” about Trudeau's air bender:

Our poll results are in and they reveal that most Canadians are not pleased with Trudeau forcing them to pick up his tab! 

From Bev Oda's $16 glass of orange juice to Marie-Claude Bibeau's $17.77 Jamba Juice order, we know that entitlement reigns supreme among Canada's political elites.

They have expense accounts and aren't afraid to use them.

During Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's first major international trip -- to Malta, France and the United Kingdom last November -- that mentality extended to lofty bar tabs.

Through documents obtained exclusively by The Rebel under Access to Information, we saw that taxpayers footed the bill for $1,381.85 in beer and wine expenses for the plane ride alone.

The bulk of that -- $1,182.90 -- was for 39 bottles of wine ranging in price from $11.55 to $28.00 a bottle.

It's not about the money, though. It's about whether these in-air bar purchases help our elected officials represent us abroad.

They don't, which is why we want to send a message to government officials that they need to pay for their own booze purchases like the rest of us do.

Please sign the petition below if you agree! 

But that's not all.

We also want to put a poll everyday Canadians so we can know how they feel about this. This will further help us tell the government to stop the practice of billing their luxury items to the taxpayers.

Polls are expensive, so we need your help to commission one. Please click here if you want to donate to our poll.

Here is an expense list from the Access to Information request: 

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Politicians and their staffers should have to purchase their own alcohol and luxury items. Bar tabs should not be charged to the taxpayers. 

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