September 29, 2015

By not airing the Munk Debate, did CBC violate the Broadcasting Act?

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

Why didn't the CBC air last night's Munk Debate, in which the three party leaders discussed foreign policy?

It's a shame, because it was a terrific debate, on urgent topics that are extremely important to Canada's future.

Here at The Rebel, we live-streamed the debate.

The Munk Centre generously made the feed available to everyone, so it's not like the CBC can say they couldn't afford it!

Yet these are the same people who take over $1 billion of our tax dollars a year because, they keep telling us, they are an essential public service.

This isn't just a moral issue -- it's a legal one. WATCH while I explain...



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commented 2015-10-02 09:06:54 -0400
Jimminy Crickets! Resorting to profanity again! How unprofessional! Funny (not) how lefties always resort to profanity when they are losing an argument………………IMO!
commented 2015-10-02 01:12:44 -0400

It’s an OPINION piece – same as Ezra’s and from The Toronto Sun for fuck sake. The National Enquirer is more reputable.
commented 2015-10-02 01:05:54 -0400
copy news from toronto sun again!
commented 2015-10-01 20:57:22 -0400

I don’t control the speed of their responses, jackass. When I get I response – I will post it.
commented 2015-10-01 20:43:20 -0400
Chirp, Chirp, Chirp! Jimminy Crickets! Chirp? Chirp? Chirp? Munk reply? It’s over a day……..
commented 2015-10-01 15:38:27 -0400

CBC didn’t “choose” anything – they couldn’t broadcast the debate on television and stated exactly that.

Jay is absolutely right.

But let’s be honest here – you are one of the extreme conservatives that I talk about it here and typically believe in the most crazy shit, so your position here of just blindly believing Ezra is not surprising.
commented 2015-10-01 15:08:48 -0400
LOL Jimmy you moron they chose not to broad cast. They were allowed to.
commented 2015-10-01 15:07:56 -0400
Yes they could have for free. They chose not to. Look into it before claiming Ezra Levant is lying you pos!
commented 2015-10-01 14:59:53 -0400
The bottom line is that this post by Ezra Levant is dishonest. CBC, CTV, Global, City could not have broadcast the debate if they had wanted to. They had no legal arrangement to do so. YouTube is not bound by broadcast laws in Canada, that is why you can watch an episode of Gilligan’s Island on YouTube but none of the broadcasters in Canada could show it without entering a legal contract and paying for the rights.
commented 2015-10-01 13:45:21 -0400

Except we weren’t wrong at all – either about the CBC not being able to air the debate or about violating the broadcast act, but clearly you are a mindless sheep that laps up Ezra’s every load.
commented 2015-10-01 08:55:17 -0400
Jimmy and Terry the moron twins. Jumped on to calling Ezra a liar pretty quick didn’t you you two fools….. Well you were completely wrong in a way you two are the liars making statements and knowing you have none of the facts. Well you are both wrong the CBC chose not to air the debates. LOL you both continue to look like idiots. That is pretty typical for whacko lefties like you though, making statements and calling people liars on a ridiculous assumption. I hope you two are ashamed of yourselves, I doubt it though you socialists have no shame.
commented 2015-09-30 20:04:29 -0400

When I get a response – I will post it. Nonetheless, CBC clarified it themselves and they didn’t have to.
commented 2015-09-30 19:21:20 -0400
Curious this material has been up on You Tube for over a day now. If there were license/regulation concerns, this would not have happened. I tend to agree with Zee on this one. It is a case of the Socialist “Consortium” Media having a collective Snit Fit, because they could not control the messaging! Hence they chose to do nothing and ignore the dabate hoping that no one would notice so they could continue spewing their vile against the current Government! Y’know, the same “Consortium” that vowed to thwart PMSH and the Conservatives at every opportunity!
commented 2015-09-30 18:19:15 -0400
Still nothing from Jimmy Cricket.
commented 2015-09-30 15:42:09 -0400

The CBC didn’t have to say anything at all. The only one making an issue out of this is Ezra and his minions

Yes, please – ignore me. I only time for a certain number of batshit crazy conservatives.
commented 2015-09-30 15:32:58 -0400
Oh well, then, duh if cbc clarified it , it must be true. NOT. If anything they are just trying to cover their asses. Tell me, do you have to work at being willfully ignorant, or is it something that comes naturally to liberals. Don’t bother answering, I won’t be reading any more of your posts. I do wish we had the option of blocking.
commented 2015-09-30 12:57:38 -0400

Nonetheless – CBC already clarified the situation.
commented 2015-09-30 12:56:43 -0400

I am still waiting as well – sent the email again.

Keep in mind that we are making the assumption that Guy’s email was real. If they responded to him, they should respond to me as well.
commented 2015-09-30 12:39:01 -0400
Jimmy, still waiting for that reply from Munk to your “proper context” question.
commented 2015-09-30 12:08:12 -0400
If CBC had aired the Munk Debate, I would not have watched their version anyway. All that would have happened is their self-absorbed, low information talking heads would have kept breaking away to offer their pointless “analysis” like the colour commentators do in the middle of a sports play; and missing part of the debate as a result.

Live internet streaming is the only way to go; that is how I’ll be watching the election, certainly not through CBC.
commented 2015-09-30 11:36:11 -0400

I have clearly stated the facts as to why the CBC hasn’t carried any of the debates – which CBC themselves have backed up. Your assumptions, speculations and hatred for the CBC are completely irrelevant.

And yes we know, the CBC MUST be lying.
commented 2015-09-30 08:12:31 -0400
Jimmy, you post re: 9 hours ago, “So then this is absolute bullshit – “the reality is that there is no legal reason why the CBC could not have broadcast the debate”, since you don’t know the reality and are simply making an assumption – despite even CBC clarifying the situation.”

Load of shit Jimmy. You are twisting my words like a good lying leftist. You asked me to prove why “CHCH of all channels – was the only one to carry the debate beyond CPAC on TELEVISION,”

and then when I tell you do not know why CHCH was the only one, you come back with why I said the CBC did not broadcast it.

Here is the flaw in your “logic” Jimmy: You assume that because the CHCH was the only one to broadcast the debate then the CBC could not because if it was legal to do so, they would have. There is the flaw, assuming that the CBC would have if they could have. But far be it for me, a lowly conservative, to point of the flaw in the mighty Jimmy’s twisted logic.

Thanks for coming out and posting your stupidity, Jimmy. We all have a good laugh at the garbage you post.
commented 2015-09-30 07:08:04 -0400
Glenn: No, the internet is not part of the Broadcast Act, which is why Ezra’s drivel is even egregiously stupid and dishonest. Its main purpose is to set out a framework for the regulatory system, and to mandate a hybrid public/private system. “Violations”, to the extent they could occur, would most likely be a failure to comply with an individual licensee’s promise of performance.

You commented on “those who use the CBC as their window on the world and never critically evaluate what it’s pundits have to say.” I think perhaps you might point that lens at Rebel readers as well. It’s funny: when I point out something like this – for example ,that a lawyer/former broadcaster is using his position to imply something about a media rival he KNOWS to be untrue – an appropriate reaction would be “yep,. that’s shoddy”, not shots at the messenger.
commented 2015-09-30 05:20:02 -0400
Personally I am glad that the CBC and the Media Party were kept out of it…..we got some quality and some neutral moderation for a change.

I doubt that any outcome would be different in terms of persuasion of those who use the CBC as their window on the world and never critically evaluate what it’s pundits have to say.

I looked up the Broadcasting Act and started reading some of the policies and regulations….and frankly I am confused as to what …if anything…would ever constitute a violation other than unauthorized and unlicensed use of the frequencies in the broadcast band.

Is the internet part of these regulations? I thought it was more like a phone network.
commented 2015-09-30 02:22:22 -0400
The disgraceful despicable CBC showed Canadians what they really think of us when they ‘declined’ to broadcast the leaders debate. No need to confuse the peasants with information. Just feed them some more CBC tripe.
commented 2015-09-30 02:19:26 -0400
The disgraceful despicable CBC is nothing but a high-priced AGW-socialism club paid by taxpayers to the tune of $1,000,000,000 per year of our money, and they wouldn’t even broadcast an important pre-election debate three weeks before the election. Why? Because they knew Stephen Harper would win it hands down, as in fact he did.
commented 2015-09-30 01:59:19 -0400
msm in a huge snit cuz they couldn’t get control of the debate…
commented 2015-09-30 01:51:57 -0400
It’s done. But it does speak to the CBC’s priorities. I’m not sure about the Broadcasting Act—it’s moot now, and there are some good points in the comments here suggesting no such thing happened. The bigger fail is the fact that the CBC failed to secure the rights ahead of time, and considering the comments below (in all fairness), it would not have been that difficult. In fact the debate was on youtube in less than 24 hours (though I again I confess I don’t know the laws on such things). It is a fail for the CBC. Did they break a law? I don’t know—-I don’t care: lawyers are the bane of common sense on matters such a these. The debate is DONE. Why not focus on the content? Or perhaps the media IS the message after all.
commented 2015-09-30 00:54:21 -0400
I don’t like the cbc. I really think that Canadian taxpayers should no longer be forced to pay to support it. You don’t have to be very bright to see the bias when watching the state broadcaster. It is very frustrating and quite frankly embarrassing.
I don’t know how strong a legal case could be made against the cbc for not fulfilling its mandate by not showing the Munk debate. It certainly seems reasonable to expect that they should have broadcast the debate based on the mandate the cbc has.
When it comes right down to it I guess I don’t care much about whether the cbc should have carried the debate. I do care about stopping the money that comes from tax payers to fund this corporation that ostensibly broadcasts for Canadians.