November 08, 2018

Cabinet Reviews May’s EU Deal, Davis Says it Won’t Pass Through Commons

Jack BuckbyRebel Contributor

Cabinet ministers were invited to read the draft deal with the EU yesterday. The deal is believed to include controversial new measures that would keep the UK within the Customs Union for a period of time, which helps resolve some of the problems surrounding Ireland.

Environment Secretary, Michael Gove, after seeing the incomplete agreement, told Sky News that it was a “great document.” Though, he would, wouldn’t he?

May seems to be really upping the ante, preparing for a deal in a few weeks’ time. She’s reportedly also reaching out to Angela Merkel, who believes that avoiding No Deal is in the interest of Germany, to try and finalize the nearly-complete deal. The Prime Minister spoke with the German chancellor on Tuesday night, in an effort to complete the deal before next Monday when a summit to finalize the deal will hopefully be called.

The deal all rests on whether Parliament will even vote for the deal, though. Tory back-bencher, Jacob Rees-Mogg, told ITV journalist, Robert Peston, that if the Brexit deal involves any extension to the Customs Union, then he will vote against it. You can bet that the membership of the European Research Group – as many as 80 Tory MPs – will also vote against it.

Former Brexit Secretary David Davis also believes that opposition to the deal will be so great that MPs will probably vote against it. He told BBC Radio Four that he believed a defeat in the Commons would mean the UK and EU would agree on a better deal, and that the UK already has “hundreds” of plans ready in case the UK leaves the EU without a deal. There might be “some hiccups,” he said, but the UK is a big country and “we can look after ourselves.” Which is certainly nice to hear.

I just can’t help but wonder why the government, if it’s true they have hundreds of plans in place, haven’t been considering the benefits of leaving without a deal this whole time.

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commented 2018-11-11 06:19:35 -0500
So Jo Johnson (Boris Johnson’s brother) has now resigned from the Tory Cabinet, denouncing May’s plan, and calling for a second EU referendum. Another prominent Tory (ex Cabinet minister Justine Greening) today calls for a second EU referendum, saying that Theresa May’s plan would leave the UK tied indefinitely to the EU’s economic systems but with no say over the rules that govern them. As a result, rather than seizing back control from Brussels, May’s plan would do the reverse and leave the UK with less power. May’s plan amounts to a massive “sovereignty giveaway”.
And I agree with Justine Greening.
What May proposes is nothing like what I voted for when I voted Leave. May is attempting a massive betrayal of the British people who voted to seize back Britain’s sovereignty. Her treachery is of an astonishing extent, even for a Tory leader.
I resisted backing calls for a second referendum for a long time, but no more. We need a referendum that presents to us the options now on the table: ranging from the total withdrawal from the EU and all its economic systems (favoured by Tories such as Jacob Rees-Mogg and Boris Johnson, and for which I, and most Leave voters, voted), through May’s treacherous plan, to the Remainers’ proposal of ditching the entire idea of quitting the EU.
commented 2018-11-09 00:56:50 -0500
Jack reported that Theresa May has been reaching out to Angela Merkel in an effort to complete the deal.
commented 2018-11-08 20:19:46 -0500
The dead wood is at the top, Theresa May the Luddite Theresa May the Remainer and last but not least Theresa May the Traitor. This Marxist Whore never had any intention of leaving the EU just delay delay delay until it times out.

I have never seen Politics so dirty as Theresa May’s kind…The lynch mob awaits.