September 21, 2015

Caldwell vs. Mayweather, Carly vs. Trump, and the Left vs. Science

Theo CaldwellArchive

In this especially remonstrative broadcast, I take on all comers. 

First up is Floyd "Money" Mayweather, who has announced his intention to retire without fighting one of the great caucasian welterweights of‎ this or any generation - me.

Warming to my theme, I reissue my challenges to Usain Bolt and Pope Francis, as I am eager to race and/or debate either one of them. I contemplate the pearl-clutching over Donald Trump's latest comments, particularly about Carly Fiorina, noting that male politicians have their looks mocked all the time - often with excellent reason.

In a radio first, I say good things about Air Canada, give an update on my nascent public school parenting adventure, and circle back to the "climate change" hysterics from our last episode.

Put 'em up, gentle listener.


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