March 27, 2019

NDP candidate expresses cult-like adoration for “Mother of Humanity” Rachel Notley

Sheila Gunn ReidRebel Host | The Gunn Show

We are adding another entry to our “Meet Your Destroyers” catalogue of NDP candidates and MLAs. Taking a break from the seriousness of it all, today we’re bringing you an example of the absurd.

One of the NDP’s best and brightest in that category is Gulshan Akter, NDP candidate for Calgary West.

Akter is a new Canadian from Bangladesh who works in healthcare. On paper, she seems like a smart lady who’s just ideologically wrong. Or so, I would normally conclude.

But now I’m not so sure. After going through her Facebook posts, she seems like less of a political candidate and more of a …. cult member.

Watch as I take you through some of her greatest hits, which includes gushingly referring to Premier Notley as a “Mother of humanity.”

Akter isn't just weirdly obsessed with the mother Notley either. She has a bit of a thing for Trudeau as well, and referred to him as a “father of humanity.”

Add to it that she’s a fan of Alberta’s inept Finance Minister Joe Ceci, and I think it’s fair to ask how we’re supposed to trust the NDP to hold the feds to account for how they’re failing Alberta?

It all sounds very North Korea and cult-like but then again, the NDP don’t want any independent thinkers in their midst. One might accidentally go rogue and spill the beans about the NDP MLAs who are being re-educated for sexual impropriety.

So, while Gulshan Akter appears to be brainwashed, just one pair of orange pajamas away from a farewell party for a comet, she is probably the perfect NDP candidate.

Here's hoping after Akter loses April 16th, she can get the help she needs.

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commented 2019-03-29 15:48:44 -0400
Doug McGoldrick, I’m on your side. I’ve just had enough of the “blame game”, based on the Province one lives in.. As for Ontario’s economy? In my case, this is irrelevant.. I’m retired, so I do not have to pay off Ontario’s debt.. CPP is Federal, and so is OAS… Let’s let the young Liberal/SJW/Socialists of Ontario pay for it..:) In fact, if I choose to spend my Summers in Canada, I can live anywhere.. If Alberta takes off and becomes what it once was, then I just might spend my Summers there. Right now, I’ll take Ontario because at this time we are ahead of the game.. And that is what’s nice about being Canadian.. The options are endless and I can take up Residence anywhere as I see fit… I gained that knowledge from a lifetime of travels across this amazing Country, including 5 years in the High Arctic, from Baffin Island to the Yukon.. As for Gas Prices, go to Gas Buddy to compare the prices across Provinces.. I filled my car up yesterday, and I’m still quite pleased with the price here in Southern Ontario. Also, check out Numbeo, on Cost Of Living between Cities across Canada. Hamilton is not only lower than Calgary, it also beats out Halifax… A lot of people do not know this… But, I do… So. we’re on the same side.. Unfortunately, far too many Albertans do not see it that way.. Regionalism!!
commented 2019-03-28 20:03:45 -0400
Robert Sloane,

You seem awfully smug about Alberta’s economy going for a sh-t but remember that in Ontario debt service is the third most expensive item in the budget. I don’t think Alberta has that problem. Also the recent increase in gas prices along with “Sunny ways” carbon tax I believe there may be a recession of sorts in Ontario. All Alberta needs to succeed is a Kenney government in Alberta and a Scheer government in Canada. I am sure that the first move by Scheer will be to take the handcuffs off of the oil industry. Alberta’s economy will immediately improve. If not Quebec will not get any more welfare payments.
commented 2019-03-28 19:54:08 -0400
To Ron Joseph, your figures should be enough to show everyone that voting for anyone on the left is a BAD idea!
commented 2019-03-28 19:43:10 -0400
I seriously doubt that the NDP will continue with Alberta’s practice of keeping the same Party in government for decades. They’ll be lucky if they aren’t lynched before the election.
commented 2019-03-28 15:10:10 -0400
Wow.. I just watched this again, for the third time.. Yikes!! You Albertans are in trouble.. I spelled that right this time, C. White… Or, maybe not… Anyway, you Albertans could Emigrate.. You know, get out while you can? Answer me this one question.. How does a proud Province (and it’s Citizens), sell it’s own out? You have the right to Vote.. What happened? Who’s fault is it? And, please do not go blaming Ontario and the East for your own choices… We had nothing to do with it… Your Vote.. Your Choice… And yes, Mother Teresa was a Saint..
commented 2019-03-28 14:09:28 -0400
The NDP attacking Mother Teresa was a new low for the NDP. I think this is why she is calling Notley the mother of humanity. There is no comparison at all. Mother Teresa loved people, especially the poor, and Notley hates them!
commented 2019-03-28 13:40:39 -0400
Notley is the mother of humanity? Oh. Ok I get it now. It’s the same kind of idea as in a toddler’s fairy tale, all fuzzy and warm and filled with dreamy imaginative characters with no cares or worries about tomorrow.
commented 2019-03-28 13:32:36 -0400
George Luck, now that I have finished my Rant, I will say that your Client is in his/her full right to pursue legal action against “The Rebel” for their outlandish content in said Internet Blog.. Should your Client wish to proceed, I would recommend a “Class Action”.. There are more of us…
commented 2019-03-28 13:15:41 -0400
Dan Mancuso, that was hilarious… Well done, and made my day.. Thank you.. Ron Joseph, I agree.. Am seriously considering moving to the Tropics permanently.. I would be joining many other Canadians that have done the same.. I do talk to them often. I can do it financially and I owe nothing to anyone, including Government.. In fact, they’re now giving me some of my money back.. Not bad for a guy that started life all over again at age 55, with nothing.. If things go downhill in BC, do think about getting out.. There are so many warm and welcoming Countries to choose from.. Top notch “affordable” Health Care. Fresh fruit, veggies and fish/meat all year long, and good People… Alberta Maga, yes Ontario is booming.. I’ve been too, lived and or worked in every Province and Territory in Canada over my years.. I left Ontario in ‘88 for the East Coast. I lived there for 25 years. 25 years too long.. Moved back to Ontario 6 years ago, and everyone that wants to work, can find work here.. I’m career retired now, but If I do choose to spend my Summers in Canada, it will definitely be Ontario.. Ontario sucked in the 80’s. Whites got the kybosh in those days (with Diversity/Affirmative Action and all), but things have changed.. Regionalism seems to be alive and well in Alberta. It is also very much still alive in the Maritimes.. Newfoundland still tops the charts though.. Ontario is different now.. Even this aging White Male can find work.. I just may write a book someday, on my experiences with Regionalism in Canada. It’s scary to know that so many Canadians despise each other, just by where they live.. And there’s no reason for it.. With Quebec, it was about the French/English thing.. But what’s with English Canada going at each other?
commented 2019-03-28 10:45:07 -0400
I am writing to you concerning an incident that occurred this morning, initiated by the outlandish content of your internet blog, “The Rebel”, that caused my client to suffer a loss, in terms of the value of one now destroyed lap top and grievous personal injury in terms of a large quantity of tea which was projected from client’s nosal and mouthal areas and onto / into said laptop, causing said device to stop functioning. The publication of headlines / articles such as today’s ““Mother of Humanity” Rachel Notley” constitute a danger to the Canadian public in that they can and demonstrably do, inspire ill timed, explosive laughter accompanied by the associated expulsion of the contents of the afore mentioned ‘mouthal areas’ as well as the also afore mentioned ‘nosal area’.
Pending your written apology and your personal guarantee that no further headlines / articles will appear on your blog we will pursue no further action on my client’s behalf. Should you not reply within a reasonable time (‘reasonable’ to be defined by client) we will be forced to inundate you with further letters containing ‘legalese’ language that will include numerous, very long, unpunctuated, run-on sentences.
commented 2019-03-28 06:06:49 -0400
To be fair about this, Gulshan Akter is probably a better candidate than at least a third of what is currently sitting in the NDP caucus in the Alberta Legislature.
commented 2019-03-28 03:32:03 -0400
Oh Jeez!… Do I really have to get off my 76-year old ass to start printing FLUSH NOTLEY lawnsigns for Albertans??? And I live in British Columbia!!!
commented 2019-03-28 02:38:03 -0400
Why do these NDPukes always look so smug and self satisfied like they are benevolent gods we peasants worship? Hate to tell you socialist pigs , people despise you.
commented 2019-03-28 02:36:15 -0400
Ontario is booming?? LMAO! Yeah sure.
commented 2019-03-28 01:41:44 -0400
Speaking to a gentleman the other day who has family in Calgary… He told me Calgary is a fallen city.. much like Vancouver but different.
commented 2019-03-28 00:18:29 -0400
ROBERT SLOANE….You might be better off to stay in the Tropics, as the bill collectors are coming to Ontario, the most indebted place in the world. (debt per person.)
Ontario owes 312 Billion according to this National Post article.
My home is safe as BC only owes 76 Billion; however that could change with the NDP at the helm.
commented 2019-03-28 00:00:29 -0400
In the red corner we have Gushing ‘Bad’ Akter, weighing in at 187 lbs, with 2 wins by KO, 2 losses.
In the blue corner we have Rosey ‘The Tart’ Barton, weighing in at 179 lbs, 1 win by TKO, 3 losses.
Shake hands and come out fightin’. May the best man win…
Gee, I don’t know who’d win.
Gushing ‘Bad’ is pretty durn chunky for a Bangladeshi, probably a good scrapper around dinner time at the trough, but that ‘Tart’ Rosey, she’s been around for a long time, and right down in the gutter with the pols…
It’d likely be a good scrap, especially bareknuckle!
commented 2019-03-27 23:31:52 -0400
C. White… Have you ever noticed that what you write, changes over time? I mean, you could be dead on precise on everything you say, but a few hours later, there is a misspelled word? You can go over your words a thousand times (but for some unknown reason), and right out of the blue…. A misspelled word.. The Rebel just did it to me, again.. Bad move, Rebel…
commented 2019-03-27 22:08:17 -0400
Allu Akter!!
commented 2019-03-27 22:02:18 -0400
Notley is probably using MK Ultra tactics with her filthy cult of sheep!!
commented 2019-03-27 21:37:33 -0400
Oh the joys of Socialism rear their ugly head but Notley and her Motley Crew will soon be politically dead. Let us Prey….Not ‘for’ her, ‘on’ her.
commented 2019-03-27 21:35:23 -0400
C. White…
Pocessive? Really? That’s all you’ve got? Best check your spelling on that one.. And you are correct, I should have said “Albertans”… But, that does not take away the truth of the situation you Albertans find yourselves in.. Odd too (aka: also), that some lame American English Computerized Correction System of our language seems to always mess things up? No prob’s… We here in Ontario figured it out.. And that is why we are way ahead of the game… In America, they call the Arctic, the Artic… Go figure… Hey, look at Trudeau.. He became PM, even though he cannot form a complete sentence.. But, hey… Lump him in with all Ontarions.. Did I spell “Ontarions” correctly? Because it’s underlined in RED, so it has to be wrong, right? Do you have anything more to say, on Grammar? I din’t think so.. Have a nice day…:)
commented 2019-03-27 19:43:56 -0400
It sounds like the shortwave broadcasts I heard from North Korea. Does this woman realize how crazy she sounds? I highly doubt it. Let’s hope nobody erects a statue of Notley and renames the area north of the legislature building Notley Square.
commented 2019-03-27 19:21:52 -0400

For your fourth word in your post, it should be “Albertans” and not “Albertan’s” as you wrote. You see, your spelling is pocessive, but your context is plural. But then that is the faulty education system in Ontario, not your fault.
commented 2019-03-27 19:04:28 -0400
Waiting to hear Albertan’s trashing every Province East of Manitoba.. I bet I do not have to wait long.. Come on now, it has to be the fault of every other Canadian, right? That your Province kinda sucks now? Yes, it’s going down, as you invited this upon yourselves… I have decided to spend my Summers in my home Province of Ontario, after living in the Tropics over the Winter.. Clearly, Alberta has little to offer in this day and age.. Racial Strife? No work? Ontario is booming… Hot Button Topic, right?
commented 2019-03-27 18:43:08 -0400
The NDP lunatics are out in force. Let’s hope we have legal election. Given some of the comments I’ve been seeing from Elections Alberta, I’m really wondering.