May 16, 2016

Calgary mayor Nenshi wants to spend up to $75,000 EACH on “artistic” “diverse” bike racks

Rebel Staff

Calgary’s unemployment rate, which used to be microscopic, is 8.3%. Last year, for comparison, it was 5.7%.

But it’s party time for Calgary’s left-wing mayor, Naheed Nenshi. He’s jetting around the world to polish his own resume, and the main city business he cares about is stopping Uber from coming to town. Talk about being disconnected from the real lives of regular people.

Now Nenshi is looking to spend tens of thousands of dollars on artistic bike racks. I’m not kidding. I’ll show you the memo. The costs range from $20,000 to $75,000 dollars — per bike rack installation.

So, there aren’t enough unemployed welders from the oil patch just to make actual bike racks? He has to bring in “artistes” to do it? Because, according to the memo, these have to be “diverse” bike racks! Only a racist would be for a $132 dollar bike rack like you can buy pretty easily.

But what do you expect from the elitist mayor who spent $236,000 dollars of taxpayers money hiring artists to pretty up a sewage treatment pump?

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