July 22, 2015

Calgary: Mayor Nenshi silent while family driven from their home by racist violence

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

In Calgary, there's a subsidized housing development that's home to mostly black new immigrants. There was one white family there, the France family, but they were subject to constant harassment by their neighbours.

The family tried to make peace and bring the community together through an "anti-bullying" picnic. Their well-meaning effort made international news, but after the reporters left, the abuse started up again.

Children hurled rocks and death threats at them while their parents looked on.

Finally, the France family was forced to move out.

Calgary police and the city housing authority ignored the situation and so did Mayor Naheed Nenshi.

(That's no surprise; remember when he ignored an attack on a Jewish family by pro-Hamas thugs that happened right outside city hall? It was only when we raised a ruckus about it on Sun News that anything was done about that -- and even that wasn't exactly "justice.")

But can you imagine the outcry if the races in this situation were reversed and the France family had been non-white?


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commented 2015-07-26 03:38:25 -0400
This is not good for the country….
commented 2015-07-25 23:50:13 -0400
Judd Johnson commented 12 hours ago
Everyone seems to have their pitchfork and torch out while banging on Nenshi’s door but a majority of you aren’t even addressing (like this witch hunt article) the people who were being racist and the people who ultimately drove this family from their subsidized housing. Why don’t we address that first?
JUDD? either I am completely misunderstanding your comment or your really missing something here?
You say: you aren’t even addressing (like this witch hunt article) the people who were being racist and the people who ultimately drove this family from their subsidized housing.
That’s exactly what we are addressing. What I said earlier if this is not addressing it I don’t know what is??
QUOTE: Heres s A white Canadian family constantly and totally abused by several Black immigrant (on welfare) familys and the police nor the asshole mayor will get involved and do something?
commented 2015-07-25 20:44:14 -0400
So let me get this straight. It wasn’t enough for some of this community to “band together” and drive this family from their home. Now they are harassing another family with a young girl. What happens if that young girl or her parent(s) gets killed or seriously injured by those flying rocks. I was a former Calgary housing tenant in the NW. Calgary Housing seemed deeply concerned about damage to their property; specifically if CHC thought their tenants were the perpetrators. How can this be allowed to continue? What’s next? No action until some gets killed or critically injured?
commented 2015-07-25 14:40:14 -0400
Hello Judd,
So why are you so upset about the comments on this post?
Nothing has been said that didn’t need to be said. All these people have come to the is country to look for a better life for their families and themselves. Would you agree with that???
Then they are helped by the full Canadian public to start their life. When I say full Canadian public I mean the whole country. We pay for the housing, we start them in the health care system, we start them in school so the next generation can help excel the human race. Now remember what I said, they came here…. Just like most of the families in this country, we came here to better are self’s…
Then what do they do. They take all the money, and the protection that this country gives them, and PISS ON IT… You said you dropped a few IQ points by reading these posts. Well I have to say you actually gained a few IQ points and you are very upset about this, because unlike some of the other trash sites that are on the net. We do have a little bit of an IQ and we are stating the truth.. Now Judd I am not singling you out. But come on, you can’t see a problem with what happened???? This country is not a third world country. It has taken many years to make this country very proud and free, now we are starting to loss it all.. The average Canadian is to afraid to stand up and make it better. The only reason why the average Canadian is afraid, is because when we stand up for this type of action / abuse in question. That average Canadian will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Especially if they are part of the majority. If you don’t believe me, TRY IT, stand up for the France family and see what happens.

As for the France family. I am so sorry this happened to you and I wish I could take all the pain this has caused you and your children. There is one thing though, could you still show your children that we are all the same and we are all equal. We are called the human race for a reason. We all have beliefs and opinions that each will stand for. Some are very good, and yes some can be very bad. It is called education and experience that will join the human race in the end. I might not see it in my life time. But I sure hope my children or grandchildren will see it.
commented 2015-07-25 13:01:10 -0400
The city needs to tell these residents of this housing complex to either get their children in hand or they will be evicted!
These people are living in our country on our dime. IF they want to be bullies then they can be sent back to where they came from and live on someone else’s dime.
Time for Canadians to take back our country and stop providing the free life for all these imports who have nothing but disrespect and disdain for us!
commented 2015-07-25 12:33:00 -0400
Many Comments seem to circle around a key question that needs to be asked and answered regarding this serious state of affairs in Calgary. That is “Who has been allowing this to happen? Whose behavior, actions or lack of actions have caused this problem to continue or worsen?”
commented 2015-07-25 11:55:34 -0400
… Pegs.
commented 2015-07-25 11:53:30 -0400
Everyone seems to have their pitchfork and torch out while banging on Nenshi’s door but a majority of you aren’t even addressing (like this witch hunt article) the people who were being racist and the people who ultimately drove this family from their subsidized housing. Why don’t we address that first? Honestly, reading some of these comments knocked my IQ back a few
commented 2015-07-25 08:10:04 -0400
There are many public housing areas in Calgary, and likely most major cities. The problem could be solved by ensuring one ethnic group is not congregated in one area. They should ensure a mix of ethnic groups, and maybe this would not happen. I think given the insight into what happen to this family, that the rest are hotbeds of the same racism. And I think they are placing these ethnic groups this way on purpose, to cause this to happen. Where is that coward Nenshi? Likely posing for another camera, as he would rather be basking in the light of the false news, that he is the greatest mayor in the world, than ensuring civility in our city. I think he as pompous butt head, and I have a good laugh when the media keep trying to portray him as being popular with the majority. I think he is the worst mayor Calgary has ever had.
commented 2015-07-25 00:05:25 -0400
Well one thing is for sure…Calgary’s mayor has ensured that his city has now got a bad name around Canada and that he is persona non grata as well…this isn’t the first such situation reported there…who would want to go to such a city where the mayor permits public abuse of anyone who ’doesn’t belong’ to his ethnic group…and how on earth did people get a mayor like this? Who wants him? Who wants to visit such a city?
commented 2015-07-24 21:36:10 -0400
Blair, thanks for posting. I hope you and your family are doing well. This story is horrible and you’re right we need to stand together on this. Sorry that we have all been referring to you as the French family.
commented 2015-07-24 21:33:33 -0400
this Nenshi guy is a disgrace to any real Canadian.they all stick together because they all think there being picked on by the Canadian white man. Dispicable is what this situation has become in my opinion based on the news releases and the
frances verbal dipiction
commented 2015-07-24 19:31:29 -0400
Hi, my name is Trenda and I am Blair France’s sister, she has been moved to another part of the city now and is doing well where she is but things over in Shaganappi village has gotten worse with the kids living there, there is another white family that moved in just before my sister moved out and now they are the targets of all the violence over there, this has been going on in that complex for well over 3 years from what people in that area have been saying and not one thing has been done but moving my sister, my sister had written the mayor several times about this and contacted police a dozen times and because they are children that are doing it the police wont do a thing about it, my sister had called the police a dozen or so times also, now if my sister were of another race and it was white kids doing the bullying and all the racist slurring then things would of been handled totally different just like the cab driver story that has been all over the news, the day we moved my sister out of her place in Shaganappi one of us moving her always had to be outside watching her stuff cus we had kids coming on her lawn and searching though her things, we had to ask them a few times to leave her things alone, there was NEVER a parent around when all this bullying was being done to my sister and my nieces and when my sister would go talk to the parents they were just as bad as their children, the mayor needs to really do something about this reversed racism in our city and have the police to do something about it too even if it is children that are doing it
commented 2015-07-24 19:25:55 -0400
I’m Blair France, I want to thank all of our supporters as this has effected our family hugely. We have been moved to a new area of the city by Calgary Housing Company, but we feel that we can not share where we are living now, it is a very nice area and no bullying going on here. But I do know that Shagganappi Village is still not a safe area to be in I do have a friend their with her little girl and they go thru the same as we were. so now the Mayor still has not emailed me back. I I know he wont ether, so what do we do now let the situation get worse. we need to step up and stand against the problem here.. Thank you
commented 2015-07-24 16:12:26 -0400
I most certainly do not feel Sally Young had one iota of sfa to do with me being free in Canada and her complete misrepresentation of what happened and the facts shows she really does not understand things very well
commented 2015-07-24 15:23:44 -0400
We need Donald Trump to run for PM.
commented 2015-07-24 15:22:12 -0400
this is so disgusting that asshole on the news rants in a drunken state at the taxi driver and the whole world hears about it and condems him Yet Heres s A white Canadian family constantly and totally abused by several Black immigrant (on welfare) familys and the police nor the asshole mayor will get involved and do something?
commented 2015-07-24 11:41:16 -0400
Sally Young bullshit!
commented 2015-07-24 11:29:34 -0400
Nenshi will not do the right thing here, because he is racist against white Christian and Jewish people. He can try to sit on the fence like humpty dumpty, but it is as plain as the nose on his face. He refuses to allow anyone public services to the majority, that don’t bend over for his Marxist agenda. He is an embarrassment to democracy! I can’t wait until he is booted from office. I think the forced bike lanes are going to haunt him, because he can’t see how ticked off the general public is. I hope like humpty dumpty that he is pushed off that wall, and lands in a million pieces, never to be put back together again.
commented 2015-07-24 10:17:10 -0400
I would like to see Nenshi and The Alberta Human Rights Comm.get to gather and help this family or is this just CRAZY thinking on my part ???
commented 2015-07-24 09:27:13 -0400
Get the picture of who really are voting these tyrants in, it ain’t real Canadians ! This is the face of groups are who told who vote for and only retain employment if they vote for who they are forced to vote for. Third world politics alive and well.
commented 2015-07-23 22:22:47 -0400
So where is this family now? in hiding? I hope their hearts and will haven’t been broken. They were absolutely wronged, and it was ignored. Nenshi should absolutely be ashamed. Does he like his smurf reputation? All he can do is post lost pets? Does he still live in his parents basement? He needs to stand up and be a man, act like a Mayor.
commented 2015-07-23 22:19:28 -0400
Sally Young, but did you not serve to defend the rights of people to be wrong, to be ignorant, to stumble and fall? To protect the vulnerable, the disabled, the slow, the bigoted, the imperfect? Of course, you did.

There may be a lot of hatred expressed on this site but that is free speech, the free speech you fought for based on the premise that free speech protects people from real physical oppression and discrimination. You know the idea that if one can blow off steam, one is less likely to line up all the immigrants (or Christians, Jews, Hindus, Muslims, Atheists, etc.) and shoot them, or burn/drown them in cages, or make them into sex slaves, or to don pointy white caps and lynch them.

Thanks for your service, sally young. You too have the right to be wrong.
commented 2015-07-23 21:49:04 -0400
Sally I am curious about how you claim you served your country, I am a big fan of the military and would love to see their budget double. The majority of soldiers, sailors and airmen serve and have earned respect but just being in the military isn’t a guarantee that you were a credit to the unit you served in. Where I live in this great country of ours it is the law that allows the govt to discriminate by race as long as it is whites that suffer, the human rights commission supports this 100%. so when you educate yourself about the reality of this country then you can comment and maybe make some sense .
commented 2015-07-23 20:56:46 -0400
Hello Sally,
So where are you why are you not answering all these statements? I know why! You read through them all and realized that we are not racists and bigots. We are not all rednecks as you stated. Just as the Token Conservative stated, we are the quite ones and usually don’t make a sound, because we are either to shocked or have the common sense not to start because once we start we will finish it.
commented 2015-07-23 19:31:36 -0400
One problem is that conservatives aren’t headline seeking glory hound professional victims. The media’s first commandment is “If it bleeds, it leads”. It’s not just a cheesy statement or a profound reflection of our times, it’s a bald fact. You want the MSM to care, you want Nenshi to care; then someone has to go to the hospital, at least. I’m not saying that’s right, I’m just stating it as a fact. Nobody cared because the French family took the conservative’s way out – quietly, with no fuss or repercussions, just leave them alone. If they were the left wing activist – types, they’d still be there but so would the press and the mayor. It’d be a major koom – bye – ya moment for all!
Also, Vlad…please STFU! Your comments are the reason liberals hate conservatives. I’d take … 2 … no … maybe 1 and a half Ruddens over you; at least he’s not calling for anyone’s head. Really, you are a blight on this or any other website catering to the right. You’re better than DD was, but just barely and only because we don’t like the same people. But there isn’t a lot of us here who are going to publicly call for anyone’s head. Civilized conservatives just don’t do that. Anywhere, under any circumstances. We’ve been polite and quietly ignored your childish cries until now, but calls for violence should not be allowed here. Keep it civil, okay people!
commented 2015-07-23 19:18:36 -0400
So if they come from some war torn country and they happen to be black, then they are allowed to throw rocks and threaten children as long as the people living in the house and those children are white? That’s all I’m asking Sally. One question. Does an immigrant’s background give them a pass in obeying our Canadian laws regarding assault, etc.? I’ve heard people on this website defend the FN’s in their lawbreaking ways. Maybe someone else can answer for you. Oh, Terry?…
commented 2015-07-23 18:51:07 -0400
Wow Judy, great comment – well said. I hope Sally responds because I’d like to hear her response to your post. I think a few of us would.
commented 2015-07-23 18:35:25 -0400
So, Sally, “They fled war and persecution from their home countries, just to be persecuted and face prejudices here from rednecks like the lot commenting here…” and started hurling rocks at their sole white neighbouring family and committed death threats against them, as well as ‘ALLOWING’ them to throw a party for them, but still committed to harrassing them out of the neighbourhood, …Can you see nothing wrong with this picture, Sally? Would you prefer that the French family lie down and just take their abuse because you say so?…Give me some reasons they should accept RUDE, ILLEGAL BEHAVIOUR from new immigrants or ANYONE?…C’mon, Sally…you are a soldier…speak up! What are your enlightened suggestions for the French family? Your attitude is the reason people like the French’s have their problem…because you make EXCUSES for the bad behaviour of these IMMIGRANTS,BASED ON THEIR RACE (making you racist) and you are angry that white people refuse to accept any excuse for the behaviour of these immigrants, that should ensure that these families are deported, not for their race, but for their racism. It is illegal to make death threats in Canada…they have broken the law and should be prosecuted and deported. That is not racism, that is common sense.
commented 2015-07-23 16:59:38 -0400
are you kidding me? lets see free housing/education/welfare…who is paying for all this? look in the mirror…poor Canada