July 04, 2016

Calgary “peace activists” preaching anti-Semitism confronted by JDL — WATCH how police react

Sheila Gunn ReidRebel Host | The Gunn Show

Over the weekend, there was a pro-terror rally in front of Calgary city hall. Can you even imagine? The day after Canada Day in downtown Calgary, there was a rally to celebrate Al Quds Day.

Al Quds Day is firmly rooted in hate. It was declared by the Ayatollah Rohullah Khomeini in 1979, after the Islamic Revolution in Iran, to fall on the last Friday of Ramadan. It's a day to renew the Iranian struggle against Zionism and the state of Israel. When they say renew the “struggle”, what they really mean “reaffirm the radical Islamic commitment to wipe out the state of Israel and to eliminate the Jewish people from the face of the earth”. Genocide is a tougher sell when you say it that way, I guess.

But this hate on the streets of Calgary isn't going unopposed. The Jewish Defence League organized a counter protest, a celebration of freedom and life, to oppose the sour blood libel of the pro-terror crowd.

Watch my video to see our interviews with the people who came to honor Canadian freedom, and my less positive conversations with Calgary police, as well as a local "peace activist" who may be familiar to Rebel viewers.

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commented 2016-07-07 12:52:34 -0400
Part of my ancestry is Indigenous and I am proud I have true First Nations’ blood in my veins.
If this woman and her so called ‘peace activist’ friends do not appreciate this country, then go back to where your ancestors came from.
commented 2016-07-06 10:28:13 -0400
That was my first reaction too Scott, but the Rebel’s reputation precedes them just as the CBC’s reputation precedes them. While the hat could have been eliminated I don’t think it would have made that much difference.
So thanks to police who can’t keep the peace without putting the kibosh on effective journalism we don’t get the truth out. Did the CBC interview the JDL side? They should have, and we should have been allowed to interview the AL Quds side. The imbalance in journalism has to be righted somehow.
commented 2016-07-06 01:29:28 -0400
what are you thinking trying to interview Hamas supporters while wearing a JDL hat? Journalistic integrity kinda requires impartiality…just sayin
commented 2016-07-06 00:23:47 -0400
To equate Katten af Tønden’s hatred of cats (?) to Palestinian, Hamas backed protesters demonstrating their hatred of Jews is offensive. Stop being so obnoxious Jay.
commented 2016-07-05 23:25:58 -0400
It is true that I do not know if Calgary police have “spoken privately” to any of the “Katten af Tønden” organizers. But I do know that none have been charged.

But to say, Drew Wakariuk, that training children to shoot cats is not the same as actually doing it does not make sense. It is still a barbaric cultural practice. Where is Stephen Harper when we need him?
commented 2016-07-05 20:30:09 -0400
Well done, however, I would have ignored the police request and went for the interview. If the police physically stopped me, I have them charged with assault.
commented 2016-07-05 18:51:46 -0400
It is sad John. Canadians don’t deserve this, didn’t ask for this and shouldn’t have to put up with it in our country. I know Justina goes on about what Canadians want but he does NOT represent the bulk of Canadians by a long shot. I didn’t vote for the loser and I resent this attack on our peaceful society. Deport the bunch of them if they cannot leave their hatred at the door. We shouldn’t be expected to tolerate it.
commented 2016-07-05 17:52:19 -0400
Sad to have this conflict on our shores.
commented 2016-07-05 16:49:08 -0400
It doesn’t even matter anymore if the actual orders were given. Appeasing Muslims is already so ingrained into our liberally regressive society that it’s just taken for granted. To expect one cop to swim upstream against a very strong current by doing the right but politically incorrect thing in this day and age is not realistic. We are rapidly losing our country a little more everyday.
commented 2016-07-05 16:03:59 -0400
I guess the question remains:
Did Nenshi the Islamist give the Calgary so-called Police their marching orders – prevent THEREBEL from exercising their Fundamental Freedoms, illustrated by their Charter rights – because Nenshi got his marching orders from Notley – who has a history of this heavy-handed, unconstitutional thuggery – or were the marching orders from Nenshi’s Islamic terrorist masters?
Anyway, great report Sheila, don’t let the swine get away it…
commented 2016-07-05 15:05:01 -0400
This sounds familiar, the police protecting the people demonstrating in favour of the violence from someone that might ask an embarrassing question, very much a double standard. We all know cbc is pro-Muslim, not blocked by police. The police in Europe protect the hate speech of Muslims, well suppressing any that would oppose the them.

What’s happening in Europe is coming to Canada, something we can proudly add to the Trudeau legacy.

I would like to see those that are attacking Israel and Jewish people to stop. When and if they stop a judgment can be made against Israel. To pronounce judgment on them when they are under constant attack and threat, is really absurd. I’m not saying it’s wrong or right, but a strong response should be expected from a nation living in such constant danger.
commented 2016-07-05 13:26:26 -0400
I vote that we all follow the JDL. They are the only group organized enough to counter the muslim organizers. Also, the only group that understands physical force needs to be met by physical force. If the pretend police had not been there, the muslims still would not have crossed the road to start a fight, because they knew the JDL won’t back down but would finish the fight instead. That doesn’t work for muslim warriors who become heros by murdering 13 year old sleeping girls.
commented 2016-07-05 10:20:29 -0400
The Media is biased. Always has been. Always will be. The way forward is for Media companies to hire reporters who represent both or all sides of the issue and let them all speak. The CBC does not speak for me. We are living in perilous times.
commented 2016-07-05 10:02:22 -0400
@fraser Mcburney

No, Sheila JOINED the protest by the JDL wearing that hat which effectively negated her position
there as a journalist. She was there solely to get a reaction and she got it, from the cop
who stopped her from provoking thinks which is well within their right do so.
commented 2016-07-05 08:08:52 -0400
The real point of this story is the police who refuse to do their duty “SERVE AND PROTECT
Sheila is a reporter as a reporter she has the duty to show the two sides of the story. Now if one side has a problem with a reporter it is the job and responsibility to “SERVE AND PROTECT” her. Sheila has the right to this protection, right. The police have once again took the easy way out by stopping Sheila and by stopping her we the public only have one side of the story. But in this case we know the Muslim might and I say might be upset with a Rebel reporter. The police by their lack of courage let the Muslims get away with their thuggery thus encouraging their behaviour. In Canada they have the right to demonstrate and so have the other side but when one side or the other starts to be violent it’s time for the police to brake up the mob and arrest the perpetrators.
commented 2016-07-05 03:36:14 -0400
Jay Kelly commented – “someone recently posted a link on this site about internet trolls — that they are nascisistic, among other things. You should read it.”

I posted it and it was directed at you among others – obviously you read with low comprehension skills. The Troll Psyche profile compiled by a credible Psychologist holds that Along with chronic narcissim the trolling disorder betrays an onanistic component related to vicarious sadism. You should re read it.
commented 2016-07-05 03:03:33 -0400
Hey Sheila. how about leaving the damn hat at home next time.
You weren’t reporting on a story, you were being PART of the story.
commented 2016-07-05 02:50:05 -0400
Drew Wakariuk says: “exchanging socks and eating raw meat are not crimes”. Of course they’re not crimes, but they are still barbaric practices.

Give your head a shake.
commented 2016-07-05 02:49:12 -0400
Of course news should be impartial. But for countless stupid reasons, news is always biased in a political direction. Because of this, I take all news with a grain of salt, and that includes the rebel. This video here is the rebel pretending to be objective and fair, but it is not fooling anybody.
commented 2016-07-05 02:46:42 -0400
Jay Kelly i am one quarter Danish, are you saying if i attacked one of those supporting al quds i would not be charged or they would ignore me? LMAO!
commented 2016-07-05 02:44:43 -0400
John S they have tried to be peaceful before, and many Muslims want them wiped out, there is no hugging for that. Now go be a good bigot and buy some more lies.
commented 2016-07-05 02:43:05 -0400
Jay Kelly exchanging socks and eating raw meat are not crimes idiot. And let me know when they actually shoot cats idiot. Sorry if the truth is so bad for you.
commented 2016-07-05 02:28:15 -0400
Drew Wakariuk claims that when a member of Calgary’s Danish tribe commits an offense the police deal with it.

Really? Not only the training of shooting cats, but the exchange of socks, and the serving of raw ground beef to children.

The police have not responded to these complaints, nor do they intend to.

The Rebel was the only one to report on these barbaric cultural practices. The main stream media ignored them.
commented 2016-07-05 02:07:37 -0400

This is the one where Dovid Weiss debating a Zionist.

The clip below shows Dovid Feldman debating a Zionist as well. This anti-Zionist movement is truly a peace movement unlike the state of Israel and those supporting them.
commented 2016-07-05 02:06:52 -0400
Rabbis speak out against Israel such as Dovid Feldman and Dovid Weiss. They are against Israel’s brutality and the warlike nature of the state of Israel. Do not forget that Israel encouraged the US to launch Iraq based on a tower of lies because of Hussein’s aid to Palestinians. This Orthodox Jewish movement regularly speaks out against the nationalist and the hatred that Israel commits against Palestinians. And the fact is Jews and Arabs lived side by side in the Palestinian territories prior to the creation of the state of Israel. This is well-documented by Dovid Feldman and Dovid Weiss and the anti-Zionist Jews.

This group regularly protests the wars, the Zionist movement and the state of Israel because they are all linked.

They suggest and I agree with them that the state of Israel should not exist because under Torah law God wanted the Jewish people to live in all nations rather than have a Jewish nation because God never wanted it, and such a nation would be false and against God. They also suggest and I agree that it would divide peoples around the world along religious lines and probably lead to a clash of civilizations, and the people that support Israel are mostly Christian fundamentalists that want war with all Muslims and the Zionist Jews with them. This Israel project and the War on Terror is a clash of civilizations project, a pro-Israel and Greater Israel project, and a project for distracting us and leading to tensions within Western nations.

The peaceful Jewish movement appears to be on the Orthodox Jewish side that wants peace and to link arms with all Muslims and Arabs and try to have justice for Palestinians. They are 100% correct in that notion.

commented 2016-07-05 02:03:29 -0400
Robert Spencer in Toronto represents the warmongering segment of Canada and his own words do illustrate that the very basis of labeling anyone that speaks out against the policies and conduct and behavior of the state of Israel will always be referred to as an anti-Semite because that is what Zionists do. They want the imperialism and the wars to continue. They always stick to message and never want to waver. Spencer even writes books so of course his stances will not change. Remember that he does this for a living to sell the wars and fool the masses to ensure there is no unity.

This is all part of the Zionist project for supporting Israel over Canada. Canada needs an independent foreign policy so we can dictate what we truly want and not serve special interests.

After watching Youtube and seeing the anti-Zionist Jews and people from all faiths standing together to stand against war and be for true peace it is obvious that Spencer is for continuing the wars and his own words do illustrate that he wants the Palestinians to suffer and Israel to continue their brutal approach to how Israel treats Palestinians.


This brave Jewish man is speaking out against Israeli aggression, imperialism, warmongering and brutality and something must be done to stop Israeli aggression.

Do not forget that Netanyahu went in front of the US Senate and US Congress in 2002-03 to call for war with Iraq, and now he is doing the same with Iran. More lies, more deception and he expects people to fight Israel’s wars. This is all a coordinated effort to work actively by the Zionists to cause more wars and all three major parties in Ottawa are united in that they want more war and they are trying to stop people from expressing themselves.


Of course, now we know that the whole basis for war with Iraq was based on a tower of lies, and no one on Rebel even admits error. They just continue as if nothing happened. This is the very example of double standards, demonizing Islam and wanting more wars to obviously follow some agenda. This must stop and the average person must unite to ensure that the elites do not get their globalist and war agenda. This agenda is obviously for more wars against independent nations and Islam. Iran is obviously next and the same with Lebanon.
commented 2016-07-05 01:31:14 -0400
Disgusting behaviour by Calgary police, just as occurred at the rally Ezra organized in 2014 when pro-Palestine supporters shouted “hail Hitler” surrounded by Calgary police at the time.