October 16, 2017

California Becomes First State to Recognize Third Gender

Kristin TateRebel Buzz Contributor

California is the first state in the nation to legally recognize a third gender.

Yes, really.

Jerry Brown, California’s liberal governor, signed legislation on Sunday that allows residents to select “non-binary” for their gender on state drivers’ licenses, birth certificates, and other legal documents. 

Democrat State Senator Scott Wiener introduced the Gender Recognition Act earlier this year. Fellow Democrat State Senator Toni Atkinson partnered with Winer to push the bill until Governor Brown signed it into law. 

The Gender Recognition Act states: 

For purposes of obtaining a new birth certificate under the provisions above, the bill would delete the requirement that an applicant have undergone any treatment, and instead would authorize a person to submit to the State Registrar an application to change gender on the birth certificate and an affidavit attesting, under penalty of perjury, that the request for a change of gender is to conform the person’s legal gender to the person’s gender identity. ... The bill would authorize the change of gender on a new birth certificate to be female, male, or nonbinary.

In some ways, this bill makes sense; according to a recent survey of transgender individuals, many face difficulty when traveling when the gender listed on their licenses conflict with their physical appearance. 

But it's also easy to surmise that this is just the latest push by left-wingers to make a political point. Wiener is the same state senator who introduced and passed a bill that decreased the punishment for knowingly spreading HIV. He also successfully passed legislation that punishes state residents who used the wrong pronouns while addressing transgender people--that bill will go into effect this coming January. 

Wiener said, “Everyone is entitled to their religious view. But when you enter the public space, when you are running an institution, you are in a workplace, you are in a civil setting, and you have to follow the law.”

Hah! Liberals love to use the "law and order" logic to push their own agenda. But when it comes to illegal immigration? All that law and order stuff gets tossed out the window. 

Hypocrisy at its finest. 

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commented 2017-10-19 21:54:26 -0400
commented 2017-10-19 21:54:26 -0400
commented 2017-10-19 21:31:36 -0400
Certain online communities I frequent (not so much now) can be rough around the edges, but if they find out you’re female they turn from general roughness to very specific directed hostility. Bit of an issue in gaming communities with a lot of teenage participants who haven’t yet learned their filters. I don’t run among those communities much any more and the nerdy 30-something Millennials I run in now tend to be pretty sedate.

Now it’s mostly just habit, I’ve used this pseudonym for a long time.

I really have no vested interest in what gender I’m interpreted as. As I’ve said I deliberately keep it ambiguous which would imply that I’m comfortable with it interpreted either way. That particular insecurity seems to be mostly an issue among the Boomers and aforementioned teenagers. If you think I’m a 19 year old who had an unfortunate run in with a rat trap at naturist band camp, doesn’t matter to me. It doesn’t materially affect the value of my opinion any more than say the colour of my hair does, even if some individuals seem to think that intelligence arises in their balls.
commented 2017-10-19 19:39:41 -0400
Now Andrew, you told me you use a male pseudonym “due to casual misogyny on the internet” and failed to define what you were talking about!
So, are you changing your handle to Muffin Stephenson?
commented 2017-10-19 12:23:31 -0400
“Leviticus 20:13 commented 23 hours ago
Masculinity must be a little part of it or your want for it because your dia-something-trab compells you as a genital neutral being to use a mans name instead of something you can relate to..
You know… a different pronoun.. something like “Muffin” "

No, I just use the name because the confusion triggers rightists and those who don’t know what a “diatribe” is.

I express no preference to pronoun. Muffin is kinda cute, though. I like it :)
commented 2017-10-19 00:53:40 -0400
Huh..! Lol.
commented 2017-10-18 20:11:55 -0400
Leviticus, Andrew fully engages in the binaryphobic movement!
commented 2017-10-18 13:18:30 -0400
Masculinity must be a little part of it or your want for it because your dia-something-trab compells you as a genital neutral being to use a mans name instead of something you can relate to..
You know… a different pronoun.. something like “Muffin”
commented 2017-10-18 13:11:34 -0400
commented 2017-10-18 11:11:20 -0400

Do you feel that your rambling emasculation based diatribe is that insulting to someone that has already openly stated that “masculinity” is not a part of their identity? (I don’t care how or why you think I got there, the end result is the same). It strikes me as more of a projection of your own insecurities than anything to do with me. I suspect that’s true of a lot of the gender traditionalists, particularly among men who are apparently deeply insecure about their own gender identities and have to demonstrate masculinity at every opportunity. Kind of sad to be so obsessed with it, actually.
commented 2017-10-18 02:10:12 -0400
My understanding of your last post is that you may have been neutered accidentally at an early age.. Well if that’s happened to you Andrew you make sure beyond all certainty that doesn’t happen again… getting neutered twice in the same life would be unimaginable I’m sure.!! That certainly explains a lot of your comments now your in a world that is testosterone fuelled so you may have a hard time competing.. there for you overcompensate with sarcasm and really twisted views as a result of a lack of testosterone and the realization you made a horrific mistake when your sister accidentally neutered you as a child. All makes sense now how you identify with the gender’s that are more of a feminine nature that is been clouded by years of therapy and Prozac.. In earlier in counters before we found out the truth about you I have to say that you certainly inspired certain levels of irritation to myself but now understanding your situation further that you have been neutered either physically or emotionally those feelings of irritation have turned more so to pity for one so confused as yourself that wishes to identify with a man’s name but your body may produce more estrogen then testosterone.. Sorry about your luck pal better luck in the next life
commented 2017-10-18 01:51:04 -0400
commented 2017-10-18 00:25:43 -0400
I’d say, given the tone of your posts, that “laughing” is pretty far off the mark. I’d put it more at somewhere between angsty unease and aggressive vocal denial. Particularly if you’re “laughing” at your “beta male” backstory – I’m not male so your “laughter” is misplaced. (Oh, dear. Gender identity confusion! Does that trigger you?).

Nor am I trying to “frame the questions”… whatever that means. Meaningless jargon that fell right out of a gender studies class, probably. I’m simply curious as to how you deal with what Leviticus so eloquently terms “hermaphrodites” – a biological state that suggests that, in principle, a third nonbinary status may be at least circumstantially valid. Alternatively, as he suggests, you can assign them arbitrarily to a standard gender that is not supported by the biology of their ambiguous physiques, implying that gender is indeed, somewhat arbitrary. Quite an opportunity for cognitive dissonance, don’t you think?

Tammie, no, nobody’s expecting you to participate. Traditional options remain available. This does not mean you can deny other people their own choices. And no, acknowledging their freedoms in no way infringes upon your own.
commented 2017-10-17 21:54:54 -0400
Dan Mancuso, yes, the person having the delusions expects others to participate in this state of being.
commented 2017-10-17 20:38:45 -0400
ANDREW STEPHENSON commented 2 hours ago
My post is pretty clear, I think…"

Of course you think your delusions are clear – to you…LOL!
The rest of us are sitting here laughing at your delusional and supercilious lefty/progressive rantings you chock-full-shyte, third-gender whackadoodle beta-male loser!
Your post is BS…and in case you don’t realize this, the left DO NOT get to frame the questions anymore, the paradigm has shifted – now move on and take your BS with you.
Where’s the lads in white coats when you need them?
commented 2017-10-17 20:14:11 -0400
commented 2017-10-17 18:31:35 -0400
My post is pretty clear, I think. I wonder if your confusion reflects a lack of basic understanding of the questions being asked. Talking points are easy. Understanding the issues is hard.
commented 2017-10-17 14:41:24 -0400
commented 2017-10-17 11:37:38 -0400
So you agree that there are, in fact, ambiguous individuals being born, for whom the assignment of gender can be arbitrary. There have been several well publicised examples of the doctors “guessing wrong” when “revising” infants – to the point where ambiguous genitals are no longer routinely revised until the child’s identity is established. Given the arbitrary nature of such assignments, perhaps an ambiguous category is actually of some use?

I’ll also ask you a fairly fundamental question – does the existence of gender-nonconforming individuals unreasonably infringe upon your own freedoms? If not, then why not let them live as they choose, and you live as you choose? You may classify it as “perversion” but that’s your prerogative and obviously not everyone is going to share those beliefs. Do they not also have the prerogatives to indulge in their beliefs?
commented 2017-10-17 11:02:42 -0400
Come on Andrew you know you’re being a contrary… There is only men and women with the odd hermaphrodite being born… But those born singularly sexed as either men or women are just that men or women… Being born a man and thinking you’re a woman or vice versa is just encouragement from some faceless entity to introduce insane thinking to otherwise normal human beings until they’re so confused that they no longer make sense to themselves or anybody else.. they think they make sense to other insane people like themselves but we know there is no profit from allowing two or more insane people to encourage their warp on society. Sadly enough these poor people that are weak minded and have fallen prey to the forces that would confuse them, desperately need our help and support to bring them back from the insanity they were previously living.
commented 2017-10-17 08:49:39 -0400
“Drew Wakariuk commented 7 hours ago
I guess they need to redefine what Chromosomes and DNA mean then. Funny how the left hates science”

So, since you support “science”, you support the third category’s existence, if only to serve those that are genetically intersex (eg, XXY), or for example, androgen insensitive (genetically male, but physically mostly female?)
commented 2017-10-17 03:18:46 -0400
Me Notyou… great idea about giving it back to Mexico, but even they would balk at the idea given California’s world-class debt load… The fact is, reasonable people living in California saw the handwriting on the wall two decades ago and started moving north to Oregon and Washington and Idaho… It’s only the Nancy Pelosi/ Maxinne Watters type nutters that are left… As for the wildfires, stay tuned for the results of the investigations on how they originated…
commented 2017-10-17 01:51:44 -0400
While this is all well and good ( If you are a Progressivist-Sodomite ) California is still in a drought ( though Gov. Brown saw a few raindrops and declared it over ) and in the middle of particularly destructive wildfires.

Can’t say Governor Moonbeam didn’t do a great job wrecking the place.

In the end, once the damage is done, Mexico can have it back.
commented 2017-10-17 01:29:29 -0400
So how do they work gender based affirmative action along with this? I see many lawsuits in the future, this may have some bright sides.
commented 2017-10-17 01:27:08 -0400
Andrew what would your idol Che have said about this?
commented 2017-10-17 01:26:10 -0400
I guess they need to redefine what Chromosomes and DNA mean then. Funny how the left hates science.
commented 2017-10-16 22:13:01 -0400
Nonbinary is the new confused.
commented 2017-10-16 21:25:24 -0400
It was much easier to deal with the queers when they were ashamed of themselves and what they did and hid in the closet for fear someone would find out what they were.!!
Open the door just a crack and watch the uncontrollable flood of perverts push through the little opening.but I guess their agenda is working because most people are finding queers easy to tolerate in fact some are quite supportive of their lifestyle and have normalized it in their minds… sickening just sickening.
commented 2017-10-16 21:13:02 -0400
Another knee slapper from California!
commented 2017-10-16 20:18:13 -0400
Good news in California.

If you’re a traditionalist, you may continue to use one of the traditional options. If you’re not, it’s great that alternatives are available. Seems win-win-win.