January 13, 2017

Calkins on Trudeau, Aga Khan: Law bars PM “from receiving free flights on chartered or private aircraft”

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

Blaine Calkins, Conservative MP for Red Deer—Lacombe, joined me last night to talk about the complaint he filed with Parliament’s Conflict of Interest and Ethics Commissioner, concerning Trudeau's free trip to the Aga Khan's private island.


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commented 2017-01-17 15:04:50 -0500
We should all chip in to pay for the PM’s helicopter ride. I wonder if the Aga Khan would accept a 15 buck Tim Horton’s card?
commented 2017-01-14 01:22:31 -0500
Now Now , laws are only for white Christian males who are not liberals.
commented 2017-01-13 19:06:17 -0500
The boy blunder has put his foot in it again, again and again. The National Post site reports that the dear boy was attending a town hall in Peterborough and he got a tonge -lashing from a single mom concerning her hydro bills and his coming carbon tax. Apparently he also took a beating in Kingston over a payroll system that has left public sector workers unpaid for months. My, my the bloom is off the rose.
commented 2017-01-13 17:30:31 -0500
Well there IS a conflict of interest when you understand that we are doling out millions to the Aga Khan’s charities – so yeah, free vacations are certainly suspect.

Personally I view foreign aid to be immoral as long as one Canadian goes hungry or homeless or has to choose between paying rent or the utility bill, sending money to foreign charities that could be used here is a treasonous act.
commented 2017-01-13 17:07:04 -0500
This guy is a well informed and excellent speaker! His face looks so familiar but I can’t place him.
commented 2017-01-13 15:39:34 -0500
Trudope and the Liebranos feel they ARE THE LAW and not subject to anything we peons would have to abide by. This is what makes them so dangerous. I doubt the “Ethics Commissioner” will take any action. We know from past Liebrano administrations how vindictive they can be………..!
commented 2017-01-13 14:00:21 -0500
Does Aga Khan operate a pedophile ring on his private island like Bill and Hillary Clinton’s billionaire buddy Jeffrey Epstein?
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