Tell the Trudeau government to stop playing politics with military donations

David MenziesMission Specialist
UPDATE: Bureaucrats “fret” over Rebel’s charitable donation to military families

December 3, 2018: Around this time last year, Rebel’s crowdfunded donations to military families in need was rejected by CFB Borden. We suspected political interference and now we have the freedom of information documents to prove it. Watch as I share some of what we found in the over 100 documents we received.

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Around Christmas, The Rebel and our viewers helped raise over $15,000 to support CFB Borden, a Canadian military station that was asking for help to feed their troops on base. 

We thought it was inappropriate for the Trudeau government to ask Canadian troops to help financially support other soldiers. So we invited Rebel viewers to chip in and help stock the Christmas hampers at CFB Borden. 

But something peculiar happened when we went to drop off the cheque. CFB Borden actually refused the money! 

So, then we asked our viewers and donors what to do with the funds, and they said to donate them to Canada Company, a trusted charitable organization that serves the Canadian military. 

We told this story to Canada Company, and our plans to donate the funds to them instead, and they were grateful. We arranged to meet with their interim executive director, Paul Hindo, to record a video of us delivering the funds. 

And they all lived happily ever after, right? Well, not so fast, folks. There’s a bizarre epilogue to this feel-good tale.

You see, an inexplicable thing happened just minutes after recording our Canada Company report. The Rebel received emailed correspondence from Paul which stated the following:

“I regret to inform you that Canada Company is unable to accept the cheque presented this afternoon as our policies do not permit us to endorse political views of any organization. As such we will be returning the cheque to your attention via registered mail.”


Absolutely nothing about this makes sense.

  1. Rebel Media is not a political organization. As our name would suggest, we’re a media company.
  2. We never asked Canada Company to endorse us or any of our viewpoints – and no endorsement was given. We were simply providing some funds so that Canada Company could put those funds to good use. Here's a video of our entire encounter with Canada Company. 
  3. Regarding those funds: that $15,000 is not our money – it’s YOUR money. Rebel Media merely served as a platform in which to raise those funds.

So what is the unspoken story at play here? 

It's doubtful that the bad guy here is Paul Hindo. Paul is not that kind of guy. Paul is a philanthropist. It's difficult to comprehend that Paul doing a 180-degree back-flip on his own accord in the space of just three hours when it came to accepting money from Rebel Media and our audience. 

Here’s my gut feeling: this is nothing more than political interference from the federal Liberal government.


We know the Liberals hate the fact that we exposed what was going on at CFB Borden regarding the Christmas food drive. That’s the real reason why we couldn’t give your donations to CFB Borden in the first place.

And we know the Liberals hate the fact that we’ve made the point that the wonderful men and women who serve in the Canadian Forces can barely make ends meet while jihadi terrorists get rewarded with millions of taxpayer dollars.

So, it's possible that the Liberals are playing politics here. Hey, you want to play politics? Fine by us. But leave the veterans out of this. In particular, the children of veterans who would’ve benefited from our viewers’ donations to Canada Company.

So I’m going to hand-deliver a petition to the office of Harjit Sajjan, the defence minister to call off his political attacks. 

And if Canada Company won't accept the funds, we will find a charity that will. 

Please sign the petition below. 

Sign the petition!

We demand that the Trudeau government stop blocking donations from conservative Canadians who want to support our military.

Will you sign?