July 23, 2018

Camp Cloud “community garden” visit interrupted by a masked man

Sheila Gunn ReidRebel Host | The Gunn Show

It’s two hours past the eviction deadline for protesters at Camp Cloud. While waiting for the RCMP to arrive, and as I was concluding my observations about how their weed infested community garden seems to be a metaphor for their plans for Canada’s economy, I was interrupted by a masked man.


Watch as I let him present his “best” case against oil, try to ask him a few questions and get yelled at for my efforts.

P.S. To see all Rebel reports from the Camp Cloud protest site, please VISIT RebelBurnaby.com.

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commented 2018-07-28 01:50:34 -0400
I wonder if this fellow is Canadian and actually lives in Canada. People like this running around, doesn’t say much about our educational system. Fake news, lies, whatever you want to call it, these people live to spread it. They are fear mongers about our oil industry, yet they partake of its benefits driving their cars and RVs. I do not know how they can live their lives in the bubble of lies. And if they are being paid, it’s not even minimum wage, he doesn’t look like he’s dressed very well, so his salary isn’t BMW level quite yet, or should I say Tesla. It’s “Do What I tell You To Do” even though they are doing the same as the rest of us. This guy can’t get a job because he’s a member of the “Tin Hat Brigade,” next time Sheila tell him the fires are kept going by Alien Spawn come to feed on the fire.
commented 2018-07-28 00:45:41 -0400
what a clueless sack of useless trash that dude is !!
commented 2018-07-27 17:31:05 -0400
The idiot covering his face is Unemployable . . . . these folks are beyond stupid and clueless and are pawns of the Globalists they claim to oppose.
commented 2018-07-27 15:47:32 -0400
Rick Plesnik, my thoughts exactly ! This idiot covering his face should get a job and shut up.
commented 2018-07-23 14:27:31 -0400
Losers all of them. Obviously not employed. Taxpayers are supporting them…….
commented 2018-07-23 14:22:27 -0400
“You have no argument,” he says, walking away before any argument can be put forward. They either believe what they’ve been told or are paid (very poorly apparently) to pretend. If and when an argument to their narrative does present itself, the masked protestor either assaults the source or books it before factual correction can be presented. It’s outrageous that people who are intellectually vulnerable are used almost as mercenaries in this way. Yes, spills happen. But they’re cleaned up immediately and thoroughly upon discovery to the highest degree possible, utilizing the most advanced technology available.
commented 2018-07-23 14:16:56 -0400
Sounds like a G.Soros worker.
commented 2018-07-23 14:15:22 -0400
He sounded like it was time for his morning cup of Rye.
commented 2018-07-23 13:43:34 -0400
Sounds like he just finished his breakfast spliff.
commented 2018-07-23 13:42:46 -0400
Ah yes, the obligatory “fashion accessory” for any protest camp – a bandanna to cover your face and show how brave you are about defending your views… And I love the “pretzel logic” about why all those cars are up there…
commented 2018-07-23 13:21:46 -0400
At least this one could string a sentence together. Boy its amazing what people think. That’s what I call ‘mal’ informed right there. But they have to believe in something right? and they probably get some allowance for squatting there. Pretty sad exploitation of vulnerable people by the eco puppeteers. Pathetic.