June 24, 2019

New poll: College kids not keen on gun rights

Rob ShimshockRebel Contributor

While Pew Research shows that almost half of Americans believe that the right to bear arms is essential, only about 30% of college students surveyed by College Pulse agreed.

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commented 2019-06-26 12:07:12 -0400
and who would be surprised with the teachers teaching BS about anything good for America
commented 2019-06-25 15:50:25 -0400
john galt , i have to agree with you and don’t forget their hot chocolate.
commented 2019-06-25 02:23:43 -0400
Well then they should not buy one. No Gun, No Say! My Body , My Choice.
commented 2019-06-24 23:57:55 -0400
Ask them if they would feel safer if only Trump had Guns?
commented 2019-06-24 22:39:05 -0400
I am surprised that it is as high as 30%……
“…not keen on gun rights.” Keen would imply sharp,eager etc.This does not describe a great many college / university “students” that I have heard speak in the last few years…..
Gun rights aside…..they seem to be incapable of “being keen” on numerous subjects because they do not even understand the various subjects being debated.
If it is not served up as “verbal pablum”a great many seem incapable of "digesting"any information……followed up by a soother of course……because that is their"safe space".