Join the fight for Campus Freedom at the University of Alberta

Sheila Gunn ReidRebel Host | The Gunn Show

Back in October I interviewed a student from the University of Alberta about he pro-life group on campus and the challenges they were facing.

According to Amberlee Nichol, the president of U-Alberta Pro-life, her group was attacked by an online mob and had their property damaged while the school's security did nothing.

But now things have gotten worse.

The University of Alberta has demanded $17,500 from U-Alberta Pro-life, just so they can express their opinions on campus.

Free speech on campus is under attack.

U-Alberta Pro-life was going to try to have another peaceful educational display on February 23 and 24 of this year.

But the University administration informed Amberlee that U-Alberta Pro-life would need to pay a $17,500 security fee if they wanted to have the event.

The University wants the pro-life students to pay for the wages and costs associated with having security staff barricade and protect their display from the shouting down, vandalism, and unlawful disruption of others.

U-Alberta Pro-life can’t afford to pay these outrageous fees and they shouldn’t have to. 

This isn’t about being pro-choice or pro-life. This is a free speech issue.

This is about a university using ridiculous and punitive fees to silence people they disagree with. This is about punishing the victim.

By failing to uphold the student code of conduct, the University of Alberta has only emboldened the progressive mob that attacked Amberlee’s group in the first place.

John Carpay with the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms has been hired to handle U-Alberta Pro-life’s lawsuit against the University.

They have already been hard at work.

Here is a copy of a letter sent from the JCCF to the University of Alberta.

But Amberlee and her group are students.

They don’t have a lot of money and fighting for free speech is expensive.

Please click here to make a donation to help cover the cost of the legal fees. 

Here is a copy of the lawsuit:

Free speech for some, isn’t fee speech at all.

If you think campus freedom is important, please sign the petition below! 

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The University of Alberta’s Dean of Students should uphold the student code of conduct as well as the free speech rights of UALberta Prolife.

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