May 05, 2016

Can Canadians afford “high maintenance” First Family? ATIP documents reveal “odd” requests

Andrew LawtonRebel Commentator

Taxpayers are footing the bill for a $10 million renovation to 24 Sussex Dr., which is typically the official residence of Canada’s prime minister. While the renovations are underway, the prime minister’s family is living at Rideau Cottage, but also has access to a vacation cottage in Quebec, Harrington Lake.

Documents obtained exclusively by the Rebel show that Canada’s first family has had some odd requests at that property.

Emails between National Capital Commission staff and the Prime Minister’s Office show that “Mrs”—referring to Sophie Gregoire-Trudeau”—doesn’t like the taste of the water, even though continuous testing done by the NCC shows that there is nothing wrong with it, and even a PMO representative said it’s completely potable.

In the meantime, the Trudeaus are getting drinking water supplied only in glass bottles, instead of drinking from the tap like the rest of Canadians do.

The basement of Harrington Lake is also being renovated, with a newly-purchased ping-pong table and hockey game requiring new lighting. The Prime Minister’s Office stipulated that only incandescent lighting will be used—the NCC actually had to replace existing fluorescent lighting to make the space more appealing.

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commented 2016-05-05 18:19:10 -0400
The nannies are too busy to pick the brown M&Ms out of the bowl. We need to hire someone else to do that.
commented 2016-05-05 18:09:40 -0400
Sorry, meant to say “exploitative” in the first sentence.
commented 2016-05-05 17:45:37 -0400
It would be shocking if the arrogance and gluttony of the entitlement communist wasn’t being exploited. Welcome to Round #2 of this disgrace. Obviously, a lot of people lost in the wilderness with learning disabilities….. The only reason that narcissists like this end up in power is because of the 40% of voting Canadians (real number is actually closer to 55%) who think the same way and feel they are entitled to the same things!
Sunni ways……..
Can’t fix psychological problems or stupid…….at least with stupid, there is a small glimmer of hope…..only one way to change it…..
How will you be able to tell who isn’t of the narcissistic entitlement crowd?
We’ll be the ones who lose our hair, but we’ll have the longer arms because we’ll be digging deeper into our pockets to pay for this abuse and corruption.
commented 2016-05-05 17:39:42 -0400
And meanwhile back in Alberta, the leader of the wildrose is sleeping in a tent………..
commented 2016-05-05 17:16:59 -0400
Whatever happened to clean drinking water on reserves? He’s/she’s a fucking idiot.
commented 2016-05-05 17:07:18 -0400
CFL Bulbs are for thee and not me” – Dear Leader Trudeau
commented 2016-05-05 16:56:42 -0400
Does the springless trampoline go into Junior’s bedroom for the winter?
commented 2016-05-05 16:44:07 -0400
Isn’t this the same Mrs. INCDOOGE that used to drink her own Bloody Mary body fluids
commented 2016-05-05 16:44:07 -0400
And then by contrast Harper waves his pension.

Yes, it is obvious PM Justin “spoiled brat” Trudeau is obviously the better PM. I, for one, did not want my tax dollars spent frugally for things that are needed. Justin obviously deserves all the perks we can lavish upon his royal highness.
commented 2016-05-05 16:31:08 -0400
Ah, the insane, privileged, entitled left wingers, huge dippers who pay for absolutely nothing but are destroying every good fabric of this country. As’Ole trudoop has actually sent 10 military personnel to Fort McMurray, imagine only 10 while I can imagine the large amount of our military is ten times sent to Syria for garbage muslims who will never contribute. Disgusting and purely evil.
commented 2016-05-05 16:28:52 -0400
Mr. Short Pants was born rich and is used to others paying his way.

He does not care.

What else can one expect from a scumbag who charges charities $20k to hear dulcet tones come out of his lying mouth.
commented 2016-05-05 16:15:37 -0400
Ahhh, the work begins on the new Palace of Versailloes. Oh I do hope the artisans get the golf leaf and the ceiling frescos right. Some of the Sunny Ways King’s subjects may not be pleased at the expense. What is that Sophie? Let them drink tap water? Sing them a song Sophie, maybe they will feel better.