June 17, 2018

Can “right-wing, gay, Jewish muckraker” fill the void in Toronto’s city politics?

Rebel Staff


We just experienced a very exciting election in Ontario, culminating in regime change that will make Doug Ford our new Premier, something very few people could have seen coming six months ago.

Credit must be given to the Toronto Sun newspaper for doing the real due diligence on the various parties and their candidates and one of the reporters who brought spectacular stories to the front page was Sue-Ann Levy.

On Friday’s show, I chatted with Sue-Ann about some of those radical NDP candidates and the void Doug’s election as Premier now leaves in Toronto heading into a municipal election.

Doug was set to challenge Toronto Mayor John Tory who many fiscal conservatives feel has been a big disappointment, so who’s left to take him on in October?

Watch as we discuss what lies ahead for Canada’s biggest city.

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