January 09, 2016

Can you be SINGLE and HAPPY in 2016?

Rebel Staff

I look at the reasons why having a significant other has become insignificant in 2016.


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commented 2016-01-10 17:26:26 -0500
Michael Mann, Perer isn’t an asshole like you!
commented 2016-01-10 14:12:55 -0500

Maybe you should take the pickle out of your fucking ass and not get offended over everything. I bet you are a real joy to be around with zero sense of humor.
commented 2016-01-10 13:53:26 -0500
BRAVO ZULU commented 20 hours ago
I am an old geezer and have been married for nearly 37 years.

I agree with You, I too am an old geezer, or to be more accurate, an old soldier. It is said that old soldiers never die, they slowly fade away, well I am at the fading away stage of my life.
My score for children is seven, I had two wives. Right now I have lost count of Grand Children but I do have one Great Grandson, who is now old enough to talk and walk.

You are right, reproduction is an important thing for the Western World. We need to get rid of the politically correct, progressive thinking feminist BS and start thinking of the future. Canadians need to Screw. This is a lot better than being Screwed. Love, for the sake of Canada.
commented 2016-01-10 09:25:28 -0500
Trust Michael to make a jerk remark. Mike, try making a that doesn’t drip hatred for a change.
commented 2016-01-09 23:01:00 -0500
Translation – he is either still a virgin or he has to pay for sex. He can’t actually GET a girl.
commented 2016-01-09 22:43:49 -0500
I get lots of single time since my wife has a lot of close friends. I get the best of both worlds. I’m not the possessive type, nor is she. We both have our own money and never had a joint account.
commented 2016-01-09 21:53:37 -0500
I’ve been single for nine years now. Me and my ex are still decent friends and we have great kids where we both share full responsibility for their upbringing. As a matter of fact, the boys and their dad and uncles are going away in February for a week up north ice fishing. I would never marry again. Being single is utterly fantastic and I have no desire to date anyone, much less cater to them. Personally, I enjoy my time alone and after a hard day of work, that time is precious to me.
commented 2016-01-09 19:31:51 -0500
“Can you be SINGLE and HAPPY in 2016?”

That is the only way to be happy!
commented 2016-01-09 18:36:30 -0500
I’m 71 and been in hundreds of relationships. Loved them all but I never asked either of my wives to marry me. Probably would still be single if they hadn’t asked.
Both wives were beautiful. 1st one was French and one of the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. That lasted 2 months before I turfed her.
My 2nd wife was tall and beautiful but she was a keeper. She is much younger than I am and seeks cosmetics in a high end boutique. We are empty nesters but we are happy. We had 3 girls and a boy. He played US college Division 1 baseball at university in South Carolina. He lives in Boston and is married to a stunning beauty from Myrtle Beach with a medical degree.
All my daughters are married except 1 who turfed her husband who was a drunk. All have great jobs one owns a trucking company in BC another is a photographer in Toronto. Life is great.
Just had a quintuplet bypass a year ago but things are great
commented 2016-01-09 17:46:52 -0500
I am an old geezer and have been married for nearly 37 years.

I have children and grandchildren.

It is a lonely life when you are older and have no “partner” with whom you have shared a life – with all of the ups and downs that come with it.

Ask my neighbour who told me that just today.

He is a 72 year old bachelor with not one family member to call upon.

Can you be happy?

Probably – but what mark have you left upon the world?

Yeah, you made a bunch of money.

You attended a bunch of meetings.

You made a bunch of money for others.

You live in a nice house.

But when push comes to shove you truly do have one important job.


Without that, you can only help this country go further down hill.

And as a single you might have reproduced – but only to dump it on society.

When I am old and sick and on my death bed – I think – because of the relationship I have with my family – I will not be looking up and into the eyes of strangers and people wanting me to “get on with it because we need your bed”.

So – get out there – and do your duty to your country – have kids.

Raise them with the values YOU were raised with.

Or lay on your death bed and hope the doctor at least knows your name when he says good-bye to you and fills that IV with a respiratory suppressant like morphine.

All pre-approved by the gay boy with nice hair.
commented 2016-01-09 17:16:48 -0500
commented 2016-01-09 17:12:41 -0500
I’m 68 years old and I’ve been single all my life. In fact, I have never been in a relationship that has lasted through both her birthday and Christmas. Maybe subconsciously I was just to cheap to buy the girl more than one gift. It was a definite choice I made, probably because I had my heart broken once and was too cowardly to risk that ever happening again. However, today, while there are times when I can definitely identify with Roy Clark’s song “Yesterday, when I was young” and it would be nice to have children and grandchildren around in my old age, I’m definitely content with how my life has turned out. In fact, I doubt if I’d be able to tolerate living with someone else long term, since I’m so set in my ways. As for how many people are at my funeral, I don’t care. I’ll be dead.
commented 2016-01-09 15:53:59 -0500
When a man marries a woman he has love in his eyes…? ?. When a woman marries a man she has love in her eyes….$ $.

Just joking Ladies.
commented 2016-01-09 15:43:55 -0500
I’m sixty-one.
My wife and I have 8 children.
6 of them are married. (6 down, 2 to go.)
We have 17 grandchildren. At this point, there’s no telling who’s keeping what secrets, but we have 2 more on the way. We just keep racking them up like points on a pinball machine. (Sorry for the Old School colloquialism.)

We went camping last summer and people stopped to ask if it was a church group or a camper’s daycare. 17 grandchildren, 6 years of age and under, in adjoining campsites can prompt a lot of questions.

Nothing is better! I count myself blessed and feel sad for people who have no interest in that sort of thing.

Last year, I helped bury a friend who’s wife died a few years before him. They chose not to have children. The funeral was a quiet graveside service with about four or five friends and some nieces and nephews. A sad and lonely ordeal, really.

I also have friends who have chosen to remain single. You know full well how that’s going to end up.

I’m confused at how blinded they are to the immeasurable blessings they’d be enjoying if they’d only set their selfish, self centred, self serving characteristics aside and put someone else ahead of themselves. It’s just like sales: When you help others get what they want, you’ll always get what you want.

If you’re looking for fame and glory, happiness and peace of mind, it’s easy to find among your second and third generations. My grandchildren worship me. I’m famous among them. They love me. I love them. I’m in my glory!

Don’t be deceived. It’s not good for man to be alone.

I only agree with one aspect of this commentary. Be the right person. Then, you’ll easily attract the right person.

(PS – Seriously?! Can’t you express yourself more fervently than by simply swearing? I feel like I’m losing the battle of words to guttural grunts. I love words. Just because so many people can’t grasp an intelligent word, doesn’t mean you have to cater to the lowest common denominator. Try it out. Use a couple of two dollar words and line them up in the right order and you’ll find people will really appreciate the effort. I challenge you to stop using single syllable vulgarities to express yourself. I forgive you and accept your apology.)

(PPS – This is a preemptive strike against those who would denounce my clarion call to increase your intellectual capacities by improving your language skills as they apply to the art of self expression. I am not commanding you in the name of God almighty to stop swearing or I’ll complain to some Human Rights Commission. No. That would be very progressive of me. Unless my life is in peril, I would rather use the powers of persuasion, patience and long suffering. You needn’t fill this thread with a string of profanities to tell me off. I’ve already imagined them quite clearly and distinctly, thank you very much.)
commented 2016-01-09 14:27:22 -0500
At 38 I. Just got married. Well the 2nd time if 2 month marriage counts. I married a great woman, have 4 adult kids with her and could not be happier.
Single and young was a no brainer for me!
commented 2016-01-09 13:44:32 -0500
marriage used to be a serious matter men and women took seriously. That notion is dead. Men marry now because it is the ‘accepted’ thing to do, not because they understand it to be the serious matter it is. Women marry now because it is the ultimate expression of ‘ME, ME, ME’ (watch any bridezilla tv shows for proof) and for women there is an added bonus, divorce is a VERY lucrative endeavor! Throw in the feminazi’s and the idea of marriage is dead.
Guys do yourself a favour, focus on your life, health and happiness, not her
commented 2016-01-09 13:11:48 -0500
How does it go? Be happy and alone, or be attached, broke and miserable.
Be smart guys, go MGTOW.