December 04, 2018

UPDATE: Christian landlord LOSES “Islamophobia” case brought by Muslim tenants

Rebel Staff

Do you remember John Alabi, the Christian landlord who was sued by his Muslim tenants for not taking off his shoes?

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Of course, they didn’t sue him in a real court. They took him to a kangaroo court — the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario.

They claimed that by not taking off his shoes, John violated their human rights as Muslims.

If that sounds like a joke or a scam or a con, well, you don’t know these kangaroo courts. They agreed with the Muslim tenants and hit John with a massive, $12,000 fine.

It’s nuts.

We offered to help John pay his fine — but then our viewers came up with a better idea:

Let’s crowdfund the money to appeal the case, not to submit! So John appealed.

But unfortunately, he lost — the three-judge panel didn’t say that the Human Rights Tribunal made the “right” decision. They just said that they followed their own procedures. And so the ruling stands.

So not only does John owe the Muslim family $12,000 for wearing his shoes in their “holy apartment", we need to pay the legal costs now, too.

It’s been a terrible trauma for John. His son committed suicide shortly before the Human Rights Tribunal hearing — but the Muslim tenants insisted on proceeding with the hearing.

So much for “human rights”.

Unfortunately, the stress of the entire battle caused John’s marriage to break. As you can see in my interview, he is a sensitive man who has been put through the meat grinder — by our own government’s kangaroo court.

But I promised John that we’d help him, and I want to keep my promise. Can you please help me, help John?

I’ll kick in the first $100. Can you please put in what you can — $5 or $50 or even $500?

Let’s pay John’s legal bill — his lawyer fought hard.

And as you can see, at the end of my interview, I asked John if he wanted to keep fighting — he still has a few other avenues.

He is still a bit shell-shocked from everything — I don’t think he’s ready to make that decision. And frankly, I think it depends on whether or not we can help him pay his bills. I don’t think he wants to keep fighting, if it means he goes deeper into debt.

But if we can cover the costs for him, I think he might fight on.

I know what I think. I’ve been through the meat grinder of the human rights commissions before. They’re atrocious. And I want to help John.

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