January 07, 2019

Radio-Canada's “brilliant” sketch spoofing Trudeau's India trip condemned as “racist” (Guest host: David Menzies)

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

(David Menzies guest hosts for Ezra Levant, who is back Wednesday, January 9...)

Sadly, I am unilingual. But the good news is that one needn’t speak a single word of French to bust a gut over Radio Canada’s New Year’s Eve sketch that satirized the Trudeau clan’s disastrous trip to India in 2018.

Of course, the usual suspects think there’s absolutely nothing funny about it.

Tonight I'll show you the full sketch, and let you decide for yourself.

I thought it was brilliant, the sort of edgy humour one rarely sees on Radio-Canada’s English counterpart, the CBC.

But evidently, this sketch was racist. The press in English Canada, ranging from the Toronto Star (of course) to the National Post (sadly), ginned-up this story, lambasting Radio-Canada for being disrespectful of Indian and Hindu culture.

Why is it when a comedy troupe parodies Indian culture, that’s cultural appropriation, but when Prime Minister Zoolander himself does the Bollywood dancing thing, that’s OK?

At time of writing, Radio-Canada has not caved to its critics and issuing a mea culpa. Nor should it.

If anyone needs to apologize, it is surely the Prime Minister. That Indian trip was an off-the-chart fiasco, a costly endeavour that did nothing but give Canada a black eye on the international stage.

NEXT: In his Sun column, Lorne Gunter brought some much needed sanity and perspective to this topic. He joins me tonight to explain why he agrees with me that political sketches like this aren't just funny:

They play a vital role in our democracy.

FINALLY: Your letters to me!

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commented 2019-01-09 16:36:41 -0500
Trudeau has to be everybody’s saviour bc he thinks so little about the abilities of anybody else.
He is sanctimonious.
He is controling.
He is belittling.
He is manipulative.
He is arrogant and that’s not an act.
Just pawns on his chess board. And bc you are Canadian, he owns you & the Queen gave you nothing.
If he didn’t laugh, its because in his small world he’s the only one that matters. Because the people that are most afraid throw the highest of praises to keep his bubble afloat.
He’s a hollow idol.
commented 2019-01-08 20:37:18 -0500
People that can dish it out but can’t take it live a very depraved life. No matter their physical wealth.
commented 2019-01-08 17:29:02 -0500
I can pretty much guarantee that junior doesn’t like to be the “butt” of a joke!
commented 2019-01-08 17:18:15 -0500
Edward Jobin-
Like John Cleese said, “All humour is critical”.
But a good comedian can make the recipient of a joke laugh at themselves because they know the character of which they critique.
Would you tell a Blank Panther joke & a white supremacist rally? Would you tell a old boy’s joke at a feminist convention.
The joke isn’t critical in its delivery if the audience can’t relate & laugh at it. It just becomes an insult.
If Trudeau didn’t laugh at this, maybe he thinks the audience was for himself only.
commented 2019-01-08 13:40:15 -0500
What makes these so called hate speech laws so frustratingly hypocritical and funny at the same time is the complexity of humour. No one knows for certain the motivation of a comment or parody when it is made. Was it sincere, or was there implied sarcasm or was it just being made because we were told not too and most of us despise authoritarian censorship especially when it has a political motivation and to further complicate the matter how do you interpret when it is a woman mocking women or an Indian poking fun of other Indians? Is it racist to laugh at one’s self?
commented 2019-01-08 13:27:52 -0500
That was supposed to have read Christian.
commented 2019-01-08 12:35:32 -0500
So here in Canada everyone can feel free to rip the Cristian religion but everyone else is off limits?
commented 2019-01-08 12:31:59 -0500
At first I thought I was having a bad trip then I realized it was Justin’s.
commented 2019-01-08 07:49:15 -0500
I’d say the skit was very accurate, extremely funny too!!!!

Thanks for the laughs.
commented 2019-01-08 03:51:10 -0500
And what about cow tipping? Can we still do that? Or, how about riding cows? Damn it, even our farms are under attack…
commented 2019-01-08 03:45:03 -0500
Oh, and I’ve now decided to not retire to Goa… It was on my mind, but I cannot imagine now how I might be welcomed, as a Canadian… Kinda sucks because they have a beautiful beach there… And the cost of living is low. And the food is good… Dammit Justine, will you just go away??
commented 2019-01-08 03:37:08 -0500
Absolutely hilarious… Love it…:)
commented 2019-01-08 03:03:50 -0500
Once again faux racism claims used to silence political criticism even when done in jest.
commented 2019-01-08 03:00:22 -0500
Where do the speech Nazi humor police dredge to find someone who remotely gives a damn enough to complain about a comedy bit?
commented 2019-01-08 02:55:11 -0500
No soup for you Radio Canada!
commented 2019-01-08 02:53:47 -0500
I thought I was having a bad trip.
commented 2019-01-08 01:38:02 -0500
So apparently it is ok and not racist for CBC and Mary Walsh to have called Harper a Stasi as well as to have mocked him repeatedly as well as mock basically all conservative MPs but if they dare mock Trudeau that is racist. Scratch a leftard and you discover nothing but a lying hypocrite.
commented 2019-01-08 01:10:38 -0500
Bird Box is a hilarious movie about demomocrats living in Donald Trumps America. They end up having to cover their eyes.
commented 2019-01-08 01:02:29 -0500
You got that right Karen… In spite of the media’s love affair with Pere Trudeau, there were stories leaking out in those days of the RCMP’s detachment at government house having to “waft” the rooms there of “Maggie’s smoke” before guests and dignitaries arrived… “The more things change the more they stay the same”…
commented 2019-01-08 01:01:32 -0500
Hey paid off media prostitutes , just because you are bought and paid for that does not mean the rest of us or the rest of the world do not see Justin for the stammering buffoon that he is.
commented 2019-01-08 01:00:30 -0500
Finally some value for the money we pay CBC.
commented 2019-01-08 01:00:13 -0500
Karan Singh don’t you know? They define what is racism in each case, they are all knowing and decide for the rest of us since they are so superior! In other words HYPOCRISY!
commented 2019-01-08 00:54:44 -0500
What’s really funny about the hippies on BC is that they turned into capitalists and still preach about being free spirits.
Pick a lane. Teach the Trudeau’s the error of your ways next time he heads to Tofino, BC hippies. Or are they too busy selling their stuff?
Made from OIL products I bet.
commented 2019-01-08 00:43:28 -0500
Andy Neimers-
Umm… Texada Island & Sombrio beach commune problems seemed to have multiplied since last mentioned.
I’m willing to bet weed was pablum in the Trudeau house in the 70’s.
Do you really think Studio 54 & the Rolling Stones just had a weed problem? Call me skeptical.
commented 2019-01-08 00:33:09 -0500
Dan Mancuso:- re “I will admit, growing up with the ‘Trudeaus’ must have been…challenging…like maybe Maggie dropping him on his head…more than once…or something…”… Or something indeed… The little Boy Blunder had more pakalolo smoke blown in his face growing up, than the hippies’ kids on Texada Island or at the Sombrio Beach communes… (Older generation British Columbians will know exactly what I’m talking about…)
commented 2019-01-08 00:18:22 -0500
Radio-Canada let the whole entourage Justin Trudeau took with him off the hook, frankly.
They all should have been the back up dancers. Every one of them.
commented 2019-01-08 00:05:13 -0500
Andrew Mirlach,
I couldn’t tell if that was Butts. I thought he had a beard & glasses?
What gets me is the actor playing Trudeau!!! Clearly lacking in Trudeau’s physical charm but caputuring the charisma of the man with an oscar winning portrayal.
If that actor doesn’t get a CSA award, you know the system is rigged!
commented 2019-01-07 23:58:09 -0500
Carole Masse,
😃😂. Well put.
commented 2019-01-07 23:44:55 -0500
My favorite part was when Little Gerry B. fell out of Justin’s Butt and started dancing.
commented 2019-01-07 23:40:28 -0500
Correct Karen. And the Indian in Montreal born and raised in Qc where we have plenty of cows is offended by cartoons of cows being smacked? Give me a break.