January 15, 2019

Trudeau shuffles his cabinet of incompetent cronies (Guest host: Sheila Gunn Reid)

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

(Sheila Gunn Reid guest hosts for Ezra Levant tonight.)

So Liberal MP Scott Brison is quitting. With an election coming this fall, he couldn't even stick it out till the end of his term?

Some people are speculating that he's quitting now to avoid embarrassing the government, due to his possible involvement in the trail of Vice Admiral Norman. However, Brison says he is quitting for family reasons, having just become the father of twins.

Regardless, Brison's departure prompted a cabinet shuffle.

And this is Justin Trudeau we are talking about, so it's not like he is going to put people capable of running their portfolios in place.

For instance, Jane Philpott is being shuffled out of Indigenous Services and that's good.

She's barely moved the needle on clean drinking water for First Nations on reserve, and she made herself famous by Ottawa spending $110,000 in legal fees fighting First Nations girl over a $6,000 dental procedure.

Seamus O'Regan is being shuffled out of Veterans Affairs, which is good, too.

Just a couple of months ago O'Regan told veterans that he understood what they were going through, the pain and confusion that soldiers can feel when adjusting to civilian life, because he had once been... a TV journalist who transitioned into government and he experienced what he thought was a similar shock to his system.

But that's not the worst of it...

TONIGHT I'll take you through Trudeau's cabinet shuffle in detail.

No matter who he moves to which post, Justin Trudeau's cabinet is still based on cronyism, on unwavering and uncritical loyalty, on extreme sycophancy over merit, and on meeting an arbitrary gender quota.

Because in Liberal land, looking hip at all times is better than being effective in your job.

NEXT: Andrew Lawton, a Fellow with the True North Initiative, joins me to talk about yet another case of a Canadian man being charged (this time with second-degree murder!) for using firearms to counter a home invasion. 



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commented 2019-01-22 19:13:50 -0500
Colton Boushie was a darling native can u even imagine such a one, dear Sheila? First Nation r used to hateful reporting and treatment, but u DO go far too far here tonight-a dead man is NOT the victim? Oh, no, he was sitting in a car, doing nothing AT ALL!! But, dirty, filthy, drunken native is yr version, what a disgusting typical Canadian hyperbole. The people on the farm RAN a mechanical garage, where u drive in and the car was having problems. The farmers (typical again) see the driver as : dirty, filthy, drunken native-as all First Nations must surely be (according to u). U have not given the court records any play AT ALL, the victim was THE DEAD MAN, never and IN NO WAY the murderous farmer hate is his mo, and most of the farmers around that place, hate for who, do u think? Jesus, being God, surely u will listen to and He does say that hate in our hearts is murder. It is NOT RURAL, it is NOT gun shot at criminal, this WAS a DARLING NATIVE PERSON sitting quietly, perhaps even sleeping, in a car, yr take is absolutely disgusting, soo Canadian, where we talk the talk, never the walk, we hide behind our ’polite, endearing ’ (& very false) exterior. RCMP NEVER stand up for First Nations, do u not really know that????
commented 2019-01-16 12:57:45 -0500
- It loos a lot like shuffling the deck chairs on the Titanic. Are there any competent Liberal MPs at this point.

- As they clamp down on our human rights they seek to disarm us & punish us for defending ourselves. Why? So when we finally decide we’ve had enough of their failed policies they will meet minimal resistance. If the French had their own version of the American 2nd amendment the yellow vest protests would be over & Macron & pals would be gone (or more likely it would never have gotten to this point in the first place).
commented 2019-01-16 12:39:17 -0500
Watch B+E and home invasions drop dramatically if Canada had a “stand your ground” law along with easier licensing for PRE-SCREENED Canadians to acquire LEGAL handguns.
commented 2019-01-16 12:34:33 -0500
“Sad that he might very well get into office again because of the split Conservative vote this next election. "

Splitting the vote or not splitting the vote will not make one iota of difference because the next election no doubt will be rigged. 2015 saw the highest 3rd party electoral interference in Canadian history (and Trudeau was elected). You can bet the farm things are only going to continue on their downward spiral.

“Millions in foreign funds spent in 2015 federal election to defeat Harper government, report alleges”


(watch the video top right hand corner)
“…Remember, as The Canadian System now stands, The People of Canada have NO recourse, NO legal way to demand the altering of what is going on in Ottawa or our Provincial capitals, once the politicians are elected. …”

commented 2019-01-16 11:58:24 -0500
Cabinet or Presidium? They all look the part of happy communist party members. The only thing missing is the wearing of drab army uniforms to signal their importance in society.
What a pathetic mess the lying media and the idiots that voted for these miscreants have made of our once proud Nation.
commented 2019-01-16 11:34:06 -0500
JAN G commented 10 hours ago.

(What’s happening on The Rebel website?……………….

Jan. I too noticed a seeming slow down of The Rebel. In my opinion, I think the Rebel is under attack and Ezra, who has missed a few appearances lately, is probably drawing up the Battle Lines to fend of such an attack.
commented 2019-01-16 10:35:01 -0500
Too bad Justin didn’t shuffle himself out of office…
commented 2019-01-16 08:04:19 -0500
So, Shameless O’Dork has been moved, out the door would have been more beneficial to Society
commented 2019-01-16 07:35:27 -0500
Hyacinth, that is one of the many reasons why I despised Pierre Trudeau. As an Albertan I have other reasons as well. Now Trudeau 2.0 with 0.15 the intellect of Pierre is furthering his dad’s agenda with a hateful vengeance. Sad that he might very well get into office again because of the split Conservative vote this next election.
commented 2019-01-16 07:03:48 -0500
“When the government charges you for defending yourself and in so doing makes the process of defending yourself a punishment (by causing you to pay heavy defence fees to prove your innocence), the government is only encouraging crime.”

What we are witness to is the fruition of Pierre Trudeau’s machinations, he is the one that majorly overhauled the judicial laws – stripped law abiding citizens of their rights and gave the perps rights. Successive Liberal governments and their bureaucratic lackeys have furthered this agenda.
commented 2019-01-16 03:53:13 -0500
Self defence is a basic human right.

When the government charges you for defending yourself and in so doing makes the process of defending yourself a punishment (by causing you to pay heavy defence fees to prove your innocence), the government is only encouraging crime.
commented 2019-01-16 02:01:44 -0500
You’re right Jan G.. The Rebel’s search logic is being corrupted by a scramble of old and new articles… By the way Keith Barnes, the Okanagan Valley in B.C. is the furthest northern extent of what is known as the “Sonoran Desert” formation which literally extends north from Baja California, east of the coastal mountain ranges, right up to Penticton and Kelowna… So no wonder about rattlesnakes as big, big spiders… And the ability to grow grapes from Baja to Penticton…
commented 2019-01-16 01:33:29 -0500
(What’s happening on TheRebel website? ‘The Latest’ is all old videos/stories. It’s not in chronological order.)

Listen to the story of the 80++ year old woman who outwitted the police on the new impaired driving laws.
Go to 6:18 on the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Znyb6ccQBzQ

Trudeau? Cronyism? If you haven’t seen this, it’s worth watching this on the Trudeau Foundation and Trudeau’s cronyism.

Great response by Pierre Poilievre on the shuffle.

Sweet little O’Reagan lived in Labrador, so he came across so sweet and sincere talking to the press. He also said he’d NEVER say anything ‘like that’ about veterans. I guess he wasn’t there when he said it.
commented 2019-01-16 00:13:27 -0500
Whoops, Dessert should be Desert,below.
commented 2019-01-15 23:10:14 -0500

I used to live in BC for a while, four or five years I guess. I lived in Penticton which is listed officially as a Dessert and is the only Dessert in the northern hemisphere, I believe. Lots of sunshine, Black Widow spiders and even a few Rattle Snakes.
commented 2019-01-15 22:46:07 -0500
“Every decision is designed to advance their goal of total control of the nation.”

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree:


“The new breathalyzer law is prepping us for more authoritarian over reach. IMO.”

One small step among many steps taken.

“… it turns out that Facebook’s top person in Canada is Kevin Chan. He’s in charge of a new program to fight “fake news,” and will have control over which news stories on Facebook can be seen by Canadians.
And just who is Kevin Chan? He’s a former Policy Director for the Liberal Party….”
commented 2019-01-15 22:40:49 -0500
It’s easy to draw parallels between Canadian citizens being law-fared to death by the state for daring to defend themselves from murderous criminals and savages, even when the state can’t, or won’t defend you against them – and the Chief Provincial Firearms Officers NOT signing off on any ATCs (Authorization To Carry) for law abiding responsible Canadian firearms owners – and the unelected RCMP bureaucrat/politicians who arbitrarily prohibit certain types of firearms, etc, etc, etc.
This is a non-partisan, bureaucratic, shadow-government thing! They call them swamp creatures in the States…and they’re trying to drain that swamp!
I see the 5 – P’s in there, again…they keep popping up when major destruction to Canada is being facilitated!
Why have we allowed our country to be taken over by these Globalist scoundrels, criminals and traitors?!
Why are we continuing to allow them to destroy us?!
commented 2019-01-15 22:17:00 -0500
Sorry, Keith. I’m still in bed at that time. I live in BC..
commented 2019-01-15 22:11:31 -0500

Maurice, when I opened the Rebel at about 8 pm E T, I was the only one here, no comments nothing. Perhaps everyone were working overtime.
commented 2019-01-15 22:08:11 -0500
I’m still here and I second what Maurice says.
Keep it up all of you/us.
commented 2019-01-15 21:55:16 -0500
I’m still on this site, Keith. I remain silent on most topics when I feel that other commentators have already said what needs to be said. I only speak up when I have something relevant to ad to the conversation. Otherwise my 2 cents worth is worth just that…. 2 cents. But don’t confuse my silence with absence. I’m still here. You, Karen, etc. are doing a bang-up job. I’ll speak up if if I think you go off track.
commented 2019-01-15 21:48:57 -0500
There was a case a few years ago in BC where a guy used a baseball bat instead of a gun and ended up not killing the guy but doing a lot of brain damage. The sympathy the ‘trespasser’ received was loud and drawn out. I don’t know what ended up happening to the guy defending his property and I don’t know if the other guy had a weapon, but the homeowner was being dragged through the courts and may still be if he isn’t in jail.
In the case of the Toronto restaurant owner, cayenne pepper was used. Its used in bear spray which is illegal to use on a person in Canada so they probably used some creative stretching of the law to charge him.

I am an hour away from assistance and what I will say is , I have bear bangers, and it is illegal to point them at a person or even directly at a bear, but will make a nice hole in a pinch. I don’t want to go to jail, but I don’t want to be robbed, attacked or even killed by an invader.
The new breathalyzer law is prepping us for more authoritarian over reach. IMO.
commented 2019-01-15 21:27:10 -0500
KAREN MACLEOD commented 5 mins ago.
Honestly, the next election should be in the bag for the Tories……………….

Karen, at least you will die happy, not like all the people you leave behind….Where have all the people gone, seems like you and I are the only ones left on this site.
commented 2019-01-15 21:24:34 -0500
The reason for the switch in Liberal policy toward defending the down-troden masses is that it no longer is useful to them. Every decision is designed to advance their goal of total control of the nation. Now that they have a strong grip on power, the pretence of fighting for “the little guy” is worthless. Now they want to remove guns from potential rivals. Since conservatives tend to be rural and widely disbursed, we’re easier to denigrade and dismiss. Remember that the only principle Liberals hold to is pragmatic self-preservation.
commented 2019-01-15 21:16:08 -0500
Honestly, the next election should be in the bag for the Tories given the cabinet shuffle alone.
If the Grits still get it, I’ll die laughing instead of facing their taxes and global criminal laws.