November 29, 2018

Is Trudeau setting up a government department to monitor and counter-attack election coverage he doesn’t like?

Rebel Staff

I’ve said that we’re the only media outlet in Canada that isn’t lining up for Justin Trudeau’s pre-election media slush fund of $595,000,000. But that’s not 100 per cent true.

There is a small outlet in Ottawa called Blacklocks. I think they just have a handful of reporters, but they’re focused hard on Parliament, and they keep breaking stories, because they are independent. They’re not right wing or left wing, that I can detect.

And I really like that they tweeted this out the other day:

A statement from Blacklock’s Reporter. We will neither solicit nor accept @CdnHeritage media grants & have always named & shamed those who do...

I’m going to tell you about one of their scoops today. It’s a story that should be on the front page of the Toronto Star, the Globe and Mail, the National Post, and leading the nightly news on the CBC, CTV and Global.

But it will become immediately obvious why that isn’t the case:

Fed Consultant To Monitor Media, “Expose” Coverage

The Department of Canadian Heritage is reviewing a proposal to monitor truth in election-year reporting and “expose” coverage considered inaccurate. The initiative follows a Liberal cabinet plan to subsidize newsrooms it deems trustworthy. Elections Canada already enforces a statutory ban on campaign falsehoods.

Department staff yesterday confirmed the Public Policy Forum, an Ottawa-based group, applied for cash grants for a so-called Digital Democracy Project. The value of the grant was not disclosed. “The application is under assessment and no decision has been made yet,” the department said in a statement."

Hang on. Isn’t deciding which campaign promises you can trust and which you can’t, deciding which news reports and editorials you should listen to and which you should ignore — isn’t that the job of the voter?

By the way, Edward Greenspon is the CEO of the Public Policy Forum, and it was Edward Greenspon who wrote the blueprint earlier this year for Trudeau’s government bail-out of the media

And two months ago, Greenspon published an op-ed in the Globe and Mail outlining one method by which that could be done — he literally proposed criminalizing fake news.

Now, you should know, that there was an ancient provision in our criminal code, almost never used, called spreading false news. It was medieval, really — designed particularly to stop people from spreading false news about the king, such as saying that he had been killed, and thus a revolution was afoot.

Well, the Canadian government tried to use that law in the modern era, and the Supreme Court rightfully struck it down as an infringement on our freedom of speech.

Well, Greenspon wants to bring that law back.

So it’s coming. And it’s coming fast.

Almost $600 million dollars to pay most journalists to fall into line.

A big grant to Gerald Butts' team to monitor, expose and counter any dissenters.

And — who knows — maybe bring back some medieval law banning anything that upsets the prince.

Yeah, the greatest threat to this next election is not meddling by Russia.

It’s Trudeau — and his paid-off media bosses...

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