December 04, 2018

Canada Post deems controversial “Your Ward News” guilty without a trial

David MenziesMission Specialist

A publication called Your Ward News has attracted the attention of the chattering classes, first and foremost political consultant Warren Kinsella, who never met an offensive person he didn’t want to drag in front of a Human Rights Tribunal.

A recent CBC story notes that Kinsella and his wife formed a group called Standing Together Against Mailing Prejudice, a.k.a., STAMP, with the goal of pressuring Canada Post to halt delivery of the publication.

And guess what: they succeeded, so Canada Post will no longer deliver Your Ward News.

But even if the magazine is indeed vile, anti-Semitic and misogynistic, why is this publication being deemed guilty without a trial and conviction? Do we no longer operate on the proviso of innocent until proven guilty?

The editor-in-chief James Sears and publisher Leroy St. Germaine were both charged in November 2017 with the wilful promotion of hatred against women and Jews, but there hasn’t been a conviction yet.

It’s a tad unsettling that Canada Post has decided to skip with the formalities and arbitrarily decided to stop delivering “Your Ward News” without any legal precedent.

The mailman is going to sanitize content for your protection.

I’m no fan of Your Ward News. But I am a fan of due process. Yet it seems that in the name of politically-correct expediency on behalf of Canada Post, due process is a concept that is now being returned to sender. And that’s troubling.

(UPDATE: On January 24, 2019, the publishers of Ward News were "found guilty promoting hatred against women and Jews.”)

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commented 2018-12-05 20:32:23 -0500
I’ve been warning THEREBELers and SNNers before them, about Warren Kinsella for a while…
I base my very low opinion and contempt of him on the book he allegedly wrote called “WEB OF HATE: Inside Canada’s Far Right Network” (1994)…and anything else I’ve read of his since. Like most lefty so-called literature, it’s somewhere between irrational and a lie!
He basically lumps any white person who has a modicum of pride in their white race, and white separatists, and anything that isn’t a self-hating white, multiculti, like Kinsella and his ugly boyfriend, into the same big ‘family’ of white supremacists, white racists, white bigots, Neo-NAZIs, Skinheads…well you get the picture. I don’t know why Ezra ever had anything to do with the lefty goof.
We all know the CUPW commies and the top-heavy brass and other Pinkos and fascists at Canada Post need to go, like yesterday! Sell it, fire everyone and let capitalism take care of the mail business in Canada! If any of those idlers that actually do ‘work’ at Canada Post are any damn good the private sector will hire you.
commented 2018-12-05 12:44:19 -0500
Aren’t we lucky to have these institutions to protect us from wrong-think. In the old days we had to think for ourselves & make our own decisions, now we have institutions that do that for us.
commented 2018-12-05 02:50:59 -0500
Another reason to use other services.
commented 2018-12-05 00:09:23 -0500
Their is still much talk that Canada Post was indirectly responsible for Bernier losing the CPC Leadership Race. Apparently Canada Post delivered late, 7 to 9,000 voting returns. If that isn’t suspicious enough, these votes were destroyed quickly and unopened, with no apparent authorization.

I have heard about this incident from 3 unrelated sources.
commented 2018-12-04 23:09:50 -0500
Actually I stopped resenting things put in my mail box…..I do have a wood stove after all and I can use the kindling…’s the game of whack-a-mole I am obliged to play with the snow plow that really pisses me off….

So Warren Kinsella crawled out of his lair to give us a display of high horse dressage…..

If it involves the following elements (and I have never read the publication in question nor heard of it before) if it involves the following things:

(a) Canada Post’s Union
(b) Warren Kinsella
© allegations of anti Semitism and misogyny
(d) actual legal action against said offence

I would assume that the offence committed by this publication was that they bad mouthed Judy Rebbic and her website RABBLEBABBLE.
commented 2018-12-04 22:54:50 -0500
JAN G commented 26 mins ago
They deliver cannabis.

They also deliver your income tax forms and related paperwork as well as the long form census and all manner of things which I for one (and I am certain I am not unique in this ) feel deep and rancourous hatred when I receive it.
commented 2018-12-04 22:52:36 -0500
Canada Post is not a private company. They are a public company, how can they get away with any censorship? Even when they are private (I am hopeful) Isn’t their job to just deliver the mail? They provide a public service . Nobody should be asking them to censor content. Bring content to the attention of the authorities if you must, but Canada Post should be doing one thing. Delivering what people mail.

“Standing Together Against Mailing Prejudice”. really? Is Kinsella retired or out of work or something? He doesn’t sound busy enough.
commented 2018-12-04 22:25:16 -0500
They deliver cannabis.
commented 2018-12-04 18:54:17 -0500
Canadians just want Canada Post to delivery their mail and let Canadians decide what they’ll read and what they won’t read.