December 23, 2018

Canada’s “obedient” media party fails to challenge Omar Khadr

Rebel Staff

On Friday’s episode of The Ezra Levant Show, I was joined by Sheila Gunn Reid and Keean Bexte who were at an Edmonton courthouse awaiting the ruling from a judge on convicted terrorist Omar Khadr's request for a passport.

As reported by Keean, who was in the courtroom, there will be no change to Khadr's bail conditions. He will not get a passport to fly to Saudi Arabia, and he will not have his communication restrictions lifted so he can talk to his terrorist sympathizing sister.

But also of interest and concern to Canadians is how the mainstream media has reported on the Khadr case over the years and to this day.

Watch as Sheila and Keean describe what they observed outside the courthouse in yet another perfect illustration of why you just can’t trust the mainstream media.

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