May 01, 2019

“Jordan Peterson was right”: In Canada, it's against the law to call a girl a girl — even your own daughter

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

It’s been a couple of years since Jordan Peterson, the University of Toronto professor, took a stand against politically correct censorship — if you recall, it was Peterson’s worry that he could be compelled to call people by pronouns that just weren’t reality.

Now, I know that sentence would make no sense at all to anyone in the world as recently as five years ago, but basically it means if a man says you have to call him “her”, and you didn’t want to bend yourself to that command, Peterson was worried that new laws could make that an illegal hate crime.

Well, what do you know?

A court, a court of law in British Columbia, and I mean a real court, not a kangaroo court from the human rights commission, has literally ordered a B.C. dad to stop calling his daughter a girl.

Here’s the story — I’ve seen it reported in a few places; I’ll read it from Postmedia, because how the media itself is covering this story is as much a scandal as the story itself:

A messy legal dispute between a 14-year-old transgender boy and his father, who rejects the child’s gender identity, has expanded into a fight over freedom of expression.

Just so you know, it’s a young teenage girl, who says she’s a boy. But she was born a girl.

But Postmedia, which says it reports the news, by which it means facts, is calling this girl a boy. Out of what — science? Out of political fashion? Or is it out of fear of government prosecution, like Professor Peterson predicted?

In a recent decision, a B.C. Supreme Court judge ordered the father to stop publicly discussing the case after finding some of his actions, including interviews with conservative media outlets, exposed his child to significant harm and constituted “family violence.”

I know some colourful characters in the world; and one of two of them have been in bar fights; one or two of them have even been in jail.

But when you say a man is violent — "family violence" — that’s a low, low place. Frankly, it implies someone who perhaps even abused his own children in a morally repugnant way.

Well, except he wasn’t. That’s what this outrageous, B.C. judge — not a human rights commission kangaroo court fake judge — said. Because the dad called his daughter a girl.

Now, since the father obviously has not hit his daughter, and the crime is obviously a thought crime, the punishment should fit the crime. And so it is — he’s banned from talking about his daughter in public. Banned from calling her a girl. 

The case started last year as a clash between child autonomy and parental rights. After undergoing multiple evaluations from a psychologist and staff at B.C. Children’s Hospital, the boy, with the support of his mother and health professionals, wanted to proceed with hormone therapy to help transition from a female body to a male one.

You’ve got a confused 14 year old. That’s OK. Who wasn’t confused at age 14? But it sure looks like she was weaponized here by people with an agenda. This is what terrified families, parents, about secret gay straight alliances in high school.

TONIGHT I'll tell you more about this horrifying story, and about the judge, too.

This is Stalin stuff, this is Mao stuff.

Jordan Peterson was right.

And I’m not sure if I recognize Canada — at least in that small corner, do you?

NEXT: There's a new government in Alberta, and there's already a conflict brewing between Jason Kenney's United Conservatives, and the province of British Columbia, over oil and pipelines.

Lorne Gunter joins me to talk about what's next.

FINALLY: Your messages to me!

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commented 2019-05-03 12:59:42 -0400
The “Thing” in the convenience store should have been called what it was “Freak” !

Radical Feminist Judge . . . appointed by our metro-sexual PM, the brainless Justina!

The same-sex agenda is access to our children . . . been in the works for decades, recruitment is how they grow their numbers. Can legalizing Pedophiles be far away?
commented 2019-05-02 17:46:07 -0400
’ Exactly!
canada is done and soon the white race will be done as well as we no longer have functioning brains and this is becoming more obvious each and every day all over the western world- especially here in canukistan.
commented 2019-05-02 17:43:17 -0400
canadians are all brain damaged- and proud of it.
seems to me the white race no longer have brain cells in their DNA.
commented 2019-05-02 15:24:58 -0400
I don’t give a flyin f**k who you are, you WILL NOT compel me to speak words I refuse to speak!
These evil 5 P Professionals – like the ‘person’ responsible for this court decision – need to be stopped cold! Enough is enough!
The really scary thing about this desecration of justice – by the court – is not how complacent and unconcerned too many people are about it and the other travesties of justice committed by the courts, under the Pierre Trudeau inspired and arranged, Judicial Tyranny…we are all victims of, no, the really scary thing about this is the way that not only are free speech rights erased, but the right of the parent to raise their own children are erased too! How is that not authoritarian and totalitarian?!
Fascism has reared its ugly head in Canada…past tense.

What’s an angry old white guy to do?
commented 2019-05-02 05:08:43 -0400
“A court, a court of law in British Columbia, and I mean a real court, not a kangaroo court from the human rights commission..”

Which proves that all levels of Canadian governmental bureaucracy have been flooded by the cultural Marxists with their global agenda. Pierre Trudeau started the downfall and it has been gaining momentum as each year passes as no one has the spine to put a halt to it.
commented 2019-05-02 01:26:45 -0400
Apt indeed Keith.
Kids in, mush out. The public school system delivers your children back to you as damaged goods, then the law tells you that you no longer have parental rights as if enrollment in school nullified them. Keep them out of the system to start with.
commented 2019-05-02 01:12:44 -0400
Maurice you are absolutely right about how Horgan got in. It was a sham and we were all left up the creek with out a paddle.
commented 2019-05-02 00:52:16 -0400
Hey Ezra BC does not just consist of just Vancouverites….there are all the rest of us who live in Northern BC who are already hurting from the carbon tax. One stalk of celery was $5 today. The mainland is filled with libtards. They do not speak for us. Horgan was not voted in he got in because of the backroom deals he made and foreign funding. Be specific on who are the enemies of Canada.
commented 2019-05-02 00:24:13 -0400
Keith Barnes.. Yup.. that’s the one.. thanks. It’s week night.. got in a rush.
commented 2019-05-02 00:14:29 -0400
Liza Rosie, thank you. You’re right, if people stop having children then the lunacy prevails! Thanks to SOGI123, home schooling seems to be best solution.

Had another thought. Horgan’s NDP government rushing to court with their ridiculous argument is like they’re telling on themselves; they apparently don’t realize BC’s coast along the Pacific ocean is also the provincial border… They just opened the door for Alberta to use the same argument against them!
commented 2019-05-02 00:14:16 -0400
If its “family violence” to disagree with your teenager on some social and political issues and say so out loud, I think these judges have just made every parent in Canada a criminal.
Here is another example of how so called “progressives” i.e. leftists love to play with the definitions of words. They use the same words you use but they don’t mean by them what you do. By such means they hope to subtly ensnare the unwitting. They are slippery deceivers. Be on your watch.
commented 2019-05-02 00:08:38 -0400
To the first issue, there are two genders, male and female, and they are determined by biology, not feelings. The only exception to this is the extremely rare phenomenon of hermaphroditism, were the sex organs of both genders are present. Even then, the organs of one gender are usually dominant and surgery can rectify the situation. As to the second issue, as someone from BC, I believe John Horgan is an illegitimate premier. He got less seats than Christy Clarke and I think the Lieutenant Governor, Janet Austin, failed in her duty to call for a second election instead of asking Horgan to form an alliance with the green party. So as far as I’m concerned, Horgan is a usurper premier. Of course that doesn’t solve the pipeline problem or gas issue.
commented 2019-05-02 00:00:27 -0400 for free stickers (donation ask)
Canada to buy stickers and other products.

I want to see BC full of ‘I love Canadian OIL and Gas’ signs.
Horgan needs to realize that most of BC supports Alberta Oil and Gas and the country needs to get it to market in order to function. I find it rich that Horgan says what Kenney is threatening is unconstitutional, when what Horgan is threatening is also unconstitutional by standing in the way of getting product to market.
Horgan can’t have his cake and eat it too.
commented 2019-05-01 23:54:05 -0400
Thanks Liza R.
commented 2019-05-01 23:45:04 -0400
John Williams.. lol.. yup… lets hope that Canada doesn’t turn into Venezuela..

They are in a very precarious situation…Are we?
commented 2019-05-01 23:38:24 -0400
In the name of “inclusion and acceptance” they take guardianship away of parents to make way for a regimen of hormone changing drugs that statistically results in an above 50% suicide attempt rate. Unbelievably irresponsible and unacceptable government intrusion into the lives of families.
commented 2019-05-01 23:33:22 -0400
If its “family violence” to disagree with your teenager on some social and political issues and say so out loud, I think these judges have just made every parent in Canada a criminal.
commented 2019-05-01 23:28:45 -0400
Correction.. “was” a part of ..
commented 2019-05-01 23:22:49 -0400
commented 2019-05-01 23:22:34 -0400
Hmmmm.. wonder what Roger Waters has to say about current events? Roger Waters is a part of Pink Floyd and a anti Trump type of guy… last time I checked.
commented 2019-05-01 23:16:34 -0400
Canada sells the ‘I love Canadian Oil and Gas’ signs and t shirts.
The signs are really cheap, I guess I’m going to order some. to replace my homemade ones.
commented 2019-05-01 23:05:09 -0400
Hansen Ginn, I don’t blame you for feeling that way. I think a lot of young people are almost afraid to have kids in this climate. Have them anyway. The country needs good people to have children. To fight the sick culture and curb the replacement threat Canada will be facing under this agenda as more migrants are brought in and fewer millennial have children, either because they are hesitant or have become ‘gender confused’.

My advice is, don’t allow them to become indoctrinated in the first place, do not under any circumstances send them to public schools or any private or alternative that has to subscribe to the government agenda. Do your homework and find out where you can still home school move there and link up with other like minded. They are out there and there will be more of them I am sure.
Parents need to yank their kids out of these mind control factories, en masse. It is the only way to protect them. Even kindergarten isn’t safe from the poison.
commented 2019-05-01 23:04:09 -0400
Again more leftists desperately seeking comforting lies. Notice how they always like to play with the definition of words in order to deceive people. Always decipher the leftists’s use of words. They use the same words you use but they do not mean the same thing as they used to.
commented 2019-05-01 23:01:24 -0400
Deborah Graupner.. I know.. me to.
commented 2019-05-01 22:57:32 -0400
As a follow up to what Liza has pointed out. The state runs the educational system and the state it’s self is to blame for the attitude of the people when they became adults. Remember the sex education classes in Ontario, telling boys that it is OK to kiss the boy next to you, if he wants you to and it is OK to hold his hand, The educational system, full of Marxist, is responsible for the misguided attitudes of today’s young adults. Teachers and Politicians work hand in hand when it comes to turning youths into subservient zombies. The future dose not look bright and if you are white and a Christian,then beware of dark shadows that hate you.
commented 2019-05-01 22:40:43 -0400
I don’t know Robert, l made my own from google images in red and black marker on a piece of paper. I am making another one for the other side that reads, I love Alberta. One I saw today was on fabric draped on a deck railing.
Many people in the interior are from Alberta. We left in 2009 because of job loss, but Alberta is still in my heart.
commented 2019-05-01 22:30:58 -0400
Step by step, they are stealing our parental rights. It used to be that they couldn’t question your child without a parent being present. I think they’ve crossed the line here. It is truly criminal giving any type of hormone replacement therapy to someone so young. This decision needs to be appealed! That activist judge should step down. The attack on the family is getting more and more evil by the day. Truly sickening!