September 24, 2015

Canada and immigration: A history lesson -- and a warning

Thomas PrattRebel Blogger

In 1976, I graduated from a Christian boy’s school. During commencement, our head master -- a well respected padre and WW2 RAF veteran -- addressed the faculty and students. 

He said, "I fear for you boys. The future holds many temptations and challenges. We -- meaning the staff and I -- have been able to inculcate some strong moral values. Your future will be full of amoral people with less than savory values.  It is my most ardent prayer that you shall not lose your way, and instead stand up for what is right. The temptation will be to play along, not question authority and not speak up when poor and immoral decisions are being made by society on behalf of the people."

Little did I realize at the time that this very wise and honourable man was speaking the truth.

Let us examine our history.

We once had a constitution known as the British North America Act -- and an unwritten constitution, which were rights and practices put into law due to historic precedence. 

This constitution gave us far more rights and privileges than our current one. Yet our government lauds this new mockery of a Constitution -- when they aren't ignoring it, that is.

Take the decision regarding Trinity Western College, and the Law Society's refusal to recognize the credentials of Trinity's law school graduates simply because they've promised to lead a Christian lifestyle. I ask you: Whom would you rather have defend you? A moral lawyer with good Christian ethics, or a lawyer that does not believe in God?

Ancient Chinese history provides perfect examples of what our future may bring if we continue on the path we're currently on:

An emperor conquers a land and its people. The conquerors start off as barbarous and warlike: murdering; raping women; plundering villages; burning places of worship and murdering monks.

Once the conqueror subjugates the people, he imposes hard levies and fines, and uses the booty to build his fortress.

Over the next 50 years or so, he starts to build schools, roads and places of worship. He passes laws.

A few hundred years of peace follow. The people become prosperous. The politicians become greedy and selfish, and stop governing to benefit the people but rather to feather their own nests.

They all become so complacent they forget the art of fighting or even the moral values that may have at one time made them a "civilized society."

Soon another vicious greedy self serving horde invades and takes over...

Our modern politicians have also lost their way. They think by making warm and fuzzy statements, they are creating and maintaining a prosperous and beautiful country. They do not think about the seeds they are sowing. They have forgotten God and what made Canada a prosperous country. They have forgotten God's law and shall suffer for it.

The West is being invaded by uncivilized hordes. They may be more peaceful than violent, but they are also dangerous.

Many are coming here, not to respect our laws and customs, but to eventually overthrow them.

Is it not ironic that a peaceful, tolerant liberal society will be the author of its own demise, and the very people who support this type of tolerance shall be the first to become subjugated by these invaders?

Yes we should allow foreign immigration, but we must make it very clear that new Canadians must practice and respect our laws and customs.

If these new immigrants cannot do this simple thing, than we need to rethink their application to live here.


(Language warning:)


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commented 2015-09-28 19:52:30 -0400
The concepts of democracy or concensus are not owned by judaism or christianity. I would much rather have somebody in charge of a government that has no religious agenda, than one that would advertise their religion as a reason to support them. Both muslims and christians are guilty in spreading their religions. Too bad most christians that complain about muslims doing it, can’t see that christians have done the same thing too.
commented 2015-09-28 04:23:13 -0400
Sam… There are “religions” and then then there are “religions”… The obvious hole in your take on religions is that that not all religions are a “breaker of society” or that Christians have been “forcing” their beliefs on anybody for generations… The democratic freedoms you enjoy in Canada, or North and South America, or Europe, are all based on Judeo-Christian beliefs… It is the godless dictators of the past hundred years that have broken societies and left a hundred millions dead, and given the chance, too many Muslims would add to that count tomorrow….
commented 2015-09-28 02:51:27 -0400
The 10 commandments have some value to it, but it’s not the be all end all, and definitely not the fixer of all societal ills. And just what is going to happen if people don’t follow commandments like keeping the sabbath holy, or having other gods before the old testament god? Society is not going to fall apart without judaism or christianity. I would contend that it is the never ending pushing of religion that is the great breaker of society.
commented 2015-09-27 19:50:46 -0400
Change you can believe in, fundamently transform America, help the middle class, etc etc etc! We are now in a tribal format and divided enough that even the family structure has been altered! Get the picture yet? The Ten Commandments are the only way to get back to a civil society! Period OH ps. Enjoy your green lifestyle its for the folks not the tyrant political judial class.
commented 2015-09-27 18:05:54 -0400
This isn’t about guilt towards the Aboriginals. I didn’t throw anybody on the reserve or into the residential schools. What I’m saying is that christians that complain about muslims wanting to do things the islamic way, are just hypocrits. Christians have a history of forcing their beliefs around the world as well.
commented 2015-09-27 14:50:05 -0400
Sam – get lost with your Aboriginal guilt trip. That stupid psychology isn’t working any more!!!
commented 2015-09-26 04:27:03 -0400
I am trying to make two points. The first is that christians are no better than muslims when it comes to spreading their religion. My second point is, that christians are hypocrits for complaining about muslims spreading their religion, especially after what the christians did to the aboriginals.
commented 2015-09-26 03:27:43 -0400
Sam… Your intentions I presume are honourable… But name ONE instance or country in history where the Muslims have NOT tried to impose their “religious values” on other people?…
commented 2015-09-26 00:57:43 -0400
Just look at what happened to the aboriginals when they let the white man in. The aboriginal children were thrown into residential schools for assimilation purposes. God forbid the Aboriginals are not Christian. Should christians have more of a right to dictate the religion and culture of Canada than muslims? The real problem here is the people that need to make everybody around them to believe the same god as them. I don’t care if somebody is christian, muslim, or hindu, as long as their religious values are not imposed on other people.
commented 2015-09-25 01:40:06 -0400
We have vivid proof of that “taking over” dynamic in the past 24 hours with strident Muslims trying to shut down a New Jersey school district because it would not shut down the whole school (!) to observe their “Eid-Al-Adha”… The screaming fat “lady” on TV claimed “We are the majority!”… No; actually it turns out they are not YET the majority in that part of New Jersey, but just as Pratt’s schoolmaster predicted: – “I fear for you boys..” and thus, for all of the coming generation of Canadians…