June 20, 2015

Canada Day Quiz: History Edition

Rebel Staff

We may laugh at Rick Mercer's "Talking to Americans" routine, but how much do Canadians know about the country they live in?

Canadian comedy duo Jason and Matt take to the streets of Toronto to conduct a Canadian History quiz on 10 randomly selected Canadians.

How well did you do?


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commented 2015-06-22 14:13:57 -0400
Uh Rebelator , dude, WL MacKenzie was Bill King’s grand daddy – he was mayor of TO a couple of times and a staunch grass roots republican. His grandson Bill King cut his teeth working as a Rockefeller rain maker and dusting striking miners for the boss before he ran for PM – most of King’s policy and the actual working of the administration came from his minister of everything CD Howe – an American engineer and industrial guru from MIT.

I Liked Willy MacKenzie as he was the original reformer but his grandson lacked a lot of his fire and brains, preferring instead to make strategic alignments with people who could advance his career – and he used to talk to his dog about how to run the war and ask his dead mother for advice as well.
commented 2015-06-22 11:07:26 -0400
Was intrigued that William " Lyin’ " MacKenzie King had such a low recognition factor considering that he was PM during the Great Depression and WW2. It is important to understand that unwanted “rote learning” and anything else that would set up young minds to question the pious leftist pap constantly on offer by “educators” these days is the rule.
commented 2015-06-22 09:15:22 -0400
No wonder that younger generation is so ignorant about Canadian history and are gullible and susceptible to any anti-west propaganda. The need of the hour is that True Canadian history is taught from grade 1 through 12. Furthermore it has to be taught as it is without any biases or guilt feeling for the fact that immigrants from another continent came and established it. We must be proud of what it is and should put across the message for moving forward in an all-inclusive manner making sure that it is free from any sorts of racial biases and entitlements. Equality is the only guarantee of ensuring future peace and prosperity of Canadian society. Distortion of history to favor one or other would never help especially the reconciliation between so-called native and non-natives.
commented 2015-06-21 21:41:26 -0400
I agree, a good video. It brought out o lot of good and informative comments. I’d like to pick up on what Bill Elder wrote, I too, think it a test of our school system, and it was found wanting. Why are kids graduating with so little knowledge of Canadian history, but Grades 1 + 2 get perverted sex ed? Are The Bureaucrats out-of-control? Are we their minions?
commented 2015-06-21 13:50:13 -0400
Great video TheRebel. Enjoyed it. Fraser. Equally great post.
Thoroughly enjoyed that as well.
commented 2015-06-20 22:24:22 -0400
And these people (with a couple of exceptions) can vote? Scary.
commented 2015-06-20 19:42:25 -0400
Oh and just to be a bit of a nit picker about what this snoid calls a historically correct answer – the "constitution act) was ratified in 1982, in 1867 we received the British North America Act – it was an act of British parliament which simply laid out the framework for its colony to elect its government – in no way did the Crown give Canada the sovereignty needed to “become a country” we were still a semi autonomous colony who elected its representatives yet still had to have ALL of its parliamentary bills agreed to by UK parliament and ascended to by our sovereign the King/Queen.

A colony with a domestic vice council government in 1867 people not a sovereign country. – can any one tell me when the British monarchy released Canada from colonial status??
commented 2015-06-20 19:32:12 -0400
I hope he realized he’s really not testing Canadians as much as he’s testing the accuracy and pertinence of the public education system and the mass media – where most of these zombies get their information from.
commented 2015-06-20 16:58:00 -0400
The host is a drip.
commented 2015-06-20 15:38:17 -0400
To show you how interesting Canadian history here are some facts
Estevan Point BC – Japanese submarine shells isolated Estevan Point on Vancouver Island, with little damage; only time Canadian land territory under fire in World War II, there were submarine attacks inside Canada’s territorial waters, notably the sinking by a German U-Boat of HMCS Charlottetown Sept. 11, 1942, one km from Rimouski.
Also On This Day…
Cape Canaveral Florida – Canadian Space Agency astronaut Dr. Robert Thirsk blasts off on board Space Shuttle Columbia mission STS-78, the longest to date at 15 days, 12 hours. The mission carries the Life and Microgravity Spacelab (LMS). For more information about Thirsk and the mission, check out NASA Mission Control in Florida.
Also Thomas Douglas, 5th Earl of Selkirk 1771-1820
philanthropist, entrepreneur, was born on this day at St. Mary’s Isle, Kirkcudbright, Scotland in 1770; dies April 8, 1820 at Pau, France. In 1812, Selkirk founded the Red River Settlement, and in collaboration with the Hudson’s Bay Company, brought Scotch settlers via Churchill, Manitoba to the rich farmlands of the Red River valley.
Also Frank McGill 1894-1980
sportsman, soldier, was born on this day at Montreal in 1894; dies July 2 1980. McGill played hockey and football at McGill University; as Captain of the McGill Amateur Athletic Association team quarterbacked them to victory in the Big Four; McGill also won national championships in swimming and water polo, and was offered an NHL contract by Boston, NY and Pittsburgh, but joined the RCAF and rose to become Air Vice Marshall.
1946 Ottawa Ontario – Fred Rose sentenced to six years in prison for spying for the Soviet Union; charged after Igor Gouzenko, a cipher clerk at the Soviet embassy in Ottawa, defected and implicated Rose, Canada’s only Communist Party (Labour-Progressive) MP.
1940 Ottawa Ontario – Parliament passes a conscription law providing for service in Canada if needed.
1704 Grand Pré Nova Scotia – Benjamin Church 1639-c1718 captures Les Mines in campaign of revenge against Acadia; also attacks Pigiguit and Cobequid (Truro).
1686 Moose Factory Ontario – Pierre de Troyes d1688 captures Fort Monsipi; renames it Fort St-Louis; seizes all HBC posts except Nelson.
1685 Fort Monsipi NWT – Pierre Le Moyne d’Iberville 1661-1706 captures Fort Monsipi from the English, after an overland trek from New France.
Halifax Nova Scotia – Edward Cornwallis c1713-1753 arrives to found a settlement at Chebucto with two regiments and 2,576 settlers from England, Ireland and Germany; brings building supplies, a fire engine, hospital equipment and a midwife; with the help of New England builders, he starts laying out the town; later renamed in honour of Secretary of War George Dunk, the Earl of Halifax.
1940 Vancouver BC – Henry Asbjorn Larsen 1899-1964 sets sail from Vancouver on RCMP patrol vessel St. Roch; to reach Halifax via Arctic; makes first successful west to east navigation of Northwest Passage
1924 Los Angeles California – Toronto-born actress and producer Mary Pickford marries her business partner in United Artists, Douglas Fairbanks Sr.
1887 Windsor England – Queen Victoria celebrates her golden jubilee marking 50 years on the throne.
1856 Prescott Ontario – Montreal Telegraph Company installs submarine telegraph to Ogdensburg, N.Y.; link to New York
1844 Saint-Boniface Manitoba – Four Sisters of Charity, Sisters Valade, Lagrave, Lafrance and Coutlée arrive at Red River, after 59 days of canoeing and portaging through wilderness from Lake Superior. Invited by Bishop Joseph-Norbert Provencher, the Grey Nuns are part of the first religious community to settle in the Canadian West; they start teaching in makeshift schools until their convent, the Provincial House, is completed in 1847. They also provide medical care for the settlers, and vaccinate over 3,000 people when smallpox breaks out in 1870; in 1871, they open the four-bed Saint-Boniface General Hospital; the first in the West
1817 Fort Douglas Manitoba – Thomas Douglas, Lord Selkirk 1771-1820 arrives at Fort Douglas, followed by Coltman with order to restore goods seized in Governor Alexander Macdonell’s dispute with North West Company; Nor’Westers refuse and flee to avoid arrest.
1792 Vancouver BC – Capt. George Vancouver 1757-1798 meets the Spanish trading ships Sutil and Mexicana off Vancouver.
1764 Quebec Quebec – William Brown c l737-1789 publishes city’s first newspaper, the bilingual Quebec Gazette; set up first printing shop in Quebec with Thomas Gilmore (d. 1773); province’s first periodical.
1734 Montreal Quebec – Marie-Joseph Angélique hanged for setting fire to her master’s house; she was a black female slave protesting her condition.
1665 Quebec Quebec – First of 24 companies of the Le Régiment de Carignan-Salières start arriving in New France; the first duty of the 1300 soldiers is to invade the Iroquois territories; 400 will stay to colonize New France after their three year service.
1686 Churchill Manitoba – Pierre de Troyes d1688 renames Charles Fort (Fort Rupert) Fort St-Jacques and Fort Albany Fort Ste-Anne; returns to Quebec.
1692 Wells Maine – Abenaki Indians raid English settlements in Maine and new Hampshire; Durham N.H. raided two days later; backed by Frontenac; King William’s War.
commented 2015-06-20 14:13:30 -0400
pig rick mercer complies with CBC hate monger policies toward the US – this has been the business to brainwash gullible Canadians that believe what they see on this sh*tbag network. CBC was assigned the job of filling up its content with “hate america”. Today, Americans tolerate Canadians and could care less about us – but they are happy to take our money when we cross border shop.

pig mercer is an idiot and so are the lemmings that watch this pig.
commented 2015-06-20 14:09:18 -0400
Nova Scotia had the first Legislative Assembly.
commented 2015-06-20 13:57:23 -0400
Some people say Canadian history is boring, I say it is amazing the discovery, the settling, the exploration, the wars, the development the hero’s it’s just amazing . Listen to the song by Stan Roger’s “NORTH WEST PASSAGE” or my favorite “LIES” get them on you tube.
commented 2015-06-20 12:57:23 -0400
I got them all right but it was only because once I read up on Mackenzie King and read that fact. Otherwise I would not have gotten it. Pathetic some of the “Canadians” that couldn’t get the basics of 1867.
commented 2015-06-20 11:44:13 -0400
Prince Knight RIGHT
For those who have a hard time to remember the great lakes just think of HOMES
commented 2015-06-20 11:33:54 -0400
(Without looking) Superior, Michigan, Huron, Ontario, Erie. (and I’m in Alberta…)
commented 2015-06-20 11:24:37 -0400
Thank you for your video proudly I got them all right, but thankfully they were easy questions. Here’s a hard one, where did Canada’s first parliament sit? DON’T GOOGLE IT just start learning about your country.
I was surprised to here we are only teaching one class in Canadian history in grade ten. When I went to school it was a required subject from grade two. now for a easy question, Name the great lakes?
Enlightened Conservative