May 26, 2015

Canada, Europe face rising terror threat: Report

Rebel Staff

A report by a global risk consultancy warns that Canada (along with developed countries in Europe) is at risk of attack as ISIS and other Muslim terrorist groups grow more powerful.

Canada isn't one of the top seven countries most vulnerable to terrorism, however.

As reported at CNBC, Aon Global Broking's "Terrorism Tracker" pinpoints those nations "in particular danger" as France, Germany, Ireland, Denmark, Norway, Belgium and Estonia are

Along with growing Islamic militancy, the report points to "Russia's military maneuvers and increase in military spending" as contributing to the current climate.

CNBC reports:

The consultancy advised that businesses in vulnerable European countries should build "terrorism insurance programs that align more closely with their exposure."

Last week, political risk research firm Verisk Maplecroft also noted that terrorism risks were rising in Western countries. Just as with Aon, it singled out France Belgium, Canada and Australia as particularly vulnerable. (...)

The risk level in Paris is representative of a wider trend for Western countries, including Belgium, Canada and Australia, where key urban centers face substantially higher threat levels than elsewhere in the country, in part due to the significant PR value attached to such high profile targets by militant Islamist groups," Verisk Maplecroft said in a research note.


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commented 2015-05-28 11:54:35 -0400
Joan, I don’t disagree with what you are saying, but Obama is friends with the devil, and I’ve heard that his brother is with the MBH. He has had them for dinner at the WH, so do you think that they were just playing card games, or planning to weaken North America even further for the take over? Also, lying to the infidel is how they throw up their smoke and mirrors to encourage people to let down their guard. Anything published by these groups should be taken with a grain of salt, in my opinion.
commented 2015-05-27 00:03:46 -0400
Bravo Zulu – trust no one.
commented 2015-05-26 16:53:48 -0400
As Europe goes, so goes Canada – we opened the doors and have been afraid to close them.

Even those who declare themselves to be our friends – only maintain that friendship because we give them money, ammunition, firearms and training.

If this dries up our friends will become3 our enemies – again!
commented 2015-05-26 16:28:59 -0400
Rick – yes, I am greatly heartened by Swift’s campaign ads. Unifor thought they would just walk away with the third party influence but now they’ve got a good fight on their hands.
commented 2015-05-26 16:27:28 -0400
Deborah – this month’s edition of Dabiq – the online ISIS publication – says it will sell Michelle Obama as a sex slave for one third of a dinar. They didn’t say if that would be a gold, silver or copper dinar but a gold dinar is worth $600. So ISIS values Michele at no more than $200 for a sex slave. Not exactly respectful to the WH or the Obamas. And the Saudi press often refer to President Obama as “the WH nigger”. Also pretty disrespectful. ISIS is Sunni, Obama’s father a Shi’ite. Sunnis and Shi’ites are enemies for the most part although I know Muslim families that have intermarried and for whom the shia-sunni hatred and conflict causes much pain. Some of them have also intermarried with Christians, so imagine that Thanksgiving dinner!
commented 2015-05-26 16:02:37 -0400
No attacks will take place until after the Federal election, ISIS and its truds know that our reaction will be soft and mushy, because they know the NDP will be pulling Canada out of active duty in Iraq.
commented 2015-05-26 14:09:19 -0400
Joan, again, thanks for that link. Regrettably Global TV cut off the interview just as it was beginning to get interesting. (What a surprise?!) The MP3’s were hard hitting, short and sweet!
commented 2015-05-26 13:58:10 -0400
The USA is complicit under Obama! How many of the Muslim Brotherhood are having dinner with Barry & the brains, Michelle tonight?
commented 2015-05-26 13:51:17 -0400
At Risk? Really? Hasn’t Angry Tom, Trudope, and Lizzie the Lush by their statements and actions saved us all from the Islamic Threat? Oh, I forgot, Obama (the shia muslim in the white house) has proclaimed that ISIS is not Islamic! Gee, I feel better already! NOT!
commented 2015-05-26 10:44:27 -0400
Thanks Joan for that link. I had a listen. I have no time for Justin Trudeau as I don’t believe in dynasties. His father was in my opinion a racist who thought he owned the country. Justin thinks he has that right too. A couple of the adds sort of made that point that he epitomizes entitlement and knows very nothing of the struggles of the middle class. It was the middle class who got bamboozled by his father.
commented 2015-05-26 10:31:38 -0400
Ron Zager – HaHaHa!

Speaking of progressives, have you heard the WorkingCanadians anti-Trudeau attack ads? They are just beginning to show up on TV and radio. Very hard hitting:
commented 2015-05-26 10:17:13 -0400
What goes around comes around. Canada supported ZANLA who butchered 000’s of people. Now it is our turn to face a terrorist threat. I guess Joan the progressives have everything under control hence the US is not on the list.
commented 2015-05-26 10:09:14 -0400
None of the risk assessors mentioned the USA?

I’m not sure they want to do anything but sell security.

Of course we are at risk of attack. Don’t need Aon or Maplecroft to tell us that.
commented 2015-05-26 09:55:14 -0400
Maybe the NDP can neutralize some of these threats by hiring a few of them for the October election?
commented 2015-05-26 09:47:40 -0400
These animals sure like their masks, don’t they?