February 03, 2017

Canada has become “a major exporter of abortion”

Brian LilleyArchive

When Trump signed an executive order taking the United States back to a long standing policy of not funding abortions in other countries using federal tax dollars and American foreign aid money, that was too much for Canada’s left.

Demands have been made that Canada step in and fund abortions where the US will not.

The NDP is pushing the Liberals on that in Question Period.

The Liberals talk about abortion a lot; They promised to push abortion in their 2015 election platform.

One of the real problems with making abortion a key part of Canada’s foreign aid portfolio is that many of the countries we give aid to don’t allow abortion.

I thought Liberals didn’t like that.

And yet, Canada is set to join with the Netherlands in putting together a $600 million a year fund for abortion.

I doubt pro-choice Liberal voters that like the general idea of funding foreign abortions ever thought we would be abortion exporters on that scale.

But there it is:

Canada’s new policy, abortion on demand, worldwide, with your tax dollars. 

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commented 2017-03-05 08:00:16 -0500
Well rape is up in a lot of countries but maybe they wanted it or didn’t keep their legs closed.Diversity is our strength you know and the budget will balance itself(once the carbon tax kicks in).What’s a few million among friends.As long as it’s anti Trump most nuts will get on board.
commented 2017-02-07 08:41:35 -0500
Well said Anella,

Canadians have been duped over the past 100 years into having to provide aid to everyone while disregarding our own needy citizens.
The recent influx of so-called refugees from Muslim countries requires that we allocate a disproportionate amount of resources to aiding these people who could be helped more easily if they stayed in their own countries.
It is my understanding that the cost of flying these refugees to Canada was covered by Canadian taxpayers.
Funny how we can find all that money to fly refugees over to Canada but cannot find enough money to help those in need in Canada.

The liberal coffers are close to running dry. Taxpayers are becoming poorer as time goes by but Just Tin and his band of merry robbers fail to understand that there is a limit as to how much taxation a citizen can afford.

Oh, I forgot. They are banking on the future of our grandchildren and great grandchildren.

Poor buggers, they will inherit one hell of a debt!

commented 2017-02-06 02:49:32 -0500
I support abortion, but I don’t want to pay for other countries.
commented 2017-02-06 00:39:13 -0500
So we go into debt to fund abortions? What a disgrace.!
commented 2017-02-06 00:32:50 -0500
It never stops with the Liberals. When that bill M103 is passed we will be on the edge of a civil war. Many law abiding citizens will be jailed for speaking the truth about Islam regardless of such a tyrannical law. I’m sure many Canadians will willfully violate such a stupid law, where our fought for freedoms are being taken from us. Get ready Liberals you will be that much closer to being out of a job and retired. And as far as abortions are concerned, I wish all those traitorous Liberal tyrants had been aborted.
commented 2017-02-05 22:24:40 -0500
By co-funding a $600M fund with The Netherlands to provide abortion services to countries to whom we provide foreign aid effectively makes Canadian taxpayers complicit, whether they agree or disagree with abortion. Abortion as a means of ‘birth control’ is morally irresponsible in my view and should be considered only in cases of rape, incest or where the life of the mother is in peril.

It is laudable that Trudeau wants to reach out and help foreign women in this regard (a definite dig at Trump’s EO) but there are women in desperate situations right here in his own country crying out for help. With all the $$ he has given to foreign countries since becoming PM—the main objective here of course being to help secure a ‘UN Security Council seat’—would have been better served to benefit Canadians in need, i.e. the homeless, Vets, children, single families, etc.

Instead of constantly touring, vacationing, taking endless ‘selfies’, when will Trudeau begin taking the position of PM seriously? When will he begin to show a genuine out-pouring of concern and commitment to all citizens of Canada and not just to a select few with whom he feels such an obvious special affinity?
commented 2017-02-05 19:40:30 -0500
Andrew Stephenson: “Thank god(sic) we live in a free country where insane religious ideology can’t be crammed down our throat”.

First of all, b/c of the fear it may offend their ‘politically correct’ sensitivities, as well as the Islamic community, most Canadian politicians and religious leaders would run as fast as they could from entering into a reasoned debate about Islam and whether it is actually a religion or a political ideology due to its strict adherence to Sharia Law. Unfortunately for the future of this great country, politicians, clerics and academics are supported in this cover-up by the failure of the MSM to diligently report the news ‘wherever it may lead’.

This shameful and even ‘wilful’ reluctance is why today most Canadians are not aware of what is soon to unfold: that their right to freedom of speech held dear, is currently under assault by the members of our esteemed HOC. Within the next two weeks Liberal MP Iqra Khalid’s Motion M-103, “Systemic Racism and Religious Discrimination”, will be passed from the HOC to The Heritage Committee for study/review. Should this Motion become law, anti-Islamophobia behaviour in any form will become criminalized, effectively ‘cramming’ this ‘religion’ down our collective throats. No one religion should be given precedence over another in Canada. Motion M-103 deals strictly with Islam with no mention of Judaism or Christianity for eg, effectively giving Islam pre-eminence as a religion in Canada as well as the danger of opening the door for Islamic groups to demand Sharia compliance.

Get ready Canada! Aided and abetted by Soros, the ‘Globalists’, NWO, etc, JT is about to complete his father’s multicultural agenda and change forever what was once a great country.
commented 2017-02-05 18:26:51 -0500
Gray Molly,

Great perspective!
Today we have the most ungodly evil government this country has ever had and that’s saying quite a bir. Considering the first Trudeau fiasco which has led the country into these evil times, our children’s children will be the victims of these insane policies.
As you say, there is enough misery in this country that needs to be eliminated before sending our money abroad.
We are not the US.
The US has been doing this for decades and we can all see the thanks they are getting for it.

commented 2017-02-05 18:14:59 -0500
Do you ever wonder if Trudeau is G-d’s punishment on Canada for having this free-for-all wrt abortion availability? Anyone who cannot see that the aborting of a perfectly healthy fetus/baby, that is not endangering its mother, is an act of murder is in denial. Have the baby and put it up for adoption you G-dless, black-hearted libtards!
commented 2017-02-05 17:20:16 -0500
As if any of us needed yet another reason to despise Justin and his merry band of misfits, now he’s making us a nation of athiest abortionists. I don’t much care about thumping bibles but I do know the difference between right and wrong. It’s right to ensure that people have choices. The choice to be able to maintain health through a pregnancy. The right to real medical support when giving birth and the assistance needed to make sure every child gets a chance to grow up.
I also know that it’s wrong to push an agenda of making sure that every woman is painfully aware that an abortion is waiting for them, free of charge, whenever they feel like it. Some countries would find it beyond offensive to push literature praising how an abortion can make their life better. I also know that it’s wrong to take money from taxpayers and instead of using it to help people in their own country live better, they’re sending that money to abortion clinics around the world. Some taxpayers might actually think that an abortion is a LAST resort and not a ready option in case of pregnancy. I always thought that ‘reproductive health’ meant giving birth to a healthy child. Guess I was wrong.
I don’t really want millions sent to other countries when our own house is such a mess, but to actively fund abortions worldwide is something I can’t support when supporting healthy mothers and babies is a much better path.
Our nation’s priorities are becoming questionable at best when we advertise and advocate for abortion even though some countries would think us a nation of callous baby-killers.
commented 2017-02-05 16:49:07 -0500
I don’t want my country, Canada, meddling in other countries and pushing our values on to them.
commented 2017-02-05 15:23:52 -0500
The Catholic Church could influence a huge number of voters on this issue. But they never stand up to the Liberals. here’s a thought for all you Catholic Liberals. On election day, stay the hell home and then go to church on Sunday with a clear conscience, or vote for the idiot Liberals and stay the hell home on Sunday. You can’t ride two horses. Mention this to your parish priest or write your bishop / cardinal. Shouldn’t they be the ones to stand up and FINALLY be counted on this important issue.
commented 2017-02-05 14:49:24 -0500
It is a lot more dangerous to be a foetus than being a soldier. Many more foetus die every day than soldiers.
commented 2017-02-05 10:33:08 -0500
Bottom line is, “abortion is not health care”.
commented 2017-02-05 10:09:09 -0500
Jodi R. Thanks for your perspective.
commented 2017-02-05 10:06:55 -0500
From a biblical perspective- western civilizations were founded on Christian principles and have been enormously blessed because of it. So where are we headed now? People often ask why a loving God would command the Israelites to completely annihilate the nations in the promised land. God let them get away with their pagan idolatry for a long time but the sacrificing of their children was too much so he used the Israelites to apply his judgement on them. Today we sacrifice our children to the god of convenience. God also stated that nations who stood for Israel would be blessed but those who stood against Israel would be cursed. Today our government is pulling away from our long standing support for Israel. Also it’s pretty obvious we can no longer call ourselves a Christian nation but rather a secular one. We are being run by a government of atheists and Muslims who all support the sacrificing of our young and have basically declared war on Christianity. Look at Europe. We’re just a little bit behind them.
commented 2017-02-05 08:40:06 -0500
Abortion on a religious level is a sin, on a moral level it is a crime.
However, the erudite elitists in our society can only see that a person has rights even if those rights infringe on the rights of others.
For example, Muslim have the right to have prayer rooms in school, according to the elitist of our nation but the same rights cannot be extended to Christians, Jews, Bhudists or other denominations. For me, Muslim prayer rooms are an infringement on the rights of other students who may or may not be practicing other faiths.
In my opinion, for what it’s worth, it is a crime to carry out an abortion near end of term unless the mother’s health is at risk.
Women who have repeated abortions should consider sterilization as a method of birth control since no other methods work. Men who impregnate women who end up having abortions should also consider sterilization as a form of birth control.
Perhaps having the men witness an abortion would convince them to take preventative measures when copulating.

commented 2017-02-05 03:49:50 -0500
After watching this report on a topic that is very near and dear to my heart because I am adopted and could have easily been an abortion statistic, I felt compelled to sign-up for an account so I could have this opportunity to encourage anyone else who reads this, those who haven’t hardened your hearts and lost your humanity, to lend your voice to the immature human life that has no voice, and to help the women who have found themselves in a difficult situation of deciding what they should do. Also, talk to people who are adopted and get their perspective, and talk to the parents who were blessed to adopt an unwanted baby and learn how enriched their life have been because they choose to love the unloved.

It saddens me that so many people in our country are so closed-minded and calloused of heart, not to consider the immature life that is vulnerable, who cannot defend itself, or express his/her desire to live.

I don’t even have words to describe how it makes me feel when people are being deceived and have been brainwashed to believe that an unborn baby is only a fetus, when in fact genetically it is a human life form and it is indeed alive; it is my opinion that this lie was established so people could disassociate themselves from the truth that abortion is killing a real person… it doesn’t weigh as heavily on the conscience when a person believes they are not murdering another human being, and that is why the lie is told.

It angers me that our federal government is taking Canadian tax dollars and funding foreign abortions, when that money should be staying in Canada and going to help our own citizens in need and improving our own society. Wouldn’t a better option be to take those funds and create a program to financially help women carry their babies to term if that is what they want to do, and then give them up for adoption to loving parents who can provide for them? It would help with our national birth rates that are in decline and eventually may cut down on our need to important people to fill our economic needs. Just a thought.

And it frustrates me that people are not willing to have an open and respectful discussion about this issue and to consider options or compromises, with some give and take. If so many people are opposed to abortion for various reasons, including religion, then why are they being forced to fund them? In a way, this is an infringement on religious rights. Under our laws, a woman has the right to choose… so how does that not make her financially responsible for her decision? And I’ve heard the argument that some woman wouldn’t be able to afford to pay for an abortion if the government didn’t pay for it. Well here is an idea, why don’t people who have no religious aversion to killing an immature human create a charity or a foundation that they can donate to in support of a woman’s right to choose? Sounds like a compromise where both sides can feel their rights are being honoured… but unfortunately the loser is still the immature human life in the womb.

This article pretty much affirms my decision to support the Conservative Party candidate that will repeal the deplorable act the Liberal government is carrying out by funding foreign abortions. Pierre Lemieux is interested in opening respectful dialogue about life issues for as long as their are people who want to talk about them. Visit his website and check out his policies. http://www.pierrelemieux.ca/policy . There’s also a Rebel Media interview with Mr. Lemieux if you have a premimum membership: http://www.therebel.media/pierre_lemieux_fighting_sex_selective_abortions_a_key_issue

I’ve lurked long enough on this site to know that many who follow The Rebel Media and comment on the stories, might find that they agree with many of Mr. Lemieux’s other policies, so do have a look see and decide for yourself.

commented 2017-02-05 00:29:16 -0500
A thought: Why aren’t our First Nation’s People up in arms about this? How many FNPs are aborted each year? I’m sure Planned Parenthood/Family Planning are targeting them too.

Andrew: did you know that women who have abortions are more likely to develop breast cancer at a later age? Or uterine cancer, or ovarian cancer? Women who have not had children are at a higher risk of breast cancer (breast cancer was more prevalent in women who were in religious orders, eg Nuns, because they did not give birth). Those who have had abortions are in the same category. Abortions, therefore, are not only the wrong thing to do for the baby, they are the wrong thing to do for the woman.
Men like you only want abortion rights so men don’t have to assume any responsibility.
commented 2017-02-04 21:36:59 -0500
Andrew, if you want to chop off a body part, have at it. Just don’t cut off some else’s body parts.
commented 2017-02-04 16:05:35 -0500
Andrew there is more than a Uterus involved. I do not like my nose , so why don’t you and other taxpayers pay for some plastic surgery then? And tell me why late term abortion is fine when the baby is pulled out alive? The uterus is no longer a factor , nor is the womans body. And i have no problem preventing someone from owning a gun if they abuse it. But not the case with abortion. The personal responsibility part is lost on you. And since the law says it is not a human , if a woman is attacked and loses a baby she wanted to carry to birth , it does not count as murder or a crime, how is she owning her uterus then?
commented 2017-02-04 14:57:24 -0500
Andrew Stephenson commented
“You want to own your guns. I want to own my uterus. I won’t try to control your guns if you don’t try to control my uterus. Fair deal?”

Such a TROLL.
commented 2017-02-04 14:39:58 -0500
How disgusting and insane! We need to take our government back and clean out the swamp. Idiotic morons!
commented 2017-02-04 12:28:59 -0500
“Drew Wakariuk commented 10 hours ago
Andrew the only people i see shoving things down peoples throats are lefties and their riots and their marxist censorship and ruination of quality of life for many. So spare us your pathetic BS. "

You want to own your guns. I want to own my uterus. I won’t try to control your guns if you don’t try to control my uterus. Fair deal?
commented 2017-02-04 11:00:49 -0500
Yeah not sure how pro choice is getting along so well with Muslims. First of all I thought only prochoicers were allowed in Trudeau’s cabinet. Also Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world, obviously mostly because of their birth rates, so how does the UN and the elites expect to survive a world populated only by Muslims. I know they like to kill each other but that won’t keep up with their population growth.
On a side note – someone mentioned the opposition to GM food products to keep people starving, another one is the opposition to DDT which could save millions of lives from malaria.
commented 2017-02-04 09:58:54 -0500
We insist Justin take a junket to Saudia Arabia to preach abortion rights in one of their Mosques. We taxpayers will gladly fund it. Take Andrew with you.
commented 2017-02-04 09:12:28 -0500
Agree with Christine , UN has advocated that for sometime . Now kill the babies and curtail free speech. It’s a strange strange we live in Master Jack an old song but so true
commented 2017-02-04 08:50:02 -0500
Read the UN website….Agenda 21 or Agenda 30….right there for everyone to see. The barbarians who run the UN want to decrease the world population by 4-5billion. Therefore, Trudope wants his UN security council seat, this is a measure to assist him getting there. The population drop comes through abortion, euthanasia, and likely some bouts of general wars and slaughter. George Soros needs to be locked up too. Along with JT!
commented 2017-02-04 02:41:09 -0500
Andrew the only people i see shoving things down peoples throats are lefties and their riots and their marxist censorship and ruination of quality of life for many. So spare us your pathetic BS.