August 08, 2016

Canada’s Media Party “hits full Putin-esque” glory with shirtless Trudeau story

Brian LilleyArchive

By now you’ve likely heard about the shirtless Prime Minister Trudeau sightings from the drooling fan-boys and fan-girls in Canada’s Media Party. 

We all get that our Prime Minister is good looking and is in good shape but the slobbering from the Media Party is embarrassing.

And isn’t it odd that when Vladimir Putin sends out shirtless photos of himself showing how virile he is, the media laughs at him but when Justin takes off his shirt, our Media Party gets positively giddy that the rest of the world has noticed how dreamy our Prime Minister is.

Photo Credit: Twitter/@marnierecker

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commented 2016-08-11 15:08:17 -0400
LIZA ROSIE commented 1 hour ago
Jay Kelly wears his mothers underwear.

Remember when a good insult used to be; “Ah, yer mother wears army boots.”?
commented 2016-08-11 13:55:12 -0400
Jay Kelly wears his mothers underwear.
commented 2016-08-10 03:57:22 -0400
Andy Neimers, I think you are mixing up Brian Lilley with David Menzies. It was David Menzies who put on a black dress with no underwear and went to vote. Brian Lilley, as far as I am aware, has never gone out publically without underwear.
commented 2016-08-10 03:43:40 -0400
Well said Thomas Pratt:- “Well, if this nut job mother can be photographed without any underwear on, I guess Justin can go topless.”… So, there is something to be said for “genetics”?… And, given history, they also apparently share a common love of “B.C. Bud”…
commented 2016-08-10 01:25:37 -0400
Brian Lilley, if the photos of a shirtless Trudeau are so disturbing please do not repost them.

And certainly, do not drool over them.
commented 2016-08-09 20:53:43 -0400
Cons just jealous. When have they bet had a leader people wanted to see with a shirt off?
commented 2016-08-09 18:02:39 -0400
Our Media IS embarrassing. It is hard to tell if Peter Mansbridge loves Justin more than Claire .
commented 2016-08-09 17:10:18 -0400
I swoon at our gorgeous PM…joking!!!!!! Wish he’d act more prime ministerial and not be such a media hound. Does the CBC have slobber/drool cloths handy for the breathless recounting? Question: would they be able to get away with that if it was a woman PM? Answer: No. So how can they get away without criticism when they comment on our ‘feminist’ PM?
commented 2016-08-09 16:36:58 -0400
Well, if his nut job mother can be photographed without any underwear on, I guess Justin can go topless.
commented 2016-08-09 15:45:58 -0400
The Media Party has been chomping at the bit for decades to be able to spew their favorite phrase – Trudeaumania – so maybe we should cut them some slack…
Or not…maybe give ‘em all a good smack instead…
Justinane Islamudeau the Selfie PM sure needs one – a good smack that is! (PM = Pathetic Moron)
Why do people keep saying he’s good looking, in shape and has nice hair – he’s not and doesn’t! As someone previously mentioned he has never done a day’s work in his life and the complete lack of core musculature development attests to that, as does his lack of control and coordination shown clearly when he ‘runs’ (like a girl) and ‘boxes’ ( like a 6 year old hysterical girl) or more accurately flails his pencil-arms in an embarrassing similitude of punching.
He looks like a retard – like he has FAS or some kind of prenatal retardation resulting from his ’mother’s’ documented ‘sex and drugs and rock and roll’ lifestyle – his face is misshapen, asymmetrical and goofy looking if anything – where do you get ‘good-looking’ from?
As for his hair…most people have it, or some of it…big deal. And that is ALL he has going for him – some hair!
commented 2016-08-09 15:35:35 -0400
Stephen E.

Gerald Butts is of the elite class now and so is entitled to an ATC-3 permit, if he wishes to obtain one. A disgusting state of affairs. I should be allowed to carry my Tokarev around as well. I am not. No good reason. Just, “Because America.” Idiots.
commented 2016-08-09 12:58:32 -0400
When if ever will this completely self- absorbed freak , grow up?? I’m more and more of the impression he is merely the mouth piece – and a pathetic stuttering one at that, for the real control freaks behind him. Seems they send him all over the place to get him out of Parliament while they work at destroying the country Regardless of it being "summer vacation’ for them all ( his life has become one big grand vacation/party since election), give him a blank cheque book and a free jet full of fuel and staff at our expense and he’s happy! WHAT THE HELL WERE PEOPLE THINKING TO VOTE IN THIS GOVERNMENT AND MOHAMMED TRUDEAU? ARE YOU ALL SICK OF LIVING OR MERELY BRAIN DAMAGED!
commented 2016-08-09 10:02:28 -0400
This will be eclipsed by next summer’s T.O. Gay Pride Parade to which Baby Doc Trudeau and his wife, Princess Hasnobrains, have accepted an invitation.

Last year Baby Doc was photographed with a teen girl topless. Next summer will it be Baby Doc, the Prince of Dumb, in news clip after news clip topless with topless and bottomless men and women? Who knows, maybe he may go wearing a jock strap, or less. Now wouldn’t that make the CBC all proud!

But don’t expect a police presence as BLM had demanded that the police be banned. Baby Doc will still have his security, as they are armed security and not “police”. Well, maybe armed baby sitters or handlers.

Does anyone know if Gerald Butts has permission (or granted himself permission) to have “concealed carry” of a weapon? That would be interesting.
commented 2016-08-09 01:35:37 -0400
I think Gordo had an orgasm after he saw that.
commented 2016-08-08 22:27:23 -0400
Canadian media would feel at home concocting hero narratives for “dear leader” in North Korea.

Yep it’s that bad, and the morons wonder why print and cable news is bleeding users faster than the red ink on their ledgers. .
commented 2016-08-08 20:48:57 -0400
I tend to agree with Donald Allan!

And Dave MacPherson – Canada has certainly taken a nosedive since PM Harper was removed from office. I mentioned on another post, that I was recently travelling south on the QE2 to Calgary, and near Penhold, AB, there was a billboard flashing a thank-you message to Mr. Harper, thanking him for 10-years of solid governance. I was so very proud of my fellow Albertans for reaching out to him. He deserves so much more, but we all know that the MSM and the leftwing loons, used character assassination to remove him from office. He’s the only politician that I’ve admired, since Ralph was in office.
commented 2016-08-08 20:26:25 -0400
The MSM is pathetic, but so was the photographer. Very ignorant on his part knowing full well he was taking the attention away from the bride to be. Always trying to be the centre of attention even on vacation
commented 2016-08-08 20:16:42 -0400
Oh, how miss the CLASS AND INTEGRITY of Stephen Harper – who, like Benjamin Netanyahu ARE Nobel Peace Prize Calibre PM’s ❤️
commented 2016-08-08 20:14:14 -0400
Please this is ordinary crap from the cbc..but the full tilt ignorance that went uncensored in the last few days…check out the moronic Amish story which was posted saturday night under AP byline. On Sunday it had become a CP byline..double pay days? I thought hate speech wasn’t allowed in this country but as usual it depends on who you hate….?…all $3million+ per day..for as PM elbows calls it Canadian culture.
commented 2016-08-08 20:13:08 -0400
MSM is an entertainment consortium for the extremely gullible. Unfortunately there are many subscribers
commented 2016-08-08 19:57:50 -0400
Lack of any muscle mass says he has never done any physical work in his life. Not to be too stereotypical but surfers tend to lack much grey matter either. So we have a wimpy idiot ruining this couples wedding just to get his wee pecs on pics.
commented 2016-08-08 19:53:44 -0400
Peter, where did you get the idea Harper doesn’t drink? There are plenty of pics of him drinking beer.
commented 2016-08-08 19:46:42 -0400
We should call Trudeau Prime Minister “DYSON” because the only thing between his ears is a vacuum.
commented 2016-08-08 19:31:24 -0400
Kelly Weber said, “I am sure if Harper had done this, they’d be fawning all over him too. Except for his beer belly, Harper wasn’t that bad looking.”

There are so many things wrong with this sentence.
1) Harper is far too mature to walk around without a shirt when he was PM.
2) Harper did not drink, so it could not have been a beer belly.
3) If Harper had been photographed without a shirt, the media would have “torn him a new one” claiming how very un-prime-ministerial he was to do that. The media did and still does have a permanent hate-on for Harper.
commented 2016-08-08 18:52:08 -0400
Jan G …you took the words right out of my mouth. PM Trudeau was extremely thoughtless in standing in the background as the bride walked towards her groom. Trudeau knew full well that all of the guest’s eyes would be on him and not the bride. He should have immediately turned around and left the area . The most important moment in her life was ruined by this narcissistic fool.
commented 2016-08-08 18:40:02 -0400
kelly eff off with your retarded comments ,you are a retard and an idiot
commented 2016-08-08 18:35:00 -0400
To me the story is the number of holidays Baby Doc goes on. How many F’ing holidays has he taken so far? My memory of Harper, Chrétien, and Mulroney is they never seemed to be on holiday, but always available for work. Yet it seems every other story about Baby Doc is being sighted while on holiday. Note, even if he pays cost of holiday, the holiday still costs us because of security measures.

I guess it shows that Baby Doc is just the front man and the real work is done by the leader of the band, Butts.
commented 2016-08-08 18:30:59 -0400
I guess that Stockwell Day was just ahead of his time. Ol’ Justin must have been eating his heart out all those years.
commented 2016-08-08 18:15:44 -0400
The Communist Broadcasting Corporation is just doing for their boy what the Russian media does for theirs.
commented 2016-08-08 17:46:52 -0400
It is amazing what steroids can do for you in the sort term. Just sayin …