August 08, 2015

Canada's Media Party loves talking about Hillary Clinton (but not that new FBI investigation)

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

Canada's media party loves Hillary Clinton. 

They've written more flattering stories about her than they have about even some of Canada's leading political figures. So where's the story about the FBI launching a criminal investigation into Hillary Clinton's server problems and missing emails?

As of yesterday afternoon, neither the CBC nor the Globe had done a story about this but then again, since they've avoided reporting the story as it was developing over the last several months, it would require a lot of work to inform people of all the details missing from the story.

Another example of why Canada's media party can't be trusted to tell you the whole story when it comes to beloved liberal politicians from anywhere.


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commented 2015-08-09 18:28:38 -0400
A Token Conservative said: " So where’s Terry and Jimmy to complain about how theRebel isn’t a real media source? This is a pretty blatant, in your face example of how the main stream media is just not credible" Don’ hold your breath. Neither is going to admit the Rebel has presented a relevant story, nor attempt to defend a fellow lefty traveller embroiled in a legal investigation. Doesn’t fit the lefty playbook.
commented 2015-08-09 13:15:54 -0400
Yes I agree ATC, wher are the two leftist people that are always trolling.
commented 2015-08-09 00:41:01 -0400
The following article is one of about 20 in the June ‘Whistleblower’ about the criminality of Hillary (and Bill) Clinton, titled:
“America’s First Crime Family” – what’s unbelievable is that either of them are still walking around breathing free air…thanks in large part to the culpability of the Media Party here and South of us.
Exclusive: Dick Morris connects dots involving cash from Keystone pushers in Canada

commented 2015-08-08 22:32:16 -0400
As much as Bill would like to get back into the WH, I think you are right Joan.
commented 2015-08-08 19:55:40 -0400
I don’t think Clinton will win. The time is wrong for a female president.
commented 2015-08-08 18:25:48 -0400
The MSM in Canada become a bigger joke by the day. They don’t deliver all the news anymore, they promote their watermelon (green and red) agenda, and news that doesn’t fit be damned. Except on THEREBEL.MEDIA.
commented 2015-08-08 16:06:41 -0400
So where’s Terry and Jimmy to complain about how theRebel isn’t a real media source? This is a pretty blatant, in your face example of how the main stream media is just not credible. Unless you think that Hillary didn’t do anything wrong. In which case you’re both bat-shit stupid.
commented 2015-08-08 14:27:27 -0400
Hillary should be checking her left wing privilege.
commented 2015-08-08 12:36:42 -0400
Look up testimony by one of Hillary`s former body guard – a man called Larry Nichols, his testimony is an absolute eye opener and reveals that the Clintons`are as treacherous and manipulative as Barack Obama!
Here is another eye opener I came accross this morning, something to keep in mind as Justin Trudeau was calling for thighter ties for Canada with America – during the Maclean`s Canadian Political debate!
Re: US General Calls For Obama’s Immediate Arrest ‘Treasonous Activities’
PrissyHolly 07/07/2015
Although anyone with half a functioning brain cell can see that Obama is a domestic threat to the United States of America, it’s always refreshing when a high-ranking member of the military agrees, and uses their platform to speak out Obama’s treasonous activities.

In a radio interview with The Real Side, Maj. Gen. (Ret.) Paul E. Vallely stated that Obama should be immediately “arrested for treasonous activities,” stating above anything else that he should be held accountable for his continual pandering to the Muslim Brotherhood, in particular his shady actions surrounding the Benghazi scandal.
commented 2015-08-08 12:25:20 -0400
Hillary and Obama do things that make Richard Nixon look like a choirboy by comparison and get a free pass from both the American and Canadian media (as a result get to wear sh$teating grins concerning this).
commented 2015-08-08 09:33:55 -0400
Well done Ezra. You definitely can’t trust Canada’s media to tell the whole story. You should also do a report on how Mr. Harper is fighting an uphill battle with Canada’s media. Paul Wells was picking on Harper in the debate along with the candidates. Why was Elizabeth May in the debate? Terry Milewski phrases his questions to make Harper look bad. I am afraid they are being very effective. If the media was truly objective, Mr. Harper would win another majority without a doubt.
commented 2015-08-08 08:54:54 -0400
Maybe the FBI have taken a page from the OPP Criminal Politicians Investigation Handbook? Just sayin’!
commented 2015-08-08 08:41:27 -0400
The Clintons. Making ordinary low-lifes look classy in comparison.
Canada’s msm. Making Ezra look pretty damn good.