June 15, 2016

Canada’s moment of shame on genocide vote: Trudeau looks to UN to “babysit” our foreign policy

Brian LilleyArchive

I don’t say this lightly but watching Justin Trudeau stand in the House of Commons and vote against a motion to declare that the atrocities that are taking place in areas controlled by ISIS is genocide, was a moment of shame for me and all Canadians. 

Shortly before the vote the Conservatives pressed Trudeau to explain why he wouldn’t support the motion. You need to listen carefully to his answer because you’ll hear him say Canada needs to let others make these kinds of decisions for us.

He says the Liberals don’t believe that politicians should be making these decisions because they need to be made in an “objective, responsible way”. Think about that.

It makes you wonder, does Justin Trudeau know what legislators do?

If he needs a lesson, maybe he could look back to the many times, even under Liberal leaders, that Canada stood with those who needed our assistance without waiting for the United Nations to give us the all clear.

Even I remember when Liberals didn’t need the United Nations to tell us right from wrong but now Justin Trudeau is outsourcing Canada’s foreign policy and that is shameful.

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commented 2016-06-16 20:36:51 -0400
Stéphane Dion declares ISIS killings of Yazidi people a genocide
Opposition Conservatives have been calling for the declaration of genocide for months
By John Paul Tasker, CBC News Posted: Jun 16, 2016 2:54 PM ET Last Updated: Jun 16, 2016 4:21 PM ET
commented 2016-06-16 11:44:33 -0400
The UN today just announced that ISIS is guilty of genocide against the minorities it the Middle East . So watch Prime Minister Doofy do a 180 degree turn and agree the ISIS is indeed committing genocide.
If the UN says it’s so then this airhead will quickly change his stance .
This idiot makes George Bush Jr. look like Rhodes Scholar. God help us all because this Muslim convert sure won’t.
commented 2016-06-16 11:42:54 -0400
How did Roger Waters write it? It’s all about the price Bob, and yours is pretty low." Getting a seat on UN council seems to be the kid’s motivation. However, call it murder, genocide, or a chocolate sundae, a rose by any other name smells as sweet. Canada needs to stand up for herself: we don’t need IMF, or UN, or Human Rights Commission to tell us how to run our business. Harper had the backbone to give them the finger, but the kid is just a puppet on many strings.
commented 2016-06-16 09:22:15 -0400
So Peter Pan considers the UN to be "objective!? And "responsible!? What an immoral jackass. I’ve always wondered if he is just stupid or is he evil? I’ve come to the conclusion that he is both. Stupid people are easy to lead down the road to perdition. He’s well on his way.
commented 2016-06-16 08:56:05 -0400
EL BOW doesn’t want to upset his muslim masters and saudi bankers…………!
commented 2016-06-16 00:16:53 -0400
How do we stop this fu*king asshole from digging us Canadians deeper and deeper into the filthy hole he is turning this country into? How?
He does need to be stopped.
How do we do it?
Lets brain storm and find a way to rid ourselves of this filthy disease called Justin Trudeau.
commented 2016-06-15 22:36:57 -0400
There certainly was a lot of bobbleheads in motion when Justie was cranking out his excuses. Tells me they had a big pow wow on this one.
commented 2016-06-15 22:14:39 -0400
Since 9/11 – INTHE NAME OF ISLAM: Attacks – 31,124, Killed – 197,244, Injured – 277,245
commented 2016-06-15 21:53:49 -0400
TruD’Oh almost nailed it.
What he should have said is that the politicians in HIS government should not be weighing in on this, because they are incapable of making determinations in an objective and responsible way.
What happened to the “We will make decisions and determinations in an open and responsible way based on facts and evidence,” platitudes we have heard so much of in the past 10 months?
I guess all his “broad consultations with all Canadians” just got outsourced to the UN.
commented 2016-06-15 21:18:45 -0400
Well, he WAS a drama teacher – and failed at that.

Why should we think he is a leader?
commented 2016-06-15 19:47:23 -0400
Sorry Bill Elder — I should have read all the comments. You already pointed out JT’s great handle on our finances :)
commented 2016-06-15 19:42:07 -0400
LEE HORSMAN: “So democratic reform will be handled by the Twittersphere, and foreign policy by the UN. OK. Now, who will be taking over the military? G4S?”

Makes you wonder, doesn’t it. Luckily we don’t need to worry about the budget — that will balance itself.
commented 2016-06-15 19:17:12 -0400
Great (non) thinking there PM vacuum head – budgets take care of themselves and a collection of transnationalist communists mostly from failed states and economies will make Canada’s foreign policy.

Truedough, you f’ing moron. Hey, is there growing voter remorse yet? I never liked Harper all that much but I really am begining to miss him.
commented 2016-06-15 19:03:43 -0400
“…watching Justin Trudeau stand in the House of Commons and vote against a motion to declare that the atrocities that are taking place in areas controlled by ISIS is genocide, was a moment of shame for me and all Canadians.”

Here! Here!

- – -
UN –

Lecture – Uploaded on Nov 8, 2010
“In this video, Anne Bayefsky, discussed the U.N.‘s Racism Conference (Durban Conference), the invention “Islamophobia” as means to justify terror. And the intense lobbying by the Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) for the issues of “Islamophobia” and “oppression” of Muslims ONLY by non-Muslims to be the prominent focus of the UN’s agenda in general and the Human Rights commission in particular."

Article about ISIS -
commented 2016-06-15 19:02:25 -0400
Do not forget, the largest voting block in the UN is all of the Muslim faith. They are the Prime Idiots Cuck Sucks.
commented 2016-06-15 18:53:36 -0400
Jews and Christians do not count in the Prime Idiots mind. He has the intelligence of a damp dish cloth.

He is also a racist.
commented 2016-06-15 18:28:47 -0400
So…genocide needs to not be decided by politicians…but our way of voting DOES need to be? Uh, the UN security council ARE politicians. WTF is he talking about? I hope more and more learn of this. What is the CBC take on this?
commented 2016-06-15 18:16:07 -0400
So democratic reform will be handled by the Twittersphere, and foreign policy by the UN. OK.
Now, who will be taking over the military? G4S?
commented 2016-06-15 17:55:21 -0400
Trudeau says it is not up to politicians to make those decisions. I agree that many are not qualified to do it…………. so they should not be sitting in the H of C. BUT, to let corrupt UN delegates decide for my country………..NO THANKS. Trudeau is, again, in over his head.
commented 2016-06-15 17:53:07 -0400
During Jan 1st toll today period, there were 1055 Islamic attacks in 47 countries, in which 9989 people were killed and 12031 injured. 
Genocide at the hands of Islam extremists?
You think?
commented 2016-06-15 17:51:58 -0400
Trudeau is a swamp dweller along with other slimy, slithery creatures.
Unlike Trudeau the creature living in the swamp have guts and brains. Not so the House of Commons Masher, senior El-Bow!

commented 2016-06-15 17:48:50 -0400
When the Islamist fanatics are done with needing people like Justin and the left , we can call it Idiocide.