September 16, 2015

Canada's problems with Muslim radicalization are much bigger than bumper stickers

Rebel Staff

I report on a story out of Montreal last week that didn’t get a lot of media coverage outside of Montreal.

Dozens of cars had stickers put on them saying, in French, “Quebec is Allah’s land”. The stickers also said, “convert, or else”, with a picture of a terrorist beside the flag of the Islamic State terrorist group. Police are investigating.

There were some who suggested it was just someone trying to embarrass Muslims.

Of course, that's a possibility but we also know Canada has no shortage of Muslim terrorists, especially from Quebec. Remember the Muslim terrorist who murdered Nathan Cirillo on Parliament Hill? And the one who murdered Patrice Vincent? What about those who plotted the Via Rail bombings?

I don’t think these stickers themselves count as terrorism. Preaching conversion to Islam? Isn't that what mosques all over Quebec do every week?

My point is, these stickers might be the act of an Islamic State lone wolf but how different are they from official imams at official mosques?

Yeah I think there are much bigger problems about Muslim radicalization than some stickers on cars.


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