November 21, 2017

Canada’s weak laws fail to stop threat from “terror tourists”

Holly NicholasRebel Commentator

The Government of Canada confirms that the principal terrorist threat to our country is possibility of domestic extremists carrying out an attack on home soil, yet it doesn’t push legislation that would allow security agencies and law enforcement to stop them. 

The Canadian Security and Intelligence Service (CSIS) reports that at least 60 returnees have fought alongside the Islamic State and now live among us.

Weak laws often mean that police can’t lay charges and unfortunately, the Liberals actually believe simply reintegrating these terrorists into society is the solution!

Watch as I share a couple of examples of the kind of individuals who have returned to Canada, and explain why this isn’t simply a case of police getting tough on terrorism.

Rather than targeting the problem and pushing legislation that would allow law enforcement to charge known terrorists, Justin Trudeau promotes legislation like Bill C-6 that allows dual citizens convicted of terrorism, to keep their Canadian citizenship.

Among those is Zakaria Amara, one of the Toronto 18 that plotted elaborate terrorist attacks including beheading former Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

It was Canadian law enforcement and our security agencies that put a stop to those plans, but punishing known terrorists isn’t a problem they can solve on their own.

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commented 2017-11-21 23:31:51 -0500
Let the American’s come and get trudope and his family and the American’s can hang them
commented 2017-11-21 22:18:42 -0500
Very well said Jo Thauberger!
commented 2017-11-21 22:12:57 -0500
Well said Rick Plesnik . More true patriots should echo your thoughts.
commented 2017-11-21 21:47:30 -0500
As I’ve said before True’duh must be stopped we simply can’t wait for another two years ! This is appaling that they’re are even admiting that at least 60 isis members are walking among us begs to question how many are really here !
People please do not let this pass email or call your MP’s, True’duh himself Adrew Sheer ect let them have it ! Agreed this may not seem like much but its a start & should help motivate us and the masses toward a more proactive approach to ending True’duhs tyranny !
commented 2017-11-21 18:50:20 -0500
" inhumane slaughtering of animals for food are against the laws."
They are but not applied anymore.
commented 2017-11-21 18:03:55 -0500
Deal with terrorists? Nah. Jihadi Justin needs his Islamic Army to intimidate Canadians against a possible revolt against his Islamic Communist Regime!
commented 2017-11-21 17:54:08 -0500
William said, "We need to wake up the opposition … "

Good idea. Have a mallet?
commented 2017-11-21 17:25:56 -0500
Things are happening in the US as we speak to indict those who ignore immigration laws and endangered national security by doing so – in the coming year i believe this backlash will spread here as the Trudeau regime is culpable in breaches of national security with their immigration policies. We need to wake up the opposition as to this criminal breech of our security and have it addressed in an open public form.
commented 2017-11-21 16:48:57 -0500
The only thing stupider than our Justin . . . .
are the 39% of so-called Canadians that voted for this intellect challenged fraud Trudough !
commented 2017-11-21 15:40:02 -0500
A few weeks ago, I put Justin on notice that if anything happens to me or my family, I will sue him and the LPC.

They walk among us, and, the government doesn’t see a problem with this…maniacal is what this is!
commented 2017-11-21 15:36:39 -0500
Remember a few years back when scientists said the world was over populated and we, as responsible Canadians, Americans, Europeans, reduced our offspring to 2.5 per couple? While we did this; others did not and kept on reproducing like rabbits. In some areas one man can have as many as four wives, each having, on average, four children. Others just kept on multiplying at outrageous rates. As a result; their lands are almost stripped bare, are over polluted, and running out of food and water. Now they are eyeing us up, due to our smaller numbers, and are waiting to invade our countries to continue their over breeding and usurp our land and technology. The UN is the biggest instigator of this.

Seems like our very own prime minister is acting as their agent to get the job done faster. These people will do no wrong in his eyes because he is totally against Canadians, of all ethnic backgrounds, except for the followers of Islam. Trudeau was born on December 25,1971. Surely he is the anti-Christ that walks on our nation. Just look into his eyes and you will see the darkness that dwells there. With him in charge we will only see these Islamist raised above us until they eventually take over. It must be time to put an end to this treason.

In Canada, religious beheadings, rape (sexual assault), cutting off of limbs, female mutilations, sex with children and child marriages, stoning, slavery, sex slaves, female inequality, and the inhumane slaughtering of animals for food are against the laws. These are good laws that apply to all the people of Canada, and most of the modern world. Now our government is trying to tell us to allow these things to be done in Canada by a religion that, in this modern day, still promotes and practices these acts. To speak out against these practices, or the people enacting them, is called a “phobia”. A phobia is an unreasonable fear about something. There is nothing unreasonable about stopping these things from going on in Canada. How many people have fled the countries they were born in to escape this kind of tyranny only to find that our prime minster is bringing it back to them in their new home? The treason must end.
commented 2017-11-21 14:20:25 -0500
justine has publicly said he is personally responsible for Canadians safety when it comes to returned terrorists…if anything happens to me and mine i smell a lawsuit that will clean out his trust fund…
commented 2017-11-21 13:48:26 -0500
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 34,386 Attacks, 222,504 Killed, 303,000 Injured that we know of
commented 2017-11-21 13:31:18 -0500
This won’t end well. Justin really needs to be brought to justice at some point, even if we have to wait like the Americans did/do with Hillary. Justice must be served, because this surely does feel like treason.

As far as ISIS soldiers are concerned, if we can’t kill them, or send them packing, we are going to first have to stop the influx (Justin is an idiot) then house the buggers we can’t get rid of in Guantanamo. All Justin’s assets and foundations must be seized to help pay for this ( as if! It felt good saying it though). They cannot be allowed into our prison system though. They would only infect the general prison population. Guantanamo must be utilized to imprison these ISIS returnees. It is our only option and that, only when we get the leadership for it. Get to work Conservative opposition, put on your big boy pants, stop crying and trying to appease the monsters and find someone with some courage to lead us out of this mess. For the love of God. Yes God. I will pick God over Satan any day, and Satan is what we are dealing with at the moment. Pure unadulterated evil. Trudeau is as sick and demented as Soros, and even the few old stock Canadians in his cabinet are brainwashed now. To the comments that Soros is helping bankroll Justin’s Canada these days , the ones in the know shamelessly reply, ‘so what!’. The normalization of this maniac is in full force now. We are told we must accept all this global evil.

Ain’t gonna happen.
commented 2017-11-21 11:42:23 -0500
Billy Howard: You nailed it!

What ever became of treason, and it being a hanging offence?

Baby Doc wants to replace white Canada with anyone else. I have a feeling that the 60 jihadis returning to our fold aren’t white or have similar beliefs to Trudeau.

This is what Baby Doc said about white Canadians:
“The very concept of a nation founded by European settlers is offensive to me. Old stock White Canadians are an unpleasant relic, and quite frankly, replaceable. And we will replace them.”
- Justin Trudeau when asked to comment on his Open Borders immigration strategy.

I wonder, does the Idiot In Charge realise that whites are a minority in the world? No one has complained that most, if not all, whites were forced out of Zimbabwe. Just look at the video coming out of that country. Not a pale skin to be seen. Diversity? Shouldn’t it be a two way street? Then again, has Baby Doc said anything negative about Mugabe?
commented 2017-11-21 11:37:30 -0500
Canada needs a bath, only then can we clean the scum from the tub, starting at the top, of course.
commented 2017-11-21 11:29:36 -0500
On the contrary: the Liberals are “tough” on terror, and are vigorously creating new laws and penalties to fight the Trudeau version of terror:
Like the terror inflicted by those who advocate freedom of speech and oppose M103.
Like the terror inflicted by those who oppose Sharia and PROMOTE equal rights for women and gays.
Like the terror inflicted by those who openly value Canadian and western culture.
Like the terror inflicted by those who “deny” the severity of man-made climate change.
Like the terror inflicted by those who oppose globalism and the New World Order.
Like the terror inflicted by those who oppose planetary income redistribution (under the guise of carbon taxes).
Like the terror inflicted by those who support the condemnation and prosecution of FGM practitioners and victims’ parents.
Like the terror inflicted by those who have anything good to say about Donald Trump.
Like the terror inflicted by those who “hate speak” about ISIS.
It’s these “terrorists” that need to be dealt with in Trudeau’s Canada. And by the grace of Justin, er, I mean God, these terrorists will be dealt with harshly.