Canada or France: Tell Thomas Mulcair it's time to renounce his French citizenship

Rebel Staff

UPDATE: Rebel poll on Mulcair's dual citizenship reveals big Quebec/ROC split

A few weeks ago, we launched our "" campaign, asking Canadians to sign our petition calling on the NDP leader to renounce his French citizenship.

We also crowdfunded a national poll on the subject, and the results just came in. They're fascinating.

For instance, a majority of Quebeckers support Mulcair's dual citizenship!

The rest of Canada, however, is another story...


Thomas Mulcair is a French citizen. Many Canadians have dual citizenship and that's not the problem. 

But Mulcair is running to be prime minister now, and he should renounce his French citizenship. Of course, France is not our enemy. But you cannot be the leader of the government of one country, while also being loyal to a second one.

It's not only symbolic; it's also practical. We have bilateral dealings with France where we disagree. How can Mulcair pledge loyalty to another country that may be at odds with us on important political questions?

Why is it so important to him? What does France give him that we don't?

Since Thomas Mulcair is running to be prime minister of Canada, it's time he decide: Canada or France?

Sign the petition and help spread the word. 

Sign the petition!

To: NDP Leader of the Official Opposition Thomas Mulcair - We the undersigned Canadians demand that Thomas Mulcair renounce his French citizenship and pledge his undivided loyalty to Canada.

Will you sign?